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Aldi Mamia Nappies

78 reviews
Mamia Nappies
  • Soft and stretchy sides have been introduced to allow babies to move and stretch their bodies. The nappy fits snugly and moves with your toddler, helping to keep a cosy fit and stay leak proof on the go.
  • No more scratchy waist bands
  • Discreet Triple Layer Core - Mamia’s triple layer core is now thinner and more comfortable. This new technology still has all the anti-leak characteristics, absorbency and ‘wet proof’ characteristics demanded by parents. So, thinner and better! Thinner product means less use of the world’s resources, from the raw materials used to produce and pack the nappies.
  • It's breatheable
    - Mamia Supa Fit nappies use state of the art materials that help your baby’s skin breathe by allowing air through the back and front panels without affecting the leakage performance of the nappy.
    - All materials used to make Mamia Supa Fit nappies are dermatologically tested for use in nappies, so you can be sure that these nappies and soft and highly absorbent, and deliver on your expectations of a world-class product.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love these nappies, their great. I use these during the day because we go through so many & huggies at night.

My only complaint is that the wetness indicator should be on all size nappies not just newborns up till infant.


Very taught, not flexible for LO; don't hold a lot of fluid and at times accidents such as poop is out plus my 10 months old bump is always moist when I change nappies- within three hours or so! Noop, not going to buy another pack or try bigger size when my boy gets bigger.


I started using mania nappies as soon as much daughter was out of newborns. 

We haven't had any issues at all, in fact I've never looked back! They are a great price, fit really well and we never have leaks. 

I wouldn't put my daughter in anything else now. I think they are the perfect nappy!


we started off using the leading, most expensive brands of nappies when our daughter was a newborn as we had received these as baby shower gifts. Once they ran out, we decided to try Mamia and haven't looked back. They're soft, absorbent (hold 12 hours without a leak overnight!) and are amazing value for money.

They do sometimes get a urine odour overnight but I think with that amount of time, you have to expect it! I've recently tried a different brand as part of a free trial and they had the same odour too.

Georgia kelly

After buying one brand for 18 months I thought I would try the aldi brand and I think they are fantastic and so much more for your money I will only buy the other brand if I can't get to aldi.  Combined with the wet wipes I'm now saving money each week.  I whole hearty recommend these to any parent of little Bubba. :-) :-)


I got given a lot of aldi nappies and huggies nappies. I found as a very tiny new born when my daughter wasn't feeding as much as now they were good as you could check to see if nappy was wet or dry easier. But they aren't a flexible fit compared to aldi. I found thr aldi ones she moves easier, looks more comfortable and they come up higher- front and back. When she wore huggies, number 2 would come out sides of legs. Even large amount of wee too caused it to go through suit and onto mum!

Aldi is great value.  I think with huggies you pay for the pretty colour, wee line and to have winnie the pooh and friends on them..since she was about 1 week old she has not had a dry nappy come change time. Recently I picked up limited time only value box.and saved a couple extra cents on each nappy. 

Highly recommend. I will always stick with aldi. 


I had a few people rave to me about how great these nappies were. After being given a packet from a friend I discovered they aren't all that great. I found that the legs and back wern't very elasticy and didn't sit snuggly on my daughter making way for leakage. They got extremely full and always seemed to have a strong smell of urine which other nappies don't seem to do.


I normally use this for daytime as it is convenient and easy to use. However I found that the absorbancy is not as good to last the entire night and therefore have switched to a different brand for night-time. I also found that the straps cannot be sealed properly when using the same nappy the 2nd time.


I liked the older thicker nappies but with these new thinner nappies you can smell urine after about an hour of wearing the nappy. It works just as great as the thicker ones but the urine smell is quite strong so I won't by buying them after I finish off what I've purchased. I am very disappointed that they changed a product that was so well received. 

Aisha Aizee

I didn't get the chance to be one of the reviewer but i bought them from stor and found excellent.

