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Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies

9 reviews
Reusable Nappies

Bambino Mio reusable nappies are fast drying, easy to use and 100% cotton. Nappies deliver natural containment and absorbency with the comfort and convenience of a disposable nappy.

Naturally soft, breathable and absorbent, nappy covers are shaped and tailored for a better fit offering baby maximum comfort. Velcro style fasteners make the nappy system quick and simple to use.

They help to reduce exposure to chemicals for your newborn - especially if you have sensitivities in your family.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought these nappies a while before I had bubs as I knew I wanted to try cloth. I liked the fact I could buy extras from Big W if needed, instead of over the internet and waiting for them to arrive.

The same time I was buying other (very popular) cloth nappies, and was thinking to myself 'how can these compare!?'

One day I ran out of my normal cloth nappies so gave the Bambino Mio's a go. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to change her nappy that it had contained everything! When other brands hadn't at this point. 

I also use these overnight, they hold all of DD's wee (she doesn't do poos at night so I don't know if that affect anything) no problem.

If you do buy them I recommend washing the liners at least 3 times.

These nappies are worth it for the convenience.

I also use their bamboo liners in all my cloth nappies and they are fantastic 


We tried Bambino Mio Nappies for our new born along with a few different other brands. While they were easy to clean and use, I found they weren't the best for my daughter. As soon as she soiled herself, she required immediate changing as she was wet, uncomfortable, and unhappy. This was particularly tricky at night. She was also more prone to nappy rash from the moisture and very regular wiping. We also tried pocket nappies, which has a protective layer to keep the moisture away from my daughter's bum. This solved our issues. Besides when she does a poo, I only need to change her every 3-4 hrs, like disposables, and the absorbancy is adjustable. They are also one-size so no need to keep buying all of the different sizes, which we were dreading with the Bambino Mio brand. While these pocket nappies by Green Kids (GK) also require washing to build up absorbancy (pretty standard with cloth nappies), I found the Mio covers were great to put over the GK nappies during this time! So not at a complete loss... I also use the Mio cloth as an extra insert for the GK pocket nappy when the my GK bamboo inserts are being washed and drying! (They aren't as absorbant as GK though, so be warned!)


I trialled Bambino Mio reusable nappies on my 9 week old son for one week and honestly for a reusable nappy first-timer I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are the PROS & CONS from my personal experience with this product.


Great fit! - My baby boy weighed just over 5 kgs when I started using these nappies, and they really did seem to fit him perfectly. The velcro straps made it really easy to adjust the waistband, (which was handy after he just finished a feed and had a bloated tummy lol), and also made nappy changes quick. The nappies are much slimmer than I thought they would be, which is definitely another plus when it comes to the way they fit.

Aesthetically appealing! - The overall design of the nappies (namely the covers) was eye-catching and modern, which I loved. Even when my baby was just in his singlet and nappy, the brightly coloured circle pattern looked very cute, stylish and fresh.

Quick drying! - I don't own a tumble dryer yet had no problem at all drying the nappy covers and liners on a regular clothesline. They dried quite quickly which was very convenient (even when hanging them inside the house rather than outside).

Environmentally friendly! - I am a big advocate for the environment, so the fact that Bambino Mio's are much better for the environment than disposables was an added bonus.

Easy to use! - As a reusable nappy first-timer I thankfully found these nappies very simple to use. Granted it took a few times of reading the instructions and practising to get it right, but once I got the hang of it there was absolutely no issue. I only really used the tri-fold method because I always change my baby's nappy every few hours, plus he is fully formula fed and very rarely has loose stools, so I didn't feel the need to try out the other folds. In the end using these nappies became as quick and easy as using disposables!

Easy to clean! - Washing these nappies really was simple. I put them in the washing machine myself, however liked the fact that because they are plain cotton you also have the option of soaking them. I used the Miofresh Antibacterial Nappy Cleanser powder when machine washing the nappies which really seemed to get them even cleaner and fresher smelling!


Containment... - Although these nappies contained poop and pee during the day quite well, they weren't always able to stop leaks during the night (which is when my baby has a much longer stretch of sleep and hence doesn't get changed as often as during the day). The worst part was when the leak would go through to the nappy cover which meant that had to be washed also. This led me to believe that if I was to continue using these nappies I would need to purchase a few more covers to use as back-ups.

