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Green Kids Anytimes Nappy

34 reviews
Anytimes Nappy

Australian made modern cloth nappies

  • easy to care for - no soaking
  • easy to use - no pins or folding
  • trim fit and stylish
  • one size fits most

Stay dry - keeps baby comfortable!

Gentle on the environment!

Parent Reviews and Comments
shaoli huang

I love anytimes nappy, The colours are great and look so much better.

They seem pricey to buy upfront but still cheaper than disposables. Yes, you do have to wash them, but with a baby you're probably washing every day anyway!


I used Green Kids OSFM with my first child (a boy) and they took him all the way from birth to potty training. Those nappies are still in great condition, but I'm now adding to my stash with some gorgeous girlie colours. I love the Anytimes for days at home, and the Minkytimes look so cute with just a t-shirt or dress. They are very easy to use and dry very quickly. I love the fact that the velcro is so easy to use, no fiddly snaps that don't snap together when bub is wriggling. I've also used one of my Anytimes nappies as a swim nappy.  I get lots of compliments about my Green Kids nappies, and I love the feel good factor of knowing I am helping the environment too. Thumbs up from me for an Australian company doing their bit for the environment!

Kristy Gainger

My Green Kids nappies are my 'go-to' nappy. So easy to use and adjust as baby grows. They wash and dry so easily! The lining is great at wicking away moisture, my daughter's bottom is always dry at change time :)


Green Kids are my favourite night nappy - easy to stuff, super absorbent & very cute! The aplix is strong & I like being able to customise absorbency with different inserts. An all-round very reliable nappy.


I love the fit of the greenkids nappies on my son. Together with their bamboo double inserts, they are the most reliable of my stash. My husband also prefers them, because he says they are easier to put on. We also use their liners, they are so soft and wider then most other brands, so better to catch poo. And I also love their wetbags. They have a double layer, what makes it easier to wash them, not choosing between washing the inside or outside. I love these nappies so much, that I'm ordering more for my 18 month old (last one), just to have a complete stash of green kids :o)


Green Kids nappies are a great, easy to use option especially when out and about.  They are as convenient to use as a disposible and are very reliable.  My kids have never had one of these nappies leak. 

These nappies are good value for money for a quality product.


I've been using Green Kids Anytime One Size Nappies on my daughter since she was born 4 months ago. Even though she was a small baby (2.8kg) the nappies have worked well. We've had minimal problems with nappy rash or leaks, both of which have been a problem when we've used disposables.  As she's grown bigger I've moved from the microfibre to bamboo inserts which are great. My only problem is that they are so absorbent it takes a while to dry the inserts as the weather gets cooler and my clothes line is in constant shade. I am planning to buy some more to get through winter!

Beck Baker

I have used Green Kids of my 3 girls over the past 4.5 years and still going.  We absolutley love them!  I have purchased 2 complete sets and find them reliable, easy to use and super cute!  The staff are also fantastic with any help you may need. 


The anytime nappies are great for babies above 7 kg. I tried them on my newborn & they werent fitted enough although now he has chubbed up around the thighs they fit perfectly. The fabric is soft and prefer the velcro adjustment around the waist.


I am a new mum and recently ordered my first mcn's and they were the green kids anytime nappies. I like the fact that they are Australian made. They come in cute colours and are easy to use. Today is day 2 of using my new nappies and I am very happy with them already - so far so good.

Jane Lambert

Great products and quick delivery.  I found them to have the best prices for the products I was looking for.  The Little Squirt and bamboo liners are quality products and are making using cloth nappies doable.  

Rosalind Appleby

I've just purchased my second lot of Greenkids nappies for my baby daughter and I love them! They are so soft and snug and they hold so much more than other cloth nappies. My friend tried a few other brands and found them really messy but Greenkids are so easy to use and will work on even really heavy wetters. I love that helping the environment doesn't have to be hard work! And it so good to know they are locally made in WA - also makes shipping fast!