  • Good in absorbancy
  • Lovely charcters
  • Doesn't leak pee and poo
  • keep bubby dry overnight


I cannot rate Aldi nappies highly enough! They are fantastic, my daughter no longer leaks through (She leaks through Huggies, Babylove etc) and the cheapest of them all is the best nappy out!

We will definitely be keeping with the Aldi brand of nappy, we love them here although I would prefer a more unisex pattern, not the blue pattern!

However that won't change my nappy choice at all!


I had heard a little while ago that aldi changed a few things with the nappies so we gave them a go again.  Wow, I have to say, they are great.  Previously we were able to smell wee as soon as our dd went.  Now, we can't smell it at all.  I would compare these with huggies in saying they are pretty much just as great but at half the price, which in my opinion better them better than any other brand.


These nappies were a lot better than I thought they'd be. Being as cheap as they were, I expected them to be just as nasty, but alas they haven't been. My daughter has bowel issues that we're working through (gluten/dairy intollerances etc) and can have quite large explosive bowel movements, and we haven't lost one out of a nappy as yet!

I have found they aren't as absorbant overnight, and find that when I change her in the morning her skin is wet where it hasn't fully absorbed. So I use a stronger night time nappy instead.

Overall, pleasantly surprised!


These nappies fit perfectly, no leaks even when extremelly full.

The tabs are strong and stretch quite easily and are not a bulky nappy.

After being a huggies only mum I have been converted and I will be using these nappies for my newborn from now on.


I didn't have real good expectations of Mamia infant nappies, so I was surprised when they held what was almost a number 3!!!  Great absorbency!!

Only issue I had on a couple was the tabs weren't sticky.


These nappies were so wonderful to try! They were thin which we were a little worried about but we found them to be so absorbent! The stretchy sides gave a great fit as bub is quite slim.

We were very impressed with them and would definitely use them again, especially as the price is so great!


I am in two minds about them, I like them but to be honest I am only using them as at home nappies, and definitely only day wear. Overnight when I open the nappy it smells of urine, which doesn't happen with the huggies, or snuggler ones, (we sleep a good 7 hours at night). This has also happened when we have been unable to change him for 3-4 hours during the day.

I have also had a massive leakage from a massive explosion of poo, but that could be due to me also not doing it up tight enough! Elastic maybe up around the waist would probably be an idea. I do like how between the legs it is alot softer than the other nappies I have tried.

For the price though they are great, may buy again. You really can't beat them price wise.


I found these Nappies to be ok. Have tried quite a few brands & whilst these are better than the supermarket home brands I've tried they are not as good as huggies.

I found them to be thinner & less absorbent than huggies (& I also missed the wetness indicator line).

we experienced a couple of "blow outs" but guess its hard to tell if any nappy would have been up to the job!

For the price they're ok :)


Nappies are generous in size both in length and around waist, they are trim but lack tapering/contouring for a snug fit. They are a great daytime nappy however I have found they were not very absorbent compared to other brands resulting in more frequent nappy changes and leakages during longer night time sleeps.


I was impressed with the Mamia Nappies. The size we received were the next size up for my daughter, so was almost certain we were going to have issues with leaking etc due to the sizing.
Although they were larger than what we have previously been using, we had no issues what so ever.
In the past, when using bigger sizes, we have had leaking during the night- at no stage have we had any leaks, which was a big + for me.
Was also pleased that there didnt seem to be any smells associated with nappies regardless of how wet they were.
The price of these nappies compared with competitors is wonderful.

Will definitely continue with these.


We were slightly hesitant when we received our nappies as our little one is only 5kgs but the nappies are 6-11kgs but we figured we'd try them. Well not only did they fit our 5kg bub but also our 21 month old 14kg dd and our 34 month old 12kg dd...

That's right the one size fitted all our kids comfortably with no leaks and even held up overnight with no leaks, no rashes which we often get from cheaper nappies and no sagging or that horrible baggy look when full. Was very surprised and happy with the mamia nappies and will be buying them again. Only area for improvement would be a prettier pattern on them but overall a great nappy.


