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Fluffy Bubs All-In-Two

2 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love my Fluffy Bubs nappies, so much so that I have 11 of them! I have the front snapping ones and they are just fantastic. I find them incredibly absorbent, fit a large range of sizes, though they are too big and bulky on my newborns but are great from around 4 months through to toilet training.

Customer service is great  and the quality of product is amazing.


I first started out using cloth when my son was 17mths old Fluffy Bubs were some of the first i bought. After a while i sold lots of other brands as they werent working well for us. But i kept all my Fluffy Bubs, they are a fantastic fit, they are great for absorbancy. I have even sold on all my night nappies and only bought Fluffy Bubs Dreams night nappies, we have never had a leak, thats really great considering Huggies nappies would leak overnight on my son. They are trim, and they are OSFM, what more could you ask for. When people ask for good quality WAHM nappies i recommend Fluffy Bubs.



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