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Actil Regular Terry Nappies

2 reviews
Regular Terry Nappies

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Parent Reviews and Comments

The "soft touch" nappies aren't so soft, even after a few washes.  I found they were scratchy and quite thin. 

That said, they are great for burp cloths, especially for a spewy baby. IN the early days we went through at least one of these per feed.  For that use, they're cheap, easy to wash and work well. 

I wouldn't use them as a nappy, except in an emergency, as I don't think they would be very absorbent, or easy to fold as they lost their shape after only a couple of washes.

I was given some of these nappies at my baby shower. They are very thin and become scratchy after a couple of washes. They also stretch and become rectangular which makes most nappy folds difficult.



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