These nappies have a similar appearance to other supermarket brands, they are quite thin compared to Huggies or Snugglers for example.  I have used them for two days on my 9 week old daughter.  I have had three leaks - two overnight and one in the day after about 3 hours wear (although I didn't pull the frill out properly when it leaked during the day).  I have also noticed that there is a smell of wee, which I haven't noticed with other brands - my daughter is changed every 1-3 hours during the day so I wouldn't expect them to smell.  I would be happy to use these if they are very inexpensive for day use but not for overnight use again.


Was skeptical of finding a product as good as Huggies  but after trying them I was pleasantly surprised.

The nearest Aldi is 45 mins away but would be willing to make the drive it's for them :) 

No leaks like others I have tried or any rash/reaction.

Highly recommend :)


Love love love these nappies i have a new bub and she was getting a rash from huggies nappies and found them way to tight mamia nappies are so soft and have a great stretch to them to get a way better fit on bubs waist the held the liquid perfect no leaks and no number 2's oozed out the sides like i had with huggies will definatly be my brand of choice from now on will be making the trip to aldi specially for these :) thanks bub hub for letting me test this product

Bluest Blue Box

I use disposables part time with 8 week old DS. I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw how thin the nappies are, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. While being a trim fit they are still super absorbent. The only leak I had was from a poonami that no nappy would be able to hold in. They seem to be comforble for DS and I didn't find any red marks on him from the elastic. I can't comment on how they would go overnight as I still change DS every 4 hours or so. I will definitely be making a special trip to Aldi now for these nappies. 


I found these to be excellent nappies. They were a comfortable fit with a nice soft feel. They had good absorption and did not leak. They were not to bulky to wear and seem excellent value for money. My 8 month old had no problems in them at all. and wore them during the day and at night.  I also liked the colourful design on them. Overall, I thought they were a very good choice of nappyand i was very impressed.


I have absolutely no issues with these nappis at all.

I have not had a single leak in the time that I have been using them and I even used them overnight without any problems. There was no occurance of redness or any type of rash.

I find these nappies much better than any within the same price bracket and will definitely use them again.

Even though there was no leaks overnight I will stick to my current brand for night times as I find them to be the best by far.

Electric Rodeo

The Mamia nappies have always been my second favourite  behind huggies. I have used them on and off over the years depending on whether I was grocery shopping at aldi.  I trialled the 6-11kg size on my almost 7kg baby. They were a great fit and we had no leakages. I tested them overnight and was extremely impressed to find no leaking even though bub still have 1-2 overnight feeds.  They don't have a stretchy waistband but the tabs don't dig in like on some other brands. They are very slim and keep shape well rather than looking saggy and gross between regular changes No nappy  rash either which my kids often get when using cheaper nappies. Overall I was very happy and would definitely purchase these nappies again for use both in the day and overnight.

Brissie 1st timer

I regularly use Huggies or Snugglers but don't feel either is a wonderful nappy for my 5.5 month old, 6.8kg, 67cm wriggling,  rolling learning to crawl little man.

I haven't tried Mamia in the past because I don't shop at Aldi and was skeptical about the hype.

I tried the 6-11kg size and in taking one out the pack I wasn't initially impressed. It felt lighter and thinner than I was used to and I thought that would mean it would perform worse. Not at all. While it doesn't seem to absorb liquid away as quickly as my normal brands it does hold the same while keeping him dry. I only had one leak but that was the first one I tried and I put that down to my error in not correctly putting it on him. And I he even got sick and had diarrhea for a few days and the Mamia held up without leaks.

I was unsure about the lack of elasticised back but you get the fit and flexibility from the stretchy sides. I would still look for that for a newborn where "number 3s" were caught more than a few times from exploding up my sons back with the pouch created in the Huggies. The pattern on the Mamia nappy seems more boyish than unisex but I don't buy a nappy for its pattern. I think that I will buy the 4-8kg nappy to see what the fit is like. 

