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Bumboo Luxury bamboo flats and prefolds

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Luxury bamboo flats and prefolds
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Flats are the only way to go for a newborn if you ask me (or disposable is fine) but the fitted were just too massive for my tiny girl, for quite a while.
TIP - learn how to do the newborn folding, not the traditional triangle, there is a much better way, google or you tube it!

I eventually gave up on flats or disposable due to leakage though, but I believe a chubbier baby would have less leakage issues than mine cos of the skinny legs it comes out a bit easier as it's harder to close up the holes.

another tip, dont use the old style safety pins, get the three way nappy fasteners from Big W, you will love them!

Cloth is never as absorbent as disposable which is why I ultimately switched, kept bub drier. Also had to dry these over a heating vent because the drier would take 2 hrs to dry a load which isn't very cost effective, and it rains a lot here! Needs a lot of sun as they are very thick to dry.


I managed to pick up some of these from the Bumboo website for a whopping 30% off during one of the cloth nappy hunts, and I'm so glad I did. They are fantastic quality, and I can really notice the difference between regular cotton flats and these. They are soft, extremely absorbent, wash up nicely, and just seem so comfortable for my child to wear. The prefolds are fabulous too.

I also love the fact that they are available in a number of different sizes, including a large toddler size (in the flats) which is fantastic for my son as I've always had trouble getting nappies big enough to fit him comfortably. I am able to use the toddler sized flats overnight for my son without any leaks. The Bumboo bamboo wipes are also great not only for wipes, but for adding as a little bit of boosting to any of the nappies. The regular size still fit him and are enough for daytime. 

I also love the fact that with the flats you can use very absorbent bamboo, but they take so little time to dry (as compared to most other nappies comprising of bamboo) as they are only one layer.  

I would recommend these to anyone, I only wish I had tried them sooner! Definitely and without a doubt worth the extra bit of money as compared to regular cotton flats, I would only ever buy bamboo flats again. The Bumboo customer service is also extremely friendly and helpful! 



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