Absorption... - I did need to wash the nappies a few times before they reached their peak absorption level (similar to a brand new towel that isn't as absorbent until after several good washes). I honestly found that these nappies did not absorb as much urine as disposables and also required changing much more frequently as they got 'full' quicker.

Comfort... - I'm not sure how the nappies actually felt on my baby, but to the touch they really didn't seem to be very soft. I used the disposable liners on top as often as I could, but whenever I didn't use the nappy with a liner I couldn't help but feel like it would be rough and therefore possibly uncomfortable on my son's newborn skin.


I definitely think Bambino Mio reusable nappies are a great environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies - as long as you are willing and able to change your baby often, and are prepared for some possible leaks along the way. The nappy system was simple and easy to use, and nappy changes themselves were quick, which is a big plus in my opinion. The fact that these nappies are easy to clean and fast drying also made them convenient.

I would certainly recommend trying Bambino Mio's for yourself and deciding whether they suit the needs of you and your baby. In my case they are perfect for day use, however I will continue using disposable nappies at night time to prevent accidents as this is usually when the leaks occur.


These nappies are pre-folds, they consist a cotton rectangle which is folded & placed inside a cover, the cover is a snug fit & come in a variety of sizes & colours, the cotton nappy needs to be washed several times before use to increase absorbency.

The nappy does become wet against bub's skin but this can be fixed by using a liner, the nappy is not as absorbent as bamboo but works well & the cover works well to eliminate leaks.

this nappy would  be great for newborns, but needs boosting for nightime use, it is trim fitting under clothes, easy to wash / use and dries quickly for a fast turnover, the cover can be wiped over & re-used or washed if soiled.

overall this nappy is an easy to use no fuss system. 


I received my Bambino Nappy intro kit on the Tuesday morning and it said it had been sent on the Friday, so a fast delivery. 

In the pack I received  3 nappies2 covers (small)50 nappy linersmiofreshmio wipesuser guide I have previously used a prefold nappy & cloth on my son now 2 and had stopped, so was interested to see how they would go on a baby. 

My daughter was 11 weeks and 5.5kg  when I started to use the nappies.  For the duration of the testing and even now I am again using cloth & mio wipes and liners on both the kids.  

PROS * I was immediately impressed with the flushable liners and wipes, they are a good quality and nice texture.  One reason I'd been so reluctant to continue cloth for my son is it was complicated with wipes and liners needing to be binned (another brand) then nappy in the pail.

* The user guide was very easy to understand and had my nappies assembled easily. 

* Nappy covers are quality and have a nice pattern

* Quick drying & easy to use

* Contained all newborn messes 


* Covers are sized in small increments so you need will need quite a few along the way

* Wipes pack are only a 60 pack - larger pack would be handy The website is great to explore the product but harder to find a retailer nearby, I would prefer to order online too.  Overall I found the Mio nappies easy to use, with a slim fit and quality cloth nappy system. 


As a mum to four using both disposables and a variety of mcn's, I can highly recomand these nappies. The are so basic to use, wash and dry easily, you don't have to worry about upsizing to often. The pack nicely on your shelves. Just a great and simple economical nappy.


My first time using MCN's, and I was surprised how easy they were.  Glad I got a spare nappy cover as I had a couple of leaking incidents so needed the spare while the other was in the wash.  But generally I liked the design, was pretty happy with the absorbency, and found them easy to use & wash.  

Having said this - alhtough I was happy with them I think I will be sticking with disposables - I'm not a complete convert.  I found these not quite as absorbent as disposables - my DS got a slight red rash after wearing them (although he does have extremely sensitive skin).   However, IF I was to go with MCN's I'd be happy to continue using this brand. 

chicken and eggs mum

I was really excited to try these nappies.  I love the cover and insert/fitted system - it has been my staple since my first was born.

My youngest was at the top end of the weight range for the size 1 nappies - but I have found that she tends to fit them a bit longer than what they weight range says.  After waiting for the nappies to dry from their first wash, I eagerly tried one on her - insert was easy to fold to get the absorbancy just how I wanted it and the cover fitted perfectly - great fit around her skinny ish legs.  I especially like how they are sewn with the little extra material to make them a great fit.   