Will I use them again? Certainly.

Will they become my regular brand? I'm not sure.


I’m disappointed I’ve wasted so much money over the last 3 months buying Huggies! I was under the false impression they were the best on the market, but I’ve found Mamia nappies fit better, with no leaks and full containment of poo explosions. The only negative is the 6-11kg aren’t as pretty a nappy as the huggies brand for girls – but I figure now I can spend the money I’m saving on nappies to buy cute pants to cover them.


Excellent.They held the moisture well. No rashes and red skin on bub. Plus no out the sides explosions, always a bonus!


As a loyal Huggies nappy user for 3.5 years I was sceptical in trying the Mamia nappies. During this time I have tried many other brand but always come back to Huggies.  

I have found the Mamia nappies to be less bulky than other nappies but have not had any problems with leakage, including night time wear. They also contained my sons first explosion!! The sizing is a little more generous and fits nicely around his thighs and waist. My sons persistent nappy rash has also cleared up since using these nappies. 
My husband even commented on how much he liked the nappies before he even knew the price!  I will definitely change to Mamia nappies from now on! Would love them even more of they changed the pictures on the nappies! 

I’d heard lots of good things about these nappies from friend but have never been close enough to a store to buy and try them for myself so was possibly far too excited to have been given the opportunity to test them out on bub.

Initial thought was how thin the nappy was and would it stand up to an overnight session. Well, it did and even the first morning poo! Bub did have an explosion out of the back at one changetime but I’m not sure there is a nappy built that could have held that one.

The nappy seems to fit comfortably on bub, around her belly and chubba thighs without leaving marks. My only small criticism would be the print on the nappy, something a little cuter than a bear (koala?) with cymbals?

Overall, very happy with the nappies and will definitely buy some next time I’m near an ADLI store. Thank you for the opportunity to review the nappies.


We have been using the Aldi Mamia nappies over the last few days and have found them to be great. Equally as good as Huggies.

They fit snugly on my 8kg very mobile baby and she appears comfortable and happy in them. We have had no leaks in the time we have been using them and the overnight absorbency has been fine.

The nappies contain the odour well. We have no issues with nappy rash or other rashes while using them.

Overall very happy with the product and would use them again


I have a 5 week old son and as a first time mum I am still trying out different products to see what I like the best. I have tried huggies nappies and baby love nappies so I was very interested in trying out Aldis mamia brand. I liked that they had a cute print on them so they weren't too boring and plain. I had troubles with the side sticky parts with some of the nappies as they were difficult to undo, however this wasnt with all of them.

I noticed that they all had a bit of a strange smell when they were wet. I didn't like that they don't have a stretchy band at the top or a wetness indicator like huggies. Having said all this, even if they are thinner than the other brands I've used, they've never once leaked or caused nappy rash. They even held up well overnight, and they fit my son perfectly. Overall they're not bad and I may use them sometimes during the day when I change my sons nappy more often.


I have previously only used Huggies so was keen to give Mamia a go. My DD is 4.5 months and in infant size during the day and crawler overnight, as she can go up to 14 hours without a nappy change.

I first noticed that they seemed flimsier than what I expected and was not sure they would last overnight without leaks. They do fit my DD, despite her being below the weight range and the blue band at the top to show where the sticky tabs should go was great.

After being in them all night, we have not had any leaks and she is still happy in the morning, so doesn't appear to be uncomfortable.

They appear to be very absorbent, with no leakage issues and no nappy rash. I will definitely be buying in the future.


I tried the crawler Unisex 6-11kg on my boy.

Unlike some other brands, the Mamia Aldi nappy felt very thin and flat and didn't take up much space when I had to pack a couple for a day's trip. Was very surprised that it was extremely absorbent because the nappy itself looks so flat and does not look like it has a lot of layers in the internal layer.

