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Itti Bitti All-in-One

4 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

The ittibitti d'lish AIO is my favourite cloth nappy of all that I have tried.

They fit my DD perfectly and never leak! She is still comfortably in a small at 6kg, but will most likely change soon (to medium!)

I have some tuttos, but as DD is so small they are just too bulky for the absorbency I need - unlike the AIO that are stitched in. The tuttos will be good for when DD is older.

I also love the extra liner for more absorbency if needed!

They do take longer to dry, but that time is equal to the time it takes to fit a OSFM! So I'll definitely be sticking with my AIO's! 


I found these nappies very cute when they first arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait to start using them.

They are smaller than other cloth nappies making for a slim fit under clothes and didn't have that bulky look.

Theses are a fantastic nappy if your bub isn't a heavy wetter. I found they leaked all the time on my bub and I had to keep changing clothes after every nappy change. In winter this wasnt ideal. I ended up giving  these to my 9 year old daughter for her cabbage patch doll as they just were not suitable for my baby and no body would take them off of my hands.

You also can't add extra boosters to them. They have a "mini" booster which I found completely useless and a waste of money.

These take a while to dry. Often over night after being in the sun all day. I bring them in overnight and put them on the airer to finish drying. Not ideal but can be worked around.

I was really dissapointed in them

The Crunchy Mum

Here's a list of what I think are the key pros and cons of this nappy:


  1. Ultra trim fit which moulds closely around baby's bum - minimal bulk around bum area making it better for wearing right-sized clothing
  2. All-in-One (AIO) makes them easy to use - just place on baby, snap in place and you're done!
  3. The version with the sewn-in top layer inserts flip out to enable faster drying time
  1. Being an all-in-one, they will take a bit longer to dry compared to the snap in/out versions
  2. As the inserts are sewn in, the shells cannot be reused separately from the inserts
  3. Some parents may find the trim fit not suitable for "cuddlier" babies
  4. Some carers may find the snaps a little bit more difficult compared to applix/velcro attachments
  5. Sized nappies means that you may need to upgrade to a larger size as baby grows down the track (but each size level still lasts for a fairly long age range)
Overall, a good nappy which have a great range of colours and designs for the cuteness factor and fantastic for their ultra trim fit.

Unfortunately I have found that Itti Bitti AOI's do not work well for us. My son wets through them quite quickly, regardless of adding an extra mini booster. They also don't hold poop in well, and we have had a number of 'accidents' using these nappies. I have also found that they have quite a low rise, and I believe DS will grow out of them much quicker than other brands.  Last but not least, the nappies we received had an issue with the PUL, which is currently getting resolved.

On a positive note, they are a very trim nappy, as trim as a disposable (if not trimmer), and their colours are lovely.

Many people love Itti Bitti's, and they have proved to be a great nappy for a lot of MCN users, however like all MCN's, they don't suit everyone. Unfortunately that was the case with us.

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