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Naty Nature Babycare Nappies

9 reviews
Nature Babycare Nappies

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I was SO excited to try these.  My daughter is very sensitive to everything so I cloth diaper her.  I just wanted the occassional disposable to make outings a little easier.  I tried one diaper out of the pack.  She wore it for 2 hours, had a pee, and when I took it off she was COVERED in a blistering rash.
The diaper didn't leak, though...and I just love how enviro concious they are.
Just don't think it's a fail-safe option if you have a sensitive little one!


I mostly use MCN's on my baby, but occasionally have to use a disposable, and have found these to work well.  I've never had a problem with leakage with these, even when I've used them overnight (and my little boy is a good sleeper, so he can be in his night nappy for 12 hours!).  Yes, they're a bit more expensive than the other disposables, but as I'm only using them occasionally that doesn't matter.  I also like the fact that these feel less "plastic-y" than the other disposables.


We are strictly cloth users, but used these in newborn size for our prem bub when he didn't yet fit into our clothies.  One of the great things about them is the price and aVAILABILITY...they're under $11 for newborn size if bought at a popular supermarket that starts with C, but the cost climbs to $32 for the other sizes.

These nappies are super soft, fit well, contain all leaks, are not bulky, in fact, they are just like any other disposable but without the chemicals.  They are reputed to compost well, but we didn't get to try this as we were moving house.

The grip-tabs stick well, though only to the purpose-built strip along the top of the nappy, not all over the nappy like on popular non-eco nappies.

These are excellent value for money, a great compromise to cloth, and a billion times better than chemical-laden disposables.

we have used a general nappy brand that worked with my elder 2 childre, it didnt work with my third! My baby had a burnt bottom because of her first teething experience and the chemicals that reacted with her urine and the nappy, we were devestated! so we were on the hunt for a new brand of nappy! I had tried other brand due to cheapness with my elder 2 but had never tried this brand. I have NEVER had a leak all though I found the small size to be a little bigger on her but she son grew into them and one main thing... No nappy rash! great product!
I am a full time cloth mummy but when my eldest was about 18months she started leaking through every cloth nappy i had!!

My friend suggested I try these nappies as it's a bit of a compromise and I used these purely at night until DD toilet trained. They are great nappies!! They never leaked, they didn't smell at all like other reviewers have said and yes they are little more exxy but well worth the money!!

Although i am a full-time cloth user with my kids, there is the occasional need for using disposables and I am happy to say these are the ones I go for. I love the fact that they are mostly biodegradable, but also they really perform! They even last well overnight on my toddler. A very well-made nappy, no leaks, and they don't smell nasty when soiled either. 

They are a little more costly than some other disposable nappies, however I believe that you get what you pay for. And knowing that they are a more natural alternative puts my mind at ease, as well as being better for the environment. I have often purchased these on sale too, so I usually just stock up then.

I only wish I had known about them when I had my first child and was using disposables, I never would have used anything else! 

A fantastic disposable nappy! Hopefully one day all disposables will be made more environmentally friendly like these! 

The thing i love most about these nappies is that when wet they do not smell like other brands which are loaded with chemicals! i have tried a few nappies, and along with a couple of others they did not enough protection on the sides. maybe i just have a very wet and pooey baby, but they did leak for me. i found the sizes quite generous which is good as i did not have to keep moving up sizes each week!

I la la la la LOVE these nappies!  Like all good nuevo-hippie, bogan-left parents, I am very conscious about the eco-implications of my  nappy choices.  I have tried many brands and styles from cloth, to bamboo, to completely plastic-free compostables and in emergencies in small towns only, have I tried common plastic pants brands. 

After many trials by widdle, the nappy that survives every time is Nature Babycare.  They're easy to find at most supermarkets, we very rarely get nappy rash (unless we've been eating sand), their capacity for wee retention is better than any others I've tried and my gluten sensitive 8mth-old tried them out for edibility (clean) and they went through just fine. (if you shred a clean one, they make excellent soil wetters for the garden too) 

Occasionally,  I have come across factory faults- funny glue smells and odd lumps, etc.  but the company is very amenable to receiving feedback.  Having said that, the overall quality and brilliance of the brand overrides any small discrepency I've come across.

Love this brand! Recommended very highly.


We have just switched to Nature Babycare using size 4 for our 11 month old boy.  After months of red rash bottom & lots of creams used we now have a lovely bottom & no use for the creams anymore.

We were leaking at night with other nappies but not anymore, so there is less stress & washing in the morning.

I have bought these nappies at both my local Coles & Woolworths. 

I love these nappies & hope you do too!  Plus they are great for the environment.   



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