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GroVia All in one

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All in one
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought 8 Grovia AIO to use when going out and I have no regrets whatsoever! They definitely are the trimmest MCNs I have used so far and are easy to use. They may take a bit of time to put on a wiggly toddler due to snaps but otherwise they make a really good fit with the stretchable sides.

Absorbency is great for a trim nappy, it takes quite a lot of pees before it starts to leak. The other times it has leaked was due to us not putting it on right. Just have to make sure the snaps are adjusted to fit baby/toddler well so as to prevent leaking.

Drying time: About 2 days during winter when dried indoors. 1 day outdoors in direct sunlight when it is sunny in spring. We have yet to test the drying time during summer when it is 35-40 degrees but I'm pretty sure they will dry in a couple of hours.

Longevity: We've used them for about 7 months now and they still look as good as new!

Value for $$: Worth the $ we spent on it. Try shopping around online as it is expensive for a family with a tight budget. We ended up getting ours from US with a buy 3 get 1 free sale so it was definitely worth it!


I have a few of these, and I absolutely love them! They are by far the trimmest MCN I own, and fit great on my son underneath any of his clothes. Even going out clothes and jeans. 

When I first got them I thought there was no way they'd last more than a couple of hours, they just seemed too trim. But they are fantastic! I can put one on my son to go out to the shops, and sometimes it gets left on for longer than usual (4 or 5 hours) but still no leaks. 

I usually have trouble getting nappies with a high enough rise for my son, and wide enough in the waist. But the rise in this nappy is perfect for him, and the stretchy side panels along with the elastic in the back of the nappy make for  a perfect fit without digging in anywhere.

This nappy dries reasonably quickly being cotton, but it can go in the dryer also which is handy in winter. The prints and colours are really cute too, especially the two new colours "surf" and "cloud". They are reasonably expensive at $34-35, however I think they are worth it (especially if u can get them cheaper on sale or in packages, or direct from the US). Love this nappy!


I love this nappy. I have 2 of these plus a few extra inserts so I can get several uses out of the covers before they need washing (especially now that bub is a bit older and not as many runny poos). It is very easy to put on and my little one always seems comfortable.

My only real problem is the drying time of the inserts.... they take soooo long and during winter they only get dry in the dryer.

The other thing I really like about this nappy is that when I had a faulty nappy, they reaplaced it quickly, without fuss and without any cost to me.



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