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Itti Bitti Bitti D'Lish

24 reviews
Bitti D'Lish

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I had the pleasure of winning one of these when my first was about a year old and I loved it from the get go. It is trim and fit really well on my girl, better than most due to her skinny legs. It lasted ages and held a lot of wee, I never had leakage problems though I didn't try it overight. This nappy was one even my fiance liked to use on our girl because it was easy to get on her. I find no faults with this nappy and recommend it highly :)

We discovered IttiBitti nappies at an expo when I was still pregnant. I had been wanting to try cloth but was facing strong opposition from DH and his parents. The ladies from IttiBitti were able to explain and demonstrate their nappies so well, the DH was agreeable to give them a try and he managed to convince his parents that is wasn't going to be end the of the world.

Now that DS is here, we are more than happy with the nappies we bought from IttiBitti. We have a selection of All-In-Ones (AIO) and Snap-In-Ones (SIO) and are very happy with both. The AIO is super easy for anyone to use as it's just like a disposable nappy, only made of cloth, and in much prettier colours :) It's only downside is a longish drying time due to everything being all sewn together.

My favourite of the two is the SIO as it is super trim, with the ability to add or remove extra boosters as required. It dries very quickly as all the parts can be hung separately. Snapping all the bits back together is made almost foolproof by the colour coded snaps that show you exactly what snaps to what, just by matching the colours.

We are using size small, which fits our 2 week old very nicely - he's 4kg.

I have to add a special mention for the staff at IttiBitti - they have the best customer service I have come across in a very long time. I have made several orders through their website, and on the one occassion I made a mistake and needed to call them, they were super friendly and helpful. Their Facebook page is full of happy mothers (and some fathers too!) who have come together to create a supportive community where questions are welcome and answered promptly by both the IttiBitti team and all the other parents.

Atlantic Puffin

This is a review for the All In One Bitti D'Lish's... 

Pros: Have a nice firm fit, haven't had any leakage problems yet and they seem to be doing the job nicely.
They are super fluffy and cuddly, and stay nice and plush even after a few washes...
Great re-sale, and hold their value quiet well.
Itti Bitti is a great quality brand. I havent had any issues with any product from them at all, customer service is super friendly and amazing to deal with for questions and comments including how to wash and dry etc etc.
Snap in inserts are available at an extra cost for if you want them to be extra absorbent, but it is not needed as the insert attached is fairly good at soaking up tinkles.
They are a great fit, not bulky under clothes, and come in a great range of colours and patterns!
They are very, VERY dad proof and easy to use as they are all ready to go, being all in one.  

Cons: As they are "all in one" they do tend to take a while to dry on the line.... I often have to take them off the line and pop them in the dryer for half an hour, and thats even after I have had them on the line from first thing in the morning.
As they are sized, they do tend to grow out of them quickly. I purchased small, and by bub was born at 9lbs 7oz, and at 10 weeks of age she has just grown out of them now, and she is 6.5kg. It can be quiet costly to replace when they grow out of them.
They can be quiet expensive to replace as bubbas will grow out of them, but as I said above, resale is excellent, and the quality is always outstanding.

All up, I probably would not buy the d'lish again, I have just moved to the OSFM Bitti Tutto - so they are adjustable for size and will last a lot longer, and find the tuttos to be much better.

As for going with "All in one" or "Snap in" I think I should have gone with Snap In, as line drying the all in one is just simply so time consuming, especially if you only have a small stash, I was finding that I was having to use disposables while waiting for the rest of the AIO's to try on the line....

:) Great product, excellent quality. Would avoid buying them while pregnant though as you can't be sure like me if you're going to have a big or small baby, and how long they will fit bubba for.


These nappies are excellent quality, great looking & being a slim fit you actually have half a chance of normal pants fitting over them which is nice. However their absorbency is nowhere near that of a disposable, or some of the bulkier cloth nappies. I still prefer them for looks and the ability to use under normal fitting pants, but you do need to remember to change them more frequently which is annoying.

I have both the all in ones and snap in ones and i prefer the fit and ease of the all in ones as putting the snap in ones back together is time consuming and i never bother to reuse the outer shell so i get no benefit from them.

I would never buy the smalls and would go straight into the mediums as my baby grew out of them far too fast.


I have used Itti Bitt D'lish for my little girl who was a very heavy wetter and these have been sensational.I used these in conjunction with disposable when i went out and put a disposable on her at night as this was when she used to wet the heaviest.

I also used a disposable bi liner that was easy to put down the toilet, we are on a farm and never caused any problems with our septic system. I am expecting baby no2 and the nappies are still in perfect condition, they wash and dry well.

Highly recommended as I have tried other mcn and these are by far the best!


When our little man was born I had been given 3 MCNs 2 of which were Itti bitti D'lish. One in Snap in one and the other in the All in one. 

My husband wasn't convinced that they were a good idea until he realised how easy they were! Yes they are husband proof! 

Our little man was born in Far north Queensland during summer and the ordinary disposible nappies caused nappy rash due to the sweat not being drawn away.

The cloth nappies fixed this quickly and he loves them! 