We went out and about for the day with this nappy on, and my little girl fell asleep - so it was 5 hours between changes.  Not even a hint of a leak.  I simplt popped in another insert, redid the cover up and it was fine.

I also really like the liners - they are a great size - fit over the whole nappy.  I found that they worked really well for both of my children (both small for their age - 10 months and 2 years) and made # 2 clean up's really easy.

The one thing I dont like about the insert and cover system is that sometimes # 2's can get caught up in the insert, making it harder to clean, but I found with the use of liners, this really wasnt an issue at all as the liners did such a great job. 

The wipes I was really cautious of using.  Both of my children have sensitive skin and have often broken out in rashes and infections from wipes, so we use ones I have made myself.  I tried them on my eldest first.  I found them quite wet, but they did the job.  I didnt try them on my youngest as she has very sensitive skin.

I absolutley love the hand gel too - it felt quite wet going on, but dried really quickly, with no resiude or after smell.

Overall, I would reccomend the nappy system to people.  It is a good, easy to use, dad proof system that worked well.

9* out of 10* 


I had the bambino mio recommended to me by my aunt who has had four children, all cloth bummed, and so naturally when I decided to make the switch I asked her where to start. So I was super excited to be picked for the BH trial as they were on my "to buy" list anyway! The only other comparison I have so far is cheapie pocket OSFM's with microfiber inserts and one babmboo pocket nappy so that's what I may refer back to.

Initially when I got my trial pack I had a moment of "bugger this looks a little more intense than I had been thinking" followed by "hang on this looks to simple to work". Kind of contradictory thoughts but it was soon clear I was wrong on both counts anyway.

I put my mio inserts through the wash straight away, then got tired of waiting so thought I would have a go with my microfiber insert. Really easy, lay insert on cover and do up with the velcro.

I have had quite a few leaks with my OSFM's which I was putting down to not enough wash cycles yet but even after 2 hours (our limit with the pockets) the mio cover had kept everything in with no leaks around the legs which has previously been my problem area.

On day two once my mio inserts were dry I had a quick read of the instructions to see how to fold it (if I can do it any one can) and again no dramas. Way more absorbency than my microfiber inserts, however they do take longer to dry, though quicker than bamboo.

I have been rotating through the two covers I received and I can't see anyone needing more than 3 or so. I have not had a moment when the other cover hasn't been dry in time.

In the trial pack there was also mio liners, whilst they work great and do everything they say it's not something I would normally buy and I have no qualms in just washing the solids off before paling. I used the mio nappy wash which I got in the pack too but since I dry pail I only used as an add in to my wash cycles and although every thing came out looking great I can't actually say it was better with it in there so those two things I wouldn't personally buy but am happy to use if they were on hand. For someone that regularly buys these things they would probably get a lot more out of it.

The other two products in the trial I am in love with, same as the nappies and covers. The mio baby wipes are to die for, I normally avoid scented wipes as the smell so 'fake' but these ones are beautiful, I have been describing them as "rose water Turkish-delight" scented!!!". They are super moist and strong, will be buying more of them for sure. The last item was the mio hand sanatiser. I have never purchased hand sanatiser before but was impressed by the simple application and the fact my hands were dry to touch in seconds. I keep it in my bag now and have used it in so many different situations already.

Skipping back to the nappies, on the sizing front, my bub is 6 months and was just shy of 7kg when I signed up for the trial but whacked on close to another kilo in the next two weeks while waiting for them to arrive yet they fit him perfectly (it's the 5-7kg ones) in fact the Velcro tabs close right together so for long and lean bubs you will find the sizing is not quite the same as the guidelines say. He is now over 8kg and still has plenty of time to go in these ones. 

The only thing I didn't test the nappies for was overnight. My J man sleeps through and I use sposies and I just couldn't bring myself to rock the sleep boat.

All in all a fantastic system, I am sourcing out some of the bigger covers for when J grows as I don't want to be without them now! Since the trial pack arrived i have not used a single one of my pocket nappies (which i literally got the second batch the day before the mio's so they have been sitting there unused)

Finding them to buy is a little tricky but I know our baby-bunting has them as well as some target stores. I think the prices I have seen have been very fair and all in all the system will be well worth the money spent 



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