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Cushie Tushies All-in-One

2 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

My son is 10 and a half months old.  I love Cushie Tushies, they are the only nappy we have used.  From when in hospital to this day.  

The washing is really easy, you don't need to soak them or anything, just pop them in the wash with washing liquid and hang them in the sun to dry... EASY!!

I love these nappies as its one-size fits all, you just button them differently as your baby grows.

My partner loves them too, he constantly brags about the nappies (what a great sign). 


I was very dissapointed in these Nappies after using them for 12 months the elastic started to dissapear so much so that i had to stop using many of the nappies as they no longer fitted around my sons legs as they were too big.

I followed all the manufactures instructions and never used a dryer on them.

I took them to the cushie tushie stand at the Perth PBC expo and showed then and afer a quick chat the lady was happy to replace them all for me.

Im now told that rather than wash every 48 hours to wash every 24. So far so good the Nappies are still holding up but it is only early days and i do find it a bit of a pain having to wash everyday as my son is now being potty trained to i really only use 2 or 3 nappies in 24 housr and find washing that amount a waste of a load ( i wash the nappies on their own) waste of water and effort.

Once my next one arrives i think these will be great as they do fold down quite small and i will obviously be using more in 24 hours.

So as long as your happy to wash everyday then i think these Nappies are ok and the absorbancy seems to be much better with these new ones, just be aware that if you let them sit for too long the wee could distroy the elastic.

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