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Woolworths Select

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Parent Reviews and Comments

i really am not a brand snob I buy the cheaper version of everything but these nappies are just so bad it makes me furious. One wee will leak through and soak my daughters bed and clothes. wont even go into what happens after a poop. Not happy. Huggies and baby love all the way. I might spend a bit more but they have never let me down. Really can't believe all the positive reviews these are getting.


I am extremely impressed with Woolworths select infant nappies. They never leak and absorb very well.  I forgot the nappy on for over 8 hours and it was very full but not leaking. Also more affordable than many other brands


We have always used Huggies with DD1 but found we were getting a lot of leaks with DD2 and I was washing a lot of clothes. I've found these a great fit for my daughter and I like that they're quite light. We've had very few leaks and now moved up o he next size. We will be sticking with these and they're well priced as well. 

Allira Cordier

We switched to the Woolwortha Select Brand Nappies after our old brand started to continually leak on our daughter. We have found the 'Once Upon a time' Nappies to be far more absorbent. Also, they are less bulky & feel softer than the other brand (& more affordable). We have tried the other brand again now that our little Miss fits the next size up, but again had problems with leaking & she also got rashes. Will be stocking to Woolworth's Select from now on :) 


I started using Woolworth's Once Upon A Time newborn nappies with my baby when I ran out of the Newborn Huggies I had. I found them to be just as absorbant and a better fit. The price is more reasonable too, and once you move into Infant size, the nappies can be purchased in bulk. 

My baby has never had an poo leaks and the nappies have a cute print and grip tabs. Odour is contained well enough, and the outer cover is smooth and soft. Moisture is pulled away from the skin and my son doesn't get any rashes or redness. 

Definitely recommend to anyone who wants an alternative to Huggies that is just as good, if not better.

I always used Huggies until I decided to give Woolworths Select a go, because they offer a money-back guarantee if you're not happy (even if the box is empty!) I've used the Toddler & Walker sizes, and prefer them to Huggies. They are just as absorbant, have a perfect fit and the tabs are much easier to attach and remove. I have had no problems with leakage, even overnight. I buy them when they're on special for $20 a box so they are much cheaper than Huggies.

These are much, much better than the comfy bots in my opinion.

They sit nice & high on the waist so no leaks. They are very trim & fit perfectly.

These are my nappies of choice now (when not using cloth)

These are slightly cheaper than Huggies, so I thought I'd try them. The first pack that I bought, the tabs tore off half of the nappies when I tried to put them on. The absorbency wasn't the best, but was sufficient. I bought a second pack, thinking that I may have got a dud pack, but they were exactly the same. These will not be makibg their way into my shopping trolley again.

I got a box of these for my baby shower along with 3 boxes of huggies for newborns. I used the huggies first and then used these to avoid wate.

Truthfully I lasted 2 days and ended up buying another box of huggies. The nappies are paper thin and the tabs do not do up properly on the sides. My son had a two hour nap and when I lifted him it had leaked all the way through to the mattress protector.

They would leak unless I changed them constantly like every 1-2 hours, which I believe I end up using twice as many nappies - which I believe cancels out any savings you make as they are cheaper.

Plus side my son never got any nappy rash and as he has sensative skin means they must be soft on babies skin.

If you do get these I would definately recomend considering a different nappy at night. 

I found these nappies to be good value and they are soft and look quite comfy.  They don't seem to be quite absorbent as the huggies which i normally use but for frequent day changes they are just as good

I have used these nappies a few times when looking for a cheaper alternative nappy.  They seem to fit okay but find that they leak when used overnight.

As they are changed fairly often during the day they are okay then but would not recommend them overnight unless you are willing to change partway through the night.


Woolworths select nappies are very reasonably priced. I have used them for my son and i was satisfied with the quality and the absorption power. These nappies are very gentle on the skin and i have  never noticed any bad effects or rash on the skin.These come in various sizes and weight range. These nappies fit very  well and tabs fix properly.

I use to use this nappy along with other brands and was pretty satisfied with the quality,absorption power, size and fitting.

At night time also these absorb urine properly...

Ive found these nappies to be quite good. The fit can be a little funny sometimes as they do cover a huge weight range. Good value for money though. I wouldnt use them at nighttime though, unless I was despirate. We used them once and lasted till about midnight, and my son had leaked out the top. Good for daytime use though.
I buy these for both my children and wouldn't buy anything else. I have found that they fit better than any other nappy on the market. They don't leak, great price and overall very happy with this product. As I have a son and daughter who wear the same size nappy it also means I don't need to buy two seperate lots of nappies as these are unisex.

We bought them after receiving some samples and find they fitted better than the ones we used to buy.

As I said, they fit perfectly for our baby, we haven't had problems with leackage, they are good value for money, but the baby was easy to get nappy rash when using them.

After all, we alternate them with the usual ones and discontinue to buy them.

Overall, not a bad nappy, but we prefer our baby bum dry and healthy. 


Quite decent nappies. Good for value. I havent had a problem with leakage or anything so far so Im happy with the product.

The only downside is my DD is quite small and so the nappy was a little big on her. Even the newborn size but I worked my way around it.


These are our second choice when shopping, behind another leading brand.

They fit well, are great value for money and seem to be comfortable on DD. 

They do cause a rash if she wears them full time, however and don't alwyas last through the night - they become huge and then leak.

During the day they're great though, and I love the designs.

We always buy these diapers in bulk when they are on sale. Good value for money. Have never had them leak ever. easy to use. cute designs. not bulky. We are really happy with them.
I have picked these up on special a few times as i felt I was spending a lot on other expensive nappies. I used them during the day mostly, just to use less of the expensive ones up. They were great, and I really had no problems with them. I have used them for night time too and didn't have any leakages. I have just started to use them for my 10 month old, just a few during the day, and they've been fine so far. I probably wouldn't buy them unless they were on special, as they're not my first choice in disposable nappies, but if you are on a tight budget I would definintely give them a go. NB: I have only really used toddler and walker sizes, so can't really comment on the smaller sizes. 



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