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Bambo Nature Nature

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Bambo Nature nappies were great on my son!

They fit well, never leaked, including overnight, and performed as well as (if not better than) the most popular non-eco brands.

It gave us great peace of mind to know the nappies were free from harsh chemicals -- we never had a problem with nappy rash while my son wore them.

The one thing we noticed was, on occasion, when he'd approach the end of a size range, we'd have to change up earlier than his weight would indicate. But I think that can happen with any child or nappy brand.

They are little more expensive than most nappies, but worth it if you can manage the extra costs. The low-carbon footprint and mostly biodegradable nature of the nappy really appealed to us. We never did get to trial taking off the non-biodegrable components, soaking them in water, and planting them in the garden to keep the plants watered - that's my one regret! 



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