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Mater Mater Nappies

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Mater Nappies

Mater Nappies are made from high quality, ultrasoft materials that quickly absorb liquid and draw away moisture to help keep your baby’s delicate skin dry. Dermatologically tested and proven not to cause skin irritation, Mater Nappies are available in five sizes to suit your growing baby from the day they are born through to their toddler years.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I loved these nappies. I loved they weren't super bulky and quite slim. They were very absorbent and fitted quite nicely on my skinny daughter! 

I wouldn't use them overnight though, as I didn't feel they were absorbent enough, but they're great during the day. I used the crawler ones on my toddler, as she's on the cusp with more success.

I would purchase these nappies even if they are a bit more expensive.


I found these nappies to be a great fit on both my 19 month old and 3.5 year old. We have had little to no leaks and most importantly no nappy rashes, and they both have sensitive skin.

I would say they are equal to the nappies found in the supermarkets and I would happily buy them and use them on my children.

The only negative I found was that it is difficult to differentiate between nappy sizes. Each size nappy has a number on it which corresponds to the size of the nappy, and let's face it, dads and grandparents do not always pay attention to these types of things! 


Love these nappies. I used the crawler size for my 5 month old (~8kg) and the toddler size for my 3 year old at night (~13kg)

Sizing is generous, great for the chunky thighs of my chunky baby and the tabs are nice and firm with great stretch allowing a great fit on my long and lanky 3 year old.

They seem to be very absorbent and great at retaining baby poop.  My 3 year old woke up dry one morning and the nappy had held its shape nicely, where most are quite misshapen. The elastic on the tabs is quite stretchy, allowing her to pull them up and down like nappy pants.

I will gladly purchase these nappies, confident in a great product whilst supporting a good cause.


Great lightweight nappies. So absorbent and soft for bubs skin. They fit great around the tummy and legs so nothing could escape! Highly absorbent and drew the moisture away to help prevent rashes. I highly recommend them.


Overall: I was very happy with these nappies. Used them on my 8mth old and 20mth old boys. The 20mth old is heavy wetter and has a lot of allergies. There are only a few nappy brand that we can use that don't irritate his skin.

Liked: The nappies are super soft and flexible. They fit well and are not bulky. At first I thought they wouldn't be absorbent enough given how thin they appear - but they were comparable to most of the nappies we use. They did not give either boy any irritation or rash and I didn't need to use any nappy cream the entire time they were in them. I had no major leaks.

Disliked: Unfortunately they did still leak overnight with both my boys so they couldn't sleep through and woke up upset and I needed to change them. This is normal for my older boy, however the younger one normally I don't need to change his nappy overnight so that was a tad disappointed. (I should say though that the last few nights the younger one has started sleeping on him tummy which could explain the leaking). If I was to continue to use this brand I would buy the next size up for him overnight. On that note - I would like to buy the bigger size for my oldest son so it is comparable to the 16kg plus nappies in another brand he currently uses.

Summary: I really liked these nappies, although their price point is higher than what I spend now on my boys’ nappies. Aside from the better, slimmer fit and softer nappy I am not sure I could justify the extra cost. (I have used cheap nappies that give my sons rashes and Maters are a league above these without a doubt. Whether they are that much better than your leading brand which is priced between cheaper ones and Mater I am not sure? I have also used more expensive nappies that were Eco-friendly. If this nappy was eco-friendly I could justify the cost. Also I would need to order online which is a bit of a pain.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars - great nappy, soft, comfortable, non-irritating. 


I was fortunate enough to trial both the Crawler (6-11kg) and Toddler (10-15kg) nappies. 

I'm pretty sceptical when companies promise so many things such as 'Fast super absorbent core' and 'Smooth waistband and strong resealable tabs' however this time I was pleasantly surprised.

I used these nappies every change for 5 days and not once did a nappy leak. That is a pretty rare occurrence for me, having 3 children and trying out so many different nappy brands who promise great things but don't deliver.

The Crawler size fit my boy (7.5kg) comfortably with room to spare without being too big, and still ensuring no leaks even containing the dreaded #3s. I didn't experience any nappy rash on him.