We have an ever growing stash of Itti bittis! And have to pack their own suitcase when we go on holidays! 


I've tried so many different cloth nappies from the old terry squares to cheap one size fits all, all in one's (AIO's) and my personal favourite, the itti bitti SIO.

These nappies are fantastic!  They are super absorbent, have the added bonus that you can add more booster soakers if baby is a heavy wetter, do not leak, they come in a fantastic range of minkee colours and they fit almost as snugly as a disposable!

I used them full time with our daughter (now toilet trained and almost three) and am stocking up on smaller sizes for our new baby who is due to arrive in September!  I love these nappies so much that I'm planning on being a full time cloth user from day one!  

The sized fit of the snap in one's mean that they fit beautifully at any stage of baby's growth.

Have I said that I love these nappies?


After experimenting with a lot of different brands, itti bitti d'lish are one of my favourites.  


  • I love the minkee, and that's it's solid colours, so easy to match to clothes or wear alone
  • I love the fit - they are so trim they fit well under shorts etc
  • I love the all in ones with sewn in boosters - they are so easy to use, particularly for people who are used to disposables like grandparents etc
  • They are well priced and the sales are great.  You can also pick up seconds very cheap which seem to work just as well.
  • They dry fast for an AIO
  • I like that you can snap on a small booster behind the sewn in booster.


  • because they are so trim, I tend to wait until after the daily poo before using them - I have had leaks as they don't cope well with some of my daughter's monster poos after large meals
  •  I am not sure about their longevity - I have bought a lot second hand and the elastic does not seem to last.  Apparently it is easy to replace the elastic if you know your way around a sewing machine.  That said, the ones I bought new are fine after some reasonably heavy useage.
  • I don't like the snap in ones where the booster snaps in - I find they're fiddly to put together because the booster has to be folded, and they just look uncomfortable to wear.  I would never buy SIOs again.
These are one of my favourites but I would not recommend their exclusive use due to the trimness.


I first started thinking of using cloth nappies while pregnant and was overwhelmed with all the different nappies out there. I started with a few different brands that didn't work for us very well. 

I stumbled accross itti bitti's d'lish snap in ones when my youngest daughter was only a few weeks old. I LOVED THEM and still do!

They were so easy to understand and clip together, easy to put on baby, fit snuggly, we're comfortable for bubba and she didn't have the traditional cloth nappy legs that were pushed so far apart they couldn't move. What's more they are such a trim fit that they fit under just about every piece of clothing that disposables fit with.

Im so impressed with the quality and customer service of itti bitti.

Our cloth nappy stash now consists of 30 medium SIO, 16 large SIO and 8 boos for night time. We don't use any other modern cloth nappy because we don't need to.

Oh and they're easy to wash and dry pretty quickly, I'm never without and wash every day or 2. They just go in a dry pail until wash time, give thence a pre wash or rinse and then give them a good wash with minimum or no detergent. Easy as

I love our bitti d'lish and would (and do) recommend them to anyone I can! =D 


I decided I wanted to do cloth when I first got pregnant. They were cute, fluffy and cheap in the long run! 

D'Lish were my first purchases and I'm yet to regret that decision. I have a number of styles/brands of nappies and Itti Bitti are definitely one of my favorites. I have both the SIO (Snap in one) and AIO (All in one)  and I like them both although I tend to prefer the AIO simply because it is extremely trim and I can get my Son in the carseat much easier than other bulkier nappies. 

Bennos Mummy
Easy to use. Good absorbancy, great trimness. SOmetimes you get a little wing droop though and i find the elastics dont last as long as other brands
magic star

I wanted to save money (and the enviroment!) on my third child so before she was born decided to look to cloth. I must admit, it is a very confusing world  of cloth nappies out there, certainly different than it was 15 yrs ago when my first was born.

After searching and researching I kept stumbling across The Itti Bitti Nappy seemed that everything I was after was in the one place, which was perfect!

Anywhoo, let's begin...

I bought two nappies initially, as Itti Bitti were holding some specials. I got the two at a 30% discount  each- those were the start of my collection. I was impressed at the quality and bought a further seven in medium, even  before bub was born- and hoped like crazy that they'd work for her when she got here!

Well after bub was born I waited two weeks for all the yukky poos to clear before whacking on a small Itti Bitti D'lish...success! It was a great fit, infact it was soo good I decided to see if the mediums I had bought would also fit- they did. I began to wonder if sizing was even needed and to go straight to I bought some 'new' larges on eBay and whatya know? They worked and with no leaks.  I was hooked- and bought seven more from Itti Bitti, all in large. My baby who is only seven weeks old is wearing large Itti Bittis! 

They are such a great nappy and the snaps make it so easy to fit. Even dad's and older children can do it!

The D'lish come in AIO and SIO. The AIO has a hidden booster and sewn in liner, and the SIO has a tri fold booster and a snap in liner.I have both and prefer the SIO for day time and the AIO for night time. Both are as equally as good as each other, and both can have extra boosters attached to make them even more absorbent (recommended for night use).

My bub is a very heavy wetter, but  we have had very few accidents. First few were my fault as they hadn't reached maximum absorbentcy (seven to ten washes usually), and there were a couple of poo-plosions that IMO no nappy would have contained- all in all these are fantastic nappies.


