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I decided to try these as a cheaper alternative and I'd been told they were the budget version made by the huggies company. 

I was actually pretty impressed and I'm a bit of a nappy snob. They have a nice stretchy waist band and legs. They aren't as absorbent as the more expensive popular brand but they are a great daytime nappy I love them now!


I brought these on special at the local supermarket they were only $3 a pack but they are in no way comparable to other brands. They leak, have a strange fit to them, the grip tabs come undone or you can't get them tight and they puff up like marshmallow when wet and I found they have a strange stale pee smell when only a little bit wet. I will be going back to Huggies and keeping the packets I have left for extreme emergencies cause they are terrible.


I have been a dedicated snugglers user for over 2 1/2 years. Ever since huggies became "new and imporoved" I had to find a new nappy as my daughter leeked through the new huggies.

It seems Snugglers have now done the same thing. I have just started using the "new and improved" snugglers for my 17 month old son and they are leeking from all over the nappy. I went back to using one of the older snugglers nappies I still had and there was no problem.

Got to love cost cuts, whatever they did was a really bad move!

Any suggestions on a good replacement nappy?


I have only tried a few of these which were given to me as a free sample and they are surprisingly better than I thought they would be.  The pattern of them is great and they fit quite good too. 

I did not have any leaks with them and they seemed comfortable for my child.  I also thought it was good that they were not boy/girl specific.


Since they have changed these nappies agin slightly they are far improved on the old ones.

The current ones fit really well although are a little on the smaller size for the size said on packet. They have changed the cut of them so that they fit better.

I have found them very absorbent in the 16kg size and last all night no problem.

They also dont become really saggy and loose when full like some other brands.

Overall I found them quite good and will continue to use them on my toddler and infant.

i was originally told these were crap but aparently they have changes in the last year or so, so i gave them a try. they are great, if on special they are really cheap but also have great absorbancy and fit really well. not to mention the anticipation of what design you will get when you open the box!! a standard box is also bigger than any other boxes of nappies that i know of.

I was sceptical about these since they don't have boys and girls ones, but they're fab! Really similar to another leading brand. Great value for money and super absorbent and comfy.

A little bulky, but no more than another leading brand.

Definitely recommend.

I LOVE THESE NAPPIES! the only one i have found to stop the leaks! at the start they leaked every where! but when i realised there was actually two protection layers (just needed to lift them off the nappy to work) no leaks anymore!!! great price. especially at 2 boxes for $50! i would recommend these to anyone, but i would have to show them how to properly wear (to find the two layers of protection) and get the most use out of them! the instructions should be on the box!!!

I use this nappy during the day presently for my 7 month old. Its good for day use especially when bub is on solids. Good absorbency, and colourful fun designs. When my bub was on breastmilk, runny poos usually came out the top at the back of the nappy but i have not had this problem since she started on soilds.

She had no nappy rash while using this nappy.

Available in bulk boxes from Big W. 


I tried Snugglers when my daughter was a few months old.

I found that whenever she pooped while being breastfed the poop would run straight out of the back of the nappy and into my lap.  NOT GOOD.

I bought a couple of boxes of them and ended up taking the unopened box back for a refund.

Will never use these again.


I bought a few packs of Snugglers nappies when they were on special at Big W and at first I thought they were rubbish because we had a few leaks (but I later discovered it was just that hubby hadn't put them on right). So here are the pros and cons as I found them:


  • They seem to fit between the Huggies Newborn and Crawler sizes so they're a great transition nappy
  • They are almost on par with Huggies for fit and comfort
  • Good absorbency
  • Great value for money
  • Unisex fit


  • Not as "pretty" as Huggies, but still colourful (not sure if that really matters though!) 
  • Smaller grip tabs than Huggies, but they still work well

I love snugglers nappies. I recently went into my local iga, and they were alot cheaper than other brands and have alot more nappies in the pack.

they are so much more absorbant than huggies, and about the same as babylove. the nappies are bigger than huggies, and have alot more leg room.

the tabs used to break off really easy, but they seemed to have improved over the years.

Megan Masters

when my daughter was first born, we used huggies which seemed to be to tight round her legs, then we swapped to babylove, which were good in newborn, but the next size up just kept leaking.  So then I discovered snugglers, I have not looked back since.

Not only are they super abosorbant, I have never had a accidant with them.  But they also come in some really cool designs. so I love love love these nappies, and they are a great price too!!


I have 3 kids, the first 2 I would only use Huggies on after shopping around the nappy market, Huggies were simply the best!! But since Huggies changed their nappies (they are so much thinner now) nappies started leaking, so i searched for another product and came upon Snugglers - they are fantastic, definately equivalent to Huggies. they are now the only nappy i use for my 3rd child.



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