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Berry Plush All-in-One

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The Crunchy Mum

This is my nappy of choice for night time due to its great absorbency and flexibility to add additional inserts. I also like the soft plush finish of the shell and the variety of colour/design choices available.

Here are what I think are the key pros and cons of this nappy:


  1. Hemp inserts provide great absorbency (personally tested for up to 12 hours overnight with no leaks). Hemp's absorbency is at least 4 times compared to cotton and is also said to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  2. The snap in/out inserts allow the shell to be reused and can be dried separately for faster drying time
  3. The design of the inserts can be folded out to enable more surface area for faster drying time
  4. Double row of snaps enable different snap settings for waist and leg area for closer customised fit
  1. Nappy is little bulkier compared to most other nappies - especially for smaller/slimmer babies
  2. Some carers may find the snaps more difficult compared to applix/velcro - particularly the fact that there are two rows of snaps to set on either side
  3. Hemp inserts need slightly longer time compared to cotton - can be a problem in winter (suggested solution is to get extra inserts to circulate between a couple of the reusable shells)
Overall a terrific nappy with great absorbency which is a good potential nappy to consider for extended-hours or overnight use. 



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