Natalie lockyer

These nappies are a great local product of excellent quality. The service is prompt and fantastic. Nappies are so easy to use and quick to dry making it very convenient. The website iffers great bulk discounts and specials. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone.


Great nappy that is soft and easy to use and wash. I bought a trial pack to use on my toddler as I wanted reusable nappies for bub onthe way. Normally we have leakage in the mornings with disposables as she is a heavy wetter but I was very impressed that she was dry in the morning. I will definitely be buying more for bub. 


Recommended by my sister who has used this brand of nappies on all of her children from birth. I have used them on her kids, and see how easy they are to use, and how well they last! I have just purchased 18 of these nappies to use on my own baby due later this year, and cannot wait! 

Being a childcare worker I have used many different styles of MCN that parents have sent along with their kids, and greenkids is the easiest to use, very adjustable and easy to store and clean. 

I love the environmental and financial benefits of using cloth nappies, and love the velcro as it makes it easy for even my partner to use them. 


I highly recommend these nappies. They are good value, especially considering they will last multiple children: we used our original stash for our older two children and are now using them for twins. Cleaning is easy, especially if you use the flushable liners (these can be re-used, surviving a few washes in a lingerie bag). A great fit on all ages and sizes, they very rarely leak, and look super cute!

Rebecca swan

Quick shipping- I live remote WA and postage usually takes ages. Love these nappies- easy to use and look great! 


I have been using green kids for nearly 2 years and absolutely love them. They are reliable and easy to use. My second child is now using them and they last well. I would definitely recommend green kids to other parents. 


We have used Green Kids nappies since our boy was less than a week old, and they fit him then and still do now he's a bit bigger.

They are excellent, in so many ways. Service is good - an order was delivered the following day, and with no excess packaging which is great to see.

The nappies come in a wide range of brilliant colours and designs, and are so wasy to fit together - the inner absorbent part just slides into the pocket of the outer. They fit snugly, don't leak and seem to be very comfortable - they are soft and there has never been any problem with nappy rash or soreness.

As for cost - we recovered the inital outlay within a few months compared to what we estimate we would have spent on disposables.

All round - excellent nappies, environmentally friendly as no landfill, and good value for money


An excellent work horse nappy. We are now using them on our second. Easy to wash and very simple to use. Lots of cute colours and prints. 


Green Kids are by far the best MCN's I have found & I have tried a lot. My son is a very heavy wetter & we never get any leaks. He sleeps through & these nappies easily last the night. The bamboo inserts are amazing for absorbency. The price is amazing for the quality. All my Green Kids nappies are still in great condition after heavy use. Green Kids are Australian made which I believe I really important. Because they don't require soaking or bleaching & only use a third of the amount of laundry detergent they are good for our environment & are a much cheaper alternative to disposables :) 

There are quite a few different types of nappies in my stash and I've come to realise that one-size-fits-most pocket nappies are my favourite. It makes good financial sense to buy a nappy that grows with your child and one that dries quickly!

So I was more than happy to receive two Green Kids Anytimes One Size Nappies to trial. Lucky too ... one for each kid!

1. The assembly These nappies have a higher and slightly smaller pocket opening than other nappies I've tried and it was slightly harder to get the bamboo insert in.This is a good thing as it means it would be harder for number 2s to get in there as well ... which sometimes happens with other brands.

2. The putting them on I put one of the nappies on my chubby thighed 8.5kg seven-month-old girl and the other on my chicken legged two-year-old boy. Both fit perfectly. The velcro helps get the perfect fit (as there are no rise-adjusters like in other OSFM brands). It also helps to get the nappy on fast (a bonus with two wiggly kids) and it is a simple as using a disposable.