Was quite pleased with the elastic that goes around my boy's legs. It kept his poo in and did not leak at all. The nappy also stays dry and looks dry from the outside after 3 hours of daytime wear. My boy's bottom was kept dry and didn't look like he needed a nappy change at all after 3 hours.

Overnight use of the Mamia nappy also performed very well. It lasted over 13 hours from 7 pm to 9am and kept my boy's bottom dry. No leakage so I am pretty pleased with it.

For the price of it, I will  definately continue to use this brand.


As the title suggest aldi mamia nappies offer extremely good value for money. As they are competitively priced at $11:49 and the only better brand I can think of would be Huggies which could be almost double the price...

The only other feature that Huggies has over the aldi nappy is that it lacks an elastic waistband. However as far as preventing nappy rash or keeping baby dry I would say there two brands are on par. 
My babe hasent leaked out of the mamia nappies yet
I love these nappies.
The price is unbeatable. I already recommend these nappies to everyone. I don't even shop at aldi, I just buy my nappies from there.

I purchased a small packet of the newborn size to see if they were any good. As far as absorbency goes they are good but I find they give off a toxic kind of smell once they are wet that I find a little unbearable.


I thought I'd give these a try after hearing the 'rave reviews' on them for ages.

They fit my DD perfectly and have had zero leaks, even during a pooplosion! They are trim fitting and definitely not bulky.

These are fantastic nappies and I will be sticking to these from now on.


Great price, and they do the job!

We were given two boxes of Mamia newborn nappies as a baby gift for the arrival of our son, and I am completely surprised! I had heard mixed reviews about these and figured with my luck I would be one of the bad ones, but we've not had a single leak, and for the price, they are awesome. I love that they're plain.
These are the absolute best nappies available for newborns and they are a great price as well.  I was struggling with poo explosions with my newborn breast-fed baby boy with other brands of nappies, but I was pleasantly surprised with the aldi brand and so far have not had any leaks.  I am also using the toddler size nappies on my toddler and I am quite happy with them as well, though we have had a leak, so I won't be giving them the overnight job.

We have used Aldi nappies since my eldest (now 7) was in nappies and budget constraints lead to needing a Huggies alternative.  Since then I have definitely noticed an improvement in the fit and stretchiness of the nappies in all sizes.

What I hadn't tried until just recently were the newborn nappies, as have always used huggies.  Now with my 4th baby I bought a bulk box of the huggies in 4-8kg and similar size in the Mamia brand.  DS was 4.8kg at birth and really didnt fit the newborn nappies even in the hospital.  Initially I thought the Aldi nappies were less absorbant than the huggies and seemed slightly smaller.  I think the may have been only slightly less absorbant, but the fit was far better than the huggies nappies.  They were much stretchier and seemed more comfortable.  And they fitted him for a couple weeks longer than the Huggies nappies because of the stretchiness.  This size nappies are also plain white which I really preferred as well. 

Every few months they have a special with bulk boxes of the nappies which makes them even cheaper.

We are having issues at the moment with poo explosions (in crawler size) but have experienced the same with Huggies.... seems the once a day breastfed poo is just unable to be contained! 

My DH does the shopping and he recently came home with Mamia Supa Fit Crawler Nappy from Aldi. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. These nappies are unisex and are for babies between 6 - 11kg. They fit very well, leaving no creases on my son. They are very absorbent and we have had no leaks whatsoever. They are very reasonable at 13.99 for 56 nappies. I highly recommend these nappies to anyone. 

I was given a pack of these that my niece had grown out of and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by how well they performed!

I have twin girls so we go through quite a lot of nappies & it can get expensive, but these are great quality for a great price! I was an exclusive Huggies user (for my two older children) but since changing to Aldi's Mamia brand, I think we have only had one or two leakages in the 2 months we have been using them! (and that was only after their vaccinations)

I am extremely happy with them and have recommended them to others who have now made the switch also.

We recently purchased the Crawler pack nappies from Aldi. They had a wonderful special with nappies being $18.99 for 99.

I was a little doubtful of how they would be as nappies as they appear quite thin. We have had 3 leakages. However I am very surprised and happy.

We use them during the day now. I love the tabs are strong, stretchy and boy do they grip on! They don't leave bub uncomfortable when she is wet and they fit her really well.

Great value for money, great product. My only advice would be make sure you stick your finger in the leg sections and just make sure that all of the elastic is in the right place. If you do that, you will ensure there is no leakages. When we didn't thats when we found small leakages.

But never a leakage up the back.

Surprisingly I have found these disposable nappies to be great quality for how cheap they are!

I tried these on the recommendation of friends. They fit great, although not as fitted and cushy as Huggies nappies, but they were definately great in preventing leaks and held up overnight.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these nappies for they're quality and awesome price!


this is the 3rd brand of nappies ive tried for my 5 week old and Aldi are by far my favorite!

They fit really well around the top and the legs, and we have not had 1 leak which i am quite surprised about as i am breastfeeding, i find the leak channels are much wider then with huggies and that is where we got leakages from with them.

great price too, i am looking forward to trying the next size up hopefully they will not dissapoint.

We usually use huggies at night and babylove during the day, but I decided to try the Aldi as so many people have recommended them.  The Crawler nappies work ok, they do start to loosen a little when my little one has been scooting along the floor and they don't feel as nice as other makes, they seem a bit stiff.  I haven't used them at night as yet, so I'm not sure what the night time absorbency is like.

I was recommened this product by my SIL and received a packet for my baby shower. So when I ended up using them, I was really surprised and satisfied with the product.

Love everything about it. Its probably one of the best brands I've tried so far.

We are mainly using cloth nappies but found early on that my little boy slept longer through the night in disposables.  One of the main reasons for choosing cloth nappies was the cost of disposables, but cant believe how cheap and absorbant these nappies are.  We have some leakage, but most of the time they get him through the night no problem :)

After friend's recommendations, we tried Aldi's nappies when my little one was a few weeks old. 

Even though our favourite brand is Huggies, we found Aldi nappies a very good alternative.

The newborn size is, in my opinion, better than Huggies, as they are absorbent enough for a newborn (with multiple nappy changes) and fit perfectly.

The following sizes are not too absorbent, that's why we alternate with Huggies during the day, but we usually don't use Aldi's during the night.

Overall, they are a great alternative when looking for saving money without losing baby's comfort.


I am a nappy snob and untill this weekend wouldnt dare to try any nappy other than Huggies . looking at our bank balance and the amount of nappies my 9 week old goes through I decided to give the Aldi nappies a try.  I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.  They are absorbant, the fit is good and they keep in the explosive poos! I am converted!

I love the new aldi nappies. They are cheap, trim and absorbent.  Overall fatastic nappy.

Old design was great, but the new ones are nowhere near as good.

They aren't very absorbent, don't last all night and don't fit as well around the leg.  They also cause a rash here.

Such a shame Aldi changed the design!

Great price but i'd rather pay more for a better product.

these nappies are so cheap yet do the job of the more expensive nappies. i love the cute little designs. they are the best
I got these on sale recently for 20c a diaper. Pretty great deal. I was pretty happy with them. The work fantastic during the day and arent to bulky. Its easy to feel if it needs a change which i love. The Child care bubs goes to use these which is a good sign for me. We did have one leak during the night though so we have stopped using them for nighttime use. Other than that great vaule for money! 

We use mostly cloth nappies, however we rely on disposable nappies for overnights and so we use Mamia nappies from Aldi at nighttime.

These nappies are *fantastic*. My son is a very heavy wetter, but we have rarely had a problem with Mamia nappies. They are inexpensive and very reliable!

Mamia nappies are great value. The only problem I have with them is that overnight they leave a very strong smell, also the designs are really dark and visioble through her clothing! Otherwise, they havew never leaked and are a great fit.
Fantastic nappies and great value as well.  We are using these nappies (gone from newborn into the infant size) for day trips and night times and hardly ever have a leak during the day and not one at night (bub sleeps through 8-9 hours).  Have used Babylove and Huggies in comparision and these nappies are far superior!
I have 3 children and have used these nappies for all three. Excellent product, no leakage, value for money. What more would you want in a nappie!! Happy baby, happy mummy!

I have two girls and have used the Mamia nappies for both. 

I have found them to be great - I have had a couple of leakage problems but only on a few occassions.  These were all night-time accidents when my eldest daughter decided that she would sleep on her stomach, she is now out of this phase so I'm not sure if their newer design would leak in the same way.

I don't think you could find a better nappy for the price anywhere.

I feel sorry for those that have kids in disposables that don't have an Aldi near by 


I been using these nappies for about a year

these are great nappies

no leaking  and great overnight 

easy to use and great price 


I've been using Aldi nappies for about 4 years. They have been great value for money, however I'm wondering if the standard is going downhill lately. The fastener tabs on new nappies have come off a few times, and a few nappies in a recent pack had "fluff" attached to the tab where it is supposed to be able to grip the nappy, therefore making them not as "sticky".

Apart from these few recent incidents, I would still recommend Aldi's Mamia nappies for price, fit and absorbency.


I used this for both of my kids and recommend it for anyone.

Night time, no problems, it held up well and hardly leaked. 


Great value for money, however i have found that they do not have much movement in the material that they use to make them.

Newbore size I would not recomment for newborn, stick to huggies when it comes to that, but once bub is a little bigger they are quite good.

I recommend these for the home days, have had 1 poo explosion so far (sitting in the car seat), but that has been my only real complaint.


Very inexpensive nappies yet they are highly absorbant and reliable.


Although I mostly use cloth I used Mamia nappies at night until my daughter was big enough for cloth night nappies and when she had really bad nappy rash we swapped back to mamia for 2 weeks til it cleared up.

I've never had a leak, even overnight. They fit well and they're good quality.

I would definitely recommend these over more expensive nappies.


I love Mamia nappies. I've never had any leaks (with a few poo explosions the only exception but no nappy could contain those - not even the poopoo pouch ones!).

Recommend Mamia nappies to everyone. A lot cheaper and a great quality product.


although i am on baby love crawler nappies atm, we used the aldi nappies for our son when he was first born, and they were great!

i had HEAPS of leaks with huggies, which was a bit ridiculous considdering they're meant to be such a good brand, but no leaks with the mamia ones.

great value for money too, only wish they sold them in boxes of 100!!!


I bought a bag of these nappies because I heard rave reviews about Mamia as in they were as good quality as Huggies and cheaper. I had 12 leaking nappies in the one bag. I also did a price comparison with Huggies and if you can buy Huggies for $30-$33 a box which they are sometimes advertised for you end up paying a few dollars more for better quality.

I returned the Mamia for a refund. You get what you pay for.

Fantastic nappies, great absorbance & I find them better than the Huggies plus they feel comfortable. Great price too!!
i tryed huggies and they were leaking at night. A friend put me onto these and iv never gone back. They are absorbent, never leak, affordable, great size choices and have fun australian themed characters.

I used the major brand nappies for my son for the first 8 months of his life only to change the sheets nearly every night!  My sister suggested the Aldi nappies (green pack) as he was a fairly big boy and I"ve never looked back. It was also much cheaper which was a bonus but the fact that he's not leaked through them and I haven't had to change his sheets each night is the best part!

Kim Hardacre
Mamia Nappies from Aldi are fantastic.  They are soooo much cheaper than other brands of nappies and are the best.  They are super absorbent and last the whole night.  They are fantastic value for money and I highly recommend them.  My daughter didn't get any nappy rashes whilst using them and seemed comfortable in them.



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