The Toddler size on my 14kg boy however wasn't comfortable on him and after a day of wearing them he actually asked not to wear them anymore, and opted instead to use the toilet for the majority of the time! Whether this was a coincidence and he was ready to begin toilet training, or he really didn't like the snugness of the nappy, either way I'm a happy mum. He did want the nappy on for every #2 and despite the small fit it did its job and for that I'm grateful.

Would I purchase them?

If they were on sale, yes. But at 53 cents per nappy (Infant) and 66 cents per nappy (toddler) (slightly cheaper when you buy by the carton) there are cheaper alternatives that do the job. I am happy to have the occasional leak to save $.

I will be keeping an eye out for when they're on special at our local pharmacy.


These nappies are awesome :) They have withstood my busy toddler (22 months), and my big bub (7 months) with ease. 

They have had zero leaks, no wicking, and have kept in a few poopslosions that have defeated many other nappy brands in the past (my DD2 has a knack for leaking out of nappies lol). We have two sizes here and both have been equally impressive.

The pattern is super cute, and really subtle. It's awesome under tights, they don't overwhelm the pattern on the tights at all and it's a nice to find a nappy that doesn't clash.  The tabs are well placed and strong, we have had no rips or tears.

We are converts for sure, even better it helps support Mater little miracles :)

Que Sera

We trialled the newborn and toddler Mater nappies. 

I like the softness of the nappy, combined with the strong but gentle leg elastic. These nappies were a good fit for my babies, they are generous in sizing without being bulky. Held a nappy explosion but did not leave red elastic pinch marks on either of my little ones legs. The fit if the nappy is better than other brands and easier to put on as the elastic isn't as tight or bunchy as other brands. Overnight they had no leaks and were a lot less bulky than other brands. The fasteners are sturdy enough to last a few nappy checks. Both my babies have sensitive skin, Mater nappies were great and didn't create any skin irritations and kept the skin dry. Only possible area for improvement would be odour control with urine. 


I was lucky enough to be picked to review these nappies, and I found them great! I trialled the Crawler 6-11kg size on DS2 (who is 9kg) and the Toddler 10-15kg size on DS1 (who is 14.5kg).

They were a good fit - they don't have a full stretch waistband, but the tabs were stretchy and gripped well to get a nice snug fit around the waist, and with the leak protection cuff they were nice and snug around the legs too. They were very absorbent, with not a single leak, even overnight (which has been a problem with some nappy brands I've used in the past). I found them to be softer and a little less bulky than other brands I have used, and they didn't cause any irritation to the skin. On a purely aesthetic note, I also like the simple colour and design.

Overall a great product that does the job very well. They are fairly well priced, and with proceeds going towards supporting Little Mater Miracles, I think it's well worth the switch to these nappies.


Great for my son’s sensitive skin, they feel a bit thin but don't effect the absorption of them. I haven't had a leak from them, fit well, we had the toddler size which goes up to 15kgs.

Bunny Lover

I was given the crawler and toddler sizes to try on my two children. 
The feel and texture of the product is comparable to another brand which I quite like and they appeared to be very comfortable and flexible.

I found the sizing to be generous. No issues were noted during my use of this product, i.e. nappy rash, etc. The absorbency appeared to be great for #1s and the nappies sufficiently contained #2s! No leakage issues were noted.

Very happy with this product.


I have tried the newborn (first weeks) nappies up to 3.5kg and features I liked were the curved front panel to allow for a comfortable fit around the umbilical cord. They are very slim fit nappies they seemed to draw the moisture away very well. 

I did have a couple of poo explosions as they seem to be a bit narrow under the crotch section. Although it was a fairly large poo at the time. 

I would like to see pictures on the nappy or something to indicate front and/or back this would be really helpful for first time parents who may not have much experience changing nappies and also easier to get it right when you are sleep deprived in those early weeks.

I also tried the toddler nappies 10-15kg  they fit really well and were not bulky like some nappies are.

They contained wee and poo well overnight and during day sleeps. My son liked the dog Max on the nappies.  The tabs were very adhesive so it sometimes needed two hands to take the tab apart to attach it to the nappy. 

Overall they are a good nappy however cost wise and the ease of availability would probably prevent me from choosing these nappies in the future. 



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