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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have to say I fell out of love with Huggies when my baby started moving around more. That also seems to coincide with the change in the tabs to stiffer and not very stretchy tabs... Maybe this was the reason (the stretchy tabs are coming back so I will definitely give them another try).

Overall, the absorbency of the Huggies is fantastic. I have used them day and night and they never leaked from being too full.

BUT I started having some serious fit issues around the crawler stage. I found the nappy quite narrow and those inner leak gards sometimes shifted so when there was a big poo it too often leaked out the sides! When the nappy stayed in place, it contained everything really well. It's just too bad that this wasn't the case all the time. For example, after I put my son on the jolly jumper, the nappy shifted out of position and... This is not a problem I have ever encountered with any other nappy I have tried since (and I have tried them ALL by now). For me, this is a huggies specific issue. 

This led me to switch brands and I'm pretty happy, but I would try the Huggies again once they roll out the stretchy tabs in my son's size. 


I've used Huggies exclusively for my last two babies and 95% for my other two children.

Any other time that I didn't use huggies I would find my baby come out with a urine rash or the nappy would rub and irritate their skin,

I've never once had any of these problems with Huggies. It hold liquids well and we rarely have explosions.

I found the price affordable and compareable to most other brands.


I used Huggies from the get-go, always buying and stocking up when they are on sale.

I occasionally stray to another brand when I run out, but I usually switch back before the pack is out.

I haven't been able to find anything that comes remotely close to the things I like in a Huggies - absorption, sizing, coverage and reliability.

Whenever there have been explosions, Huggies has taken the brunt of it. Can't fault theM, just wish they were cheaper.


I absolutly love Huggies nappies. My DD was prem and in the SCN and they only use huggies brand and we have continued this on from our hospital stay. I have been given a few other brands to try but they in no way compare to huggies. I love the elastic waist bands and legs which are great at holding everything in. They are very absorbant my DD is 3months and we have never had any leakage and she sleeps from 8-12hours every night.


We are using the last of our Huggies before going to MCN. We will still use them overnight but cloth during the day.

We had a few leaks in the early days, however I think that was more user error that the nappies. We haven’t had a