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Baby BeeHinds Bamboo

9 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I absolutely love my nappies!!!  My daughter has been using these nappies full time since approximately 2 weeks old!  I love these nappies as the whole nappy is absorbent, so when it is teamed up with a Baby Beehinds PUL cover, I have absolutely no leakage problems!  I chose to use a bamboo nappy as they are very breathable and as a result, bub rarely gets any nappy rash. 

I purchased 26 nappies and only have to wash every second day.  As the whole nappy is absorbent, they do take a while to dry, but as I live in Qld, I don't really have any problems.

These nappies are also one size fits all, and have adjustable clips so that young bubs up to toddlers can use these nappies.   

The nappies are quite expensive, but if you buy in bulk like I did, there are bulk discounts available!!  In the end though, compared to how much would be spend on disposeable nappies, they are definitely cheaper! 


These BBH Bamboo fitted are my workhorse nappies, both boosters being used, teamed with a PUL or Wool cover and we get a perfect night time nappy.

Due to the fact the whole nappy is absorbant, I do always use a microfleece liner, in order to keep baby feeling dry.

Smell issues come into it if there is a build up of detergent. Using too much or not doing the rinse will add to this. Once I worked that out and changed my washing patterns slightly, there wasn't a problem.

A very easy nappy to use even by visiting family, granparents etc can still work out how to put it on baby. It does help that I have them all snapped and ready to go within arms reach of the change station.

OSFM nappys are not generally recommended for babies under about 3-4 months, so that's where some other reviewers had issues trying to fit them on a newborn.

Can be a bit bulky with extra boosting, but when you factor in why and the benefits of such, it's no big deal.

overall, a perfect nappy for my baby


I absolutely LOVED these nappies for night time use with an extra bamboo tri-fold added.

They were bulky if boosted, which was fine for overnight use. I teamed them with a lanolised wool soaker and they were ace! 

They did take a little longer to dry being bamboo but the extra absorbency it offered, it was a good trade off.

I did find these too bulky on a newborn despite the OSFM claims, but again, my newborn was pretty skinny, but generally they were a good fit, even on chicken legs!

They lasted well over three children and were still going strong, I lost the love of fitteds though so passed them on to a friend, as far as I know, they're still around and kicking.  


For a small baby these are way to bulky and I did not like that you need to use a cover - it just adds to the bulk. 

The bamboo takes a long time to dry.

The Crunchy Mum
I loved the soft airy texture of the bamboo fleece material of this nappy which amazingly had a massive amount of absorbency. The soft material feels so nice and velvety that I know my baby's bum would be perfectly comfortable in this nappy.
I've used this as a night nappy with a wool cover for my bub who sleeps over 11 hours through the night. After overnight use, the nappy surprisingly didn't feel soaked but retained it's light airy feel.
Being made of bamboo material, the nappy does take a little longer to dry, but the detachable inserts do help to speed up the drying time so it dries a little quicker compared to my other fitted nappies.
I would pick this as a terrific nappy for extended periods or overnight use. 

This nappy has a great fit and is really absorbent

The material is so soft and I imagine that it would be very comfortable to wear. 

I mainly use this nappy for home and night time as it is a little bulky and hard to fit under most pants 

I love that it is also an Australian product


These nappies are fantastic, they are great value for money as they fit from birth until toilet training, and they are made very well.

They are quite bulky on a smaller baby, but as the child gets bigger they appear to be more in proportion with the body - although it's quite clever how the front of the nappy folds down for a newborn (this is usually shown during a nappy demonstration, otherwise you can youtube it :-D). They are incredibly absorbent, and it is easy to 'boost' the nappy up by adding more boosters to the inside of the nappy, if need be. The bamboo fitteds can even be used overnight with enough boosting.

They are a bit more fiddly to use than an AOI, but the snaps are easy to get the hang of after the first few times and consequently they become quite easy to use. It takes a little bit longer to put a bamboo on as opposed to a magic-all due to the cover requirement, but it's nothing to sweat over.

They do take a while to dry  - I can usually expect to use one again on day two after washing.

All in all, bamboos are a great nappy and we haven't had any issues with them. We have never experienced a leak and all poop has stayed inside the nappy.


I have been using these for my bub only for the past few weeks. Tried them on him when he came home from hospital but they were just too bulky. As he has gotten bigger they fit better too.

As everyone else says they are very absorbent and they do take forever to dry - in these 40 degree low humidity days they stay on the line all day and still need some more drying time inside. So you will get by on 2 days worth if you are washing them every day first thing. Not sure how people without a dryer would get on when it rains though.

Pretty easy to deal with - I use a nappy liner to contain poo, and just rinse the nappy in water before putting in a lidded bucket.

I haven't had any leaks from the PUL liners, although the woollen liner leaked a little bit. Not sure if I perhaps did not lanolise them properly. Bub did not seem to like the woollen liner (his skin went a it red) but that could be from the wool or from the heat that night.


We have used these nappies all the time since the day we got home from the hospital. We love them! They are easy to use, easy to clean, good for day, night, even going out. No leaks! Expensive to buy at first, but you save so much in the long run. 

Only used them 2 months so not sure yet how they will hold up. We got some hemp ones, but they went quite crunchy, bamboo still nice and soft. Nothing bad to say about these nappies! 

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