I found these nappies very cute when they first arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait to start using them.

They are smaller than other cloth nappies making for a slim fit under clothes and didn't have that bulky look. They are quick drying and come in some fabulous colours.

Theses are a fantastic nappy if your bub isn't a heavy wetter. I found they leaked all the time on my bub and I had to keep changing clothes after every nappy change. In winter this wasnt ideal. I ended up selling these as they just were not suitable for my baby.

You also can't add extra boosters to them, They have a "mini" booster which I found completely useless. I also had extra boosters as they recommend just changing the booster if the shell is dry. But maybe because DD2 is a heavy wetter I never had a dry cover so the extra boosters were a waste of money.

I was really dissapointed in them. 


Have started trying out quite a few different brands and besides my china cheapies these are by far my favourite. They are so trim and easy to use.


I was inititally drawn to try Bitti D'lishs because of their minky cuteness! They seemed to have everything I was looking for in a MCN, and once I tried them I realised they were definitely an ideal nappy. 

My favourite thing about Bitti D'lishs is that they are so slim. Most MCN's are quite bulky under clothes, but D'lishs are very compact.

I also love their absorbancy, we are yet to have an accident after 6 months of use! The only downside is their price, but the quality is well worth it. 


iiti bitti dlish are one of my favourite nappies they feel great , look great and fit great the absorbancy is perfect for us and i love the whole rainbow of colours and the various prints if i could get them to do one thing i would say make a XL itti bitti nappy as tuttos just dont cut it for us :)


We used the AIO D'lish for about 2 months before switching back to disposables, purely because I am lazy.

Itti Bitti are lovely nappies, beautiful colours, soft and good value for money.

Super absorbent and easy to use.

The only downside for me is sizing, they are quite small and I struggled to fit a medium on my then 6kg baby, I reccoment upsizing for sure.

If your are buying online, postage is amazingly quick and Itti Bitti have brilliant customer service.


We use the AIO D'lish nappies and love them so much! I love the fact that the minky is so soft and after 6 months of use still look and feel like new. I have a baby girl with chubby legs and these nappies fit her so well, i like the short rise. They are nice and trim fitting and can fit under her correct size clothes, so nice not to have to put her in a size bigger!

They are on the higher end of the price scale but i managed to build my stash when they had a huge % off sale. Even at full price i wouldn't hesitate in buying them again.I would buy so many more if my DH would let me!! Definatly reccomend these nappies to anyone.

 Great MCN!!!


This nappy is absorbent and trim. Nice and soft minky and great vibrant colours. The only big con is the fit. If only they could increase the rise to fit taller kids.

I wouldn't use them for night either, unless you have a newborn. Plus I wonder why the leg elastics get slack so quickly. I bought 10 of these about 9 months ago and the elastic is stretching already. If only they could upgrade to better quality elastics, I could give them a good rating on Longevity.

The Crunchy Mum

This is one of my favourite nappies in my stash. I love the funky colours, plush minky finish and trim fit which is great when I don't want to put him in oversized pants - especially if we're going out.

Here's a list of what I think are the key pros and cons of this nappy:


  1. Ultra trim fit which moulds closely around baby's bum - minimal bulk around bum area making it better for wearing right-sized clothing
  2. Snap in/out inserts can be dried separately allows faster drying time and enables the shell to be reused
  3. Colour coded snaps make it easy for other carers to know exactly where to snap the inserts in
  4. Microfiber inserts provide greast absorbency making it a super long lasting nappy. Personally tested for up to 6 hours pee absorbency with no leaks. 
  1. Some parents may find the trim fit not suitable for "cuddlier" babies
  2. Some carers may find the snaps a little bit more difficult compared to applix/velcro attachments (sometimes the front "wings" around the snaps may shift position for very wiggly/active babies - especially on the smaller snap settings)
  3. Sized nappies means that you may need to upgrade to a larger size as baby grows down the track (but each size level still lasts for a fairly long age range)
  4. Somewhat on the pricer end of the range of nappies (but worth the value)
Overall, a great quality nappy which every parent should include in their stash and worth spending a little more on to have at least a few.

I only own one of these mcns and I save it for special occasions! It is too cute to waste!

I love the supertrim fit - they are so much less bulky than other MCNs - although the majority in my stash are one sized fits most - while these are sized. 

I bought the snap in version and I've never had any leaking issues.  

I doubt I could justify spending the money to have a stash of just these nappies - especially as they are sized and I'd need to upgrade ...


I bought the snap in nappy

It was a great anppy that came apart for easy washing and drying

The absorbency was great but it did not fit my daughter properly and I had leaks from the begining. Maybe her thighs were too chubby? From what I have read since they are better on thinner babies

Other than that I loved the colours and patterns.

This nappy was a sized nappy and I still can't decide if it is better to have a one size nappy or a sized nappy

great nappies ,very trim and very absorbent ,love the colours . Outer is very quick drying. 
These nappies are adorable on and look so cute in summer with just a singlet on. They come in rainborw colours and are a really trim fit! I love them!
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