3. The look
Very cute pastel colours ...

4. The catching of the poo and pee The Baby decided she'd really test these nappies out and squeezed out a reasonable sized effort while sitting firmly on our timber floor. Normally this would require a change of clothes (mostly for her, sometimes for me), a good wipe-down (mostly for her, sometimes for me) and often a lie-down (just me). This didn't happen with these nappies. The Toddler didn't test them in the same way but he did drink a lot of water ... and there were no leaks. The inserts for these nappies are heavy duty!

5. The one thing I didn't like... I was nervous about the velcro. I don't own many velcro nappies as The Toddler learned very early that it was fun to undo. Within half an hour of having these nappies on I heard the tell-tale rip. To my surprise it was my baby girl. She had opened one side and was having a good old time doing so. About an hour later I walked into the kitchen to see a half-naked toddler dragging the nappy behind him. He is at the age now where he can also undo snaps so not too much of a big deal - and I'm sure the novelty would wear off.

6. The verdict
All up these nappies are a welcome addition to my stash. Definitely well-made with super-sized inserts. I haven't tried them overnight yet but I'm confident they would hold up (especially after a few more washes).
Bluest Blue Box

I've been using these for the last two weeks.  

I was impressed with the quality and workmanship of these nappies. The stitching and elastic feel like they are great quality and will stand the test of time. The velcro is great for a wriggly boy and being a pocket they are just as easy as a disposable once pre-stuffed. The insert is a great design being contoured and being able to fold it out to dry faster. I love the bright colours, I tried neon green and orange. 

In regards to fit I have a tall skinny 12 month old and I just could not get it right.  I found there was always some gaping around the legs leading to leaks. They were also not as trim as other nappies I have. I tried these at nap time with the extra boosters and we still had leaks despite pre-washing a few times. I think if there was a rise adjustment I'd be able to get a better fit with these nappies. 

Overall, I won't be using these nappies right now but will revisit them once my son is a bit bigger and see how they fit. They are great quality so if you haven't tried them I would give them a go. I love the inserts so I'll be purchasing a few to use in other pocket nappies over winter when everything takes longer to dry. 


I tried Green Kids Any Time nappies for the first time this month and I am quite impressed with their performance.

These nappies are very easy to use - just as easy as using a disposable, as they are fastened with velcro and do not need a cover. My husband and I (and even my son's Grandmother) were all able to use them easily and effortlessly. The nappies can be 'pre-stuffed' prior to use, however it's just as easy to quickly stick an insert into the pocket at nappy change time.

They are well made and the fit is perfect for our 11 month old son. There are no gaps and they sit snugly around his thighs and waist. They are fairly trim for a cloth nappy compared to other OSFM nappies which I have tried. In terms of absorbency, these nappies are excellent - we haven't experienced any leaks or accidents so far. Our little boy is a heavy wetter but these nappies lasted a good three or four hours before we needed to change them.

The velcro fastenings are a cinch to use, however I have found that they are not as strong (not as "grippy") when compared to other velcro nappies I have used. Other than this, they appear to be of very high quality.

They are easy to wash and they dry quite quickly because the shell and absorbent inserts come apart. I found that on a sunny day, the shell dried within an hour or two on my clothes line and the inserts were dry by the late afternoon.

We also decided to try this nappy out as a swim nappy, as suggested on the Green Kids website. We left the absorbent inserts out of the nappy and just used the shell while we took our son swimming. I'm stoked to say that it worked very well as a swim nappy - he pooped in the pool, but the shell contained it without any issues. We simply washed it thoroughly afterwards to rinse off the chlorinated water.

All in all, this is a fantastic nappy which I am happy to recommend to other parents.

These nappies were trialled on my 13month old son. We recieved blue and red couloured nappies. Bright, well made, extremely easy to use. Fit him perfectly. The components provided as add-ins for the nappy were excellent. I have trialled these nappies both during the day and at nighttime. No leakage was experienced. I am now a convert from disposable to cloth after trialling these nappies. Green baby is the way to go. A must buy!  
The Crunchy Mum

So I've tested out the Green Kids Anytimes nappy on my 15-month old son... tried them at home, got my DH to give them a go, packed them for going out and even asked my daycare to try them out.

