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Cushie Tushies All-In-One Couture

13 reviews
All-In-One Couture

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I ordered a full time pack in August 2015 and it is now November 2015 and I am still waiting on half of my order! I had 60% of my ordered delivered within 2 months which was double the wait time originally stated on the website. Don't buy these nappies if you need them immediately! I ordered my pack 2 weeks before I gave birth thinking that the stated 4 week wait time would be perfect timing to be able to start using the nappies. Well, my baby is now 3 and a half months old and I have used disposables for 90% of the time. I am not a happy customer! We bought these to save money but so far, we haven't. If I don't receive my order soon I am going to cancel the outstanding goods and go elsewhere. This is unfortunate as the nappies are good quality, very absorbent and good value.


I have 8 of these nappies, 4 Couture & 4 Basix.  They seem to leak a bit more often than the other brands I have, and I don't think the snap-in inserts are as user-friendly as the pocket inserts of the other brands.  My little boy is now 12 months old and the inserts have wrinkles/lumps in them.  On a positive note, they are not as bulky as some of the other brands.  I wouldn't recommend these nappies for the price, there are better options available.


These nappies are okay.. they are absorbent and fit well, however i find that on smaller babies the folddown method is annoying and i don't trust the secureness of it.

they have nice designs and the care of them is easy enough. i just don't think they are as good as some other options out there.

While I love the prints and colours these nappies come in I can't say I am too happy with the performance. At first they were ok but they didn't last long before leaking and I could never get a good fit on my girl with them. They wee very bulky also and after 12 months the elastic started dying in them and they went crinkly inside. 

i bought three of these nappies and have probably used them three times as they are just so bulky and nowhere near as nice looking as my other nappies. The material pilled badly on the first wash so they look terrible, and the patterns really arent cute enough to make up for their faults.


This nappy is a really bulky and got leaks many times, despite the cute design.

It also takes longer to dry  on the line.

I think this nappy is the most expensive one, really can't afford it for full time user.


Love these nappies.. 

These nappies are great, once you get the hang of how to fold them for your babies size, they are perfect!!

They are the only nappy we have used, our bub is nearly 1, we use them at night and during the day.  You just need to add the night booster during the night and you're right to go!!

I have reccommended these nappies to friends.


These are super cute, and once i got the hang of them, quite easy to use.

They are a bit bulky, so i can't put them under clothes for my newborn son. 

They are pretty absorbent, and i have never used more than what comes with a standard nappy (no boosters etc.)

I don't use them at night because i find that they don't get me through an entire night, and need to be changed every 3 hours.

They also take a little longer to dry because of the cloth backing on one of the inner layers. Also, fluff catches on to the fabric, which makes them look a bit worn-especially the darker colours/prints.

Overall, quite a good nappy, and i would recommend them over some others, but my fave are pea pods. 


I bought a part time pack of Cushie Tushies to trial with my oldest son just after he turned one. I just loved the prints and the feel of the minky outers. However at the time I was not very pleased with the fit or absorbency of the nappy & did not persist with using them past a few weeks.

When son #2 was born I thought I would give them another go, and contacted Cushie Tushies to discuss the problems I had the first time around. The lady that I spoke to was extremely helpful. It turned out I had not been fitting them correctly & had 'wing droop'  which is why they leaked so badly. She also explained to me the importance of initially soaking the nappies & boosters overnight before first wash & use to build up absorbency in the bamboo (which I hadn't done the first time). And have since read an article in their regular email newsletter on the importance of strip-washing every now and then to remove detergent residue build-up to avoid leaks. I have not had a problem with absorbency since following Cushie Tushies advice on soaking then strip washing (which I do 6 monthly). Also the addition of a night booster, makes this nappy easily last at least 6 hours (I haven't had bub sleep through longer than that for me to test).

I find these nappies to be extremely easy to clean. They take a scrubbing without doing any damage to the inner microfleece lining & I use them as my "#2 catchers" for this reason.They do however take a full day in the sun to dry, so it is best to have extra inserts for wet weather or washing days.

That being said, actually fitting these nappies correctly is quite tricky - it is very important to have a snug fit around the legs to avoid leaks & it is even harder to fit on a squirming baby or toddler to get that really good fit, made much more difficult with the snap system. It definitely takes practice!

Cushie Tushies are one of the more expensive AIO nappies, but they are very durable, absorbent & make a good back up that is easy to clean. If you can get these on special, they are a good addition to a nappy stash, but I wouldn't recommend them as the only nappy you use, as the difficulty in fitting them pretty much assures that you will be the only one changing bub!


i do own a few of these nappies but they are mainly our back up / lots of wet weather nappy the fit of them is ok and the absorbancy when they are around 12 months old and younger ( the nappy not the child) but once they get to about a year old the nappy elastics starts to slacken alot and the absorbancy goes down by about 50% and the colours of the nappies dont stay as bright as other brands after alot fo use


I was very dissapointed in these Nappies after using them for 12 months the elastic started to dissapear so much so that i had to stop using many of the nappies as they no longer fitted around my sons legs as they were too big.

I followed all the manufactures instructions and never used a dryer on them.

I took them to the cushie tushie stand at the Perth PBC expo and showed then and afer a quick chat the lady was happy to replace them all for me.

Im now told that rather than wash every 48 hours to wash every 24. So far so good the Nappies are still holding up but it is only early days and i do find it a bit of a pain having to wash everyday as my son is now being potty trained to i really only use 2 or 3 nappies in 24 housr and find washing that amount a waste of a load ( i wash the nappies on their own) waste of water and effort.

Once my next one arrives i think these will be great as they do fold down quite small and i will obviously be using more in 24 hours.

So as long as your happy to wash everyday then i think these Nappies are ok and the absorbancy seems to be much better with these new ones, just be aware that if you let them sit for too long the wee could distroy the elastic.


I bought a couple of these as they looked really cute and seemed like a good nappy, however the first time I put one on DS it was leaking in less than 10 minutes! To me the quality of the fabrics used does not seem as good as some of the other  nappies on the market, and I don't foresee these lasting for a very long time. They have already become a little crunchy sounding, and I have only used them a few times. Also the snap-in inserts/boosters aren't particularly good quality, and have already sort of shrivelled up and don't sit nice and flat. DS is very tall/big for his age, but at almost 12 months he is really too big for these nappies. I would not recommend these nappies for kids on the larger side. 

I find it hard to get a really good fit with the snaps, and the rise just seems ridiculously small to me. For a OSFM they seem on the smaller side to me. But like any of the MCNs, they work for some people and not for others.   


I have several of these nappies and so far I think they're great. The fabrics are very cute and they look good on, baby's bum stays dry and no leaks so far. I haven't tried overnight yet but will do soon. Very easy to put on and reasonable drying time. 



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