Here are my thoughts on them...

Every home use test: Easy to stuff and put on in flash - especially with an active wriggly pre-toddler who twists and turns like crazy at nappy change time. I would consider them a basic workhouse nappy for everyday use. However keep an eye on curious fingers that might unfasten them later.

Husband/partner test: Foolproof velcro fastenings - so easy! No explanation required (unlike snaps which require me to provide instructions on what number row/settings to snap on)

Daycare provider test: Works just like a disposable! I just need pre-stuff them to keep things simple for them

Overnight use test: Inserts require quite a number of prewashings to get them to sufficient absorbency. The first I tried them, they leaked through. But a week down the track, they lasted through the night with no issues

What I liked:

  • Highly versatile - I could stuff them with anything: other types of inserts/boosters and even a prefold
  • Roomy pocket made it easy to stuff in extra boosters for extended outings or overnight use
  • Wide crotch (I generally prefer wider crotches at this stage) as I feel they contain the poos in more securely
  • Reasonable priced (products are generally in the $20 range)
What could be better:
  • Velcro fastenings too easy to unfasten for my son (applix fastenings might provide a more secure hold)

Eleven Eleven

I have never used MCN before so this is my first experience with any type.

When I first got my package containing these MCN I happily ripped open then package and seen the wonderful colours I had gotten (Pink and Purple) they were just really pretty and I couldn't wait to put them on my daughter right away.

The instrustions said that I must first wash and dry the MCN three times before I could use them on her, so I shoved them in the washing machine as per instructions and then got them out and put them on the line.

The inserts took SO long to dry, literally it was about two days. once they were dry I washed them again and this time put them in the dryer, for two and a half them out and they STILL wern't dry. 

Assembling the nappy itself was all in all really simple by following the leaflet. and they looked VERY VERY CUTE when they were on her!! little bit bulky I think and not sure how she would go if she could actually walk but she can't so it wasn't an issue. 

Now my daughter likes to pee, a lot, so when she wears a nappy it normally comes off very very full. this was no exception but it seemed to hold all the pee really well and I didn't have any issues with leakage.

Nighttime was, sadly, a different story. Daughter sleeps from 6pm to 5am so I guess its a rather big ask of a nappy to contain that much pee for that long but this nappy did not hold up at all! I went in the morning to get her and everything was wet. I had to wash the nappy, the sheets, the pj's and the baby. 

Overall, these were very cute and fashionable nappies and great for daytime use, great fit and simple to use - even for someone who has never used MCN before. 

I won one of these (in prints) and have been pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't use this on a newborn, but from about 6 months to now 22 months this has actually been a really good fit for our daughter. The rise is just slightly lower than our Bum Genius and the fit is really very similar. This nappy is soft around the legs and doesn't leave red marks, it looks comfortable to wear and our daughter has never complained. We are using ours with a hemp insert which has been plenty absorbent enough for daytime use. I also like that they have quite a wide range of bright colours and cute prints. Highly recommend from 6 months on. (leaky around the legs before then for us)

These nappies are the only ones I have ever tried, having purchased a full set during pregnancy. DD is 9 weeks old now and they have been going ok. DD was large at birth - 4.5kg but has been slow to gain weight, so is a skinny bub with small thighs. I agree with previous reviewers that skinny thighs don't work well with these nappies. We have been getting quite a few leaks down the legs, and if she wets while lying on her side (ie. feeding in cradle hold) she will always leak. I too was suggested a strip wash by customer support but I am not sure this will help as we have washed them in nothing but soapnuts since we received them. I think she just has to grow into them. It also takes you a while to get used to putting them on - pulling them in at certain points etc gives a better fit. We use both hemp and bamboo inserts and find them equally effective, although bamboo dries a bit faster. Both do take quite a while to dry. We have also been using microfibre boosters which help with the fit a bit. We received one nappy with broken stitching and since then two more have had stitching come loose. They are bulky and quite wide in the crutch, which is probably fairly standard for a OSFM. The colours are cute and everyone comments on the nappies. They are so easy to use and no more complicated than a disposable. We are also saving a fortune which is nice!!


I actually quite like these nappies. Bearing in mind I've never tried anything else, but I'm so satisfied, I don't think I'd change a thing. Bought the big set of 24 when I was 7 months pregnant, and I've only started using it since bubby was 2 months old (he's 3 months old now).

We started with disposables as bub was only 3 kgs at birth. I agree that they are quite chunky for newborns, so we only started using them when bubby was fatter. It was a good decision for us too, as we struggled to adapt to life with a new baby, we didn't have to worry about doing laundry and all.

Couple of issues I had solved - initially they would leak and his romper would always be wet down the side of his legs. I contacted their customer service (Fantastic btw) and was told that I shouldn't be putting Napisan on them, they create a layer that stops it from absorbing well. I then did a "strip" wash with dishwashing liquid and it started absorbing beautifully again. Bubby's a heavy wetter and I use the bamboo inserts only, and there hasn't been any leakages since. It also holds in my bubby's poo explosions so well, i can't believe it!

I like the fact that it's a one size fits all, simply because it is cost-effective and it's not that bulky really, i can fit them under his clothes well. they look great and work well. It is definitely more time-consuming using cloth, but really it's about getting organized (washing as per your schedule), having an extra set of bamboo liners (the covers dry easily, so i use 6 covers and 6 liners a day, and have an extra 6 liners ready for use in case the 6 liners outside don't dry on time), setting them aside, ready for use. Now I don't quite like disposables because they always leak and always let the poo explode out. So it's this for me, my bubby and for future bubbies now. No more choking up landfills with disposables for me! :)


We tried Green Kids and found they just didn't work on a smaller baby with skinny thighs.

The Bamboo inserts take a long time to try and are fiddly to get into the nappy straight.

The velcro does not seem to be earing well


These were the first MCNs I purchased, and I think they're fantastic. The outers have a great drying time and always come up nice and clean. The bamboo inserts take a little longer to get dry, but they can either be put in the dryer or you can just buy a few extra bamboo inserts to use while the others are drying. They come in cute colours and are nice and trim. They are OSFM, which means they're a little on the small side on my giant 12 month old DS. But they still fit him fine and I've never had any troubles with them. Probably my only problem has been him occasionally getting the velcro tabs undone. They do wick around the legs a bit if left on too long, but I find if I sometimes just add a little booster to the insert I get a lot longer out of the nappy. Just depends how heavy your little one wets. 

Green Kids have fantastic customer service, and are so quick to reply to questions, problems etc. They are really friendly too, and are always willing to help. I have been very impressed with the both the nappies and the company itself!


i love my GK nappies so good, my baby is a heavy wetter and they work well with one insert even better with the booster. great colours and the nappy outer dries very quickly even on overcast days and the inserts can be put in the drier if its raining. can be slightly bulky with more than one insert but i find this is common with pocket nappies.overall a great work horse nappy.


I decided to use modern cloth nappies fulltime for my bub. I chose Green Kids because they are made in Australia (they also have a nice range or colours and prints).

My bub ended up being just 2.8kgs at birth so for the first few weeks or so I did use mostly disposables but as soon as the nappies fit him better we swapped to fulltime MCN.

Bub is now 6 months old and the nappies are working out brilliantly. Hubby even loves them (at the start he wasn't too keen).

Washing and care is very easy. The bamboo inserts do take a while to dry but they are so absorbent and my bub is leak free for a full 12+ hours overnight with just the bamboo insert and 1 booster.

I;m also happy that I'm not dumping hundreds of disposables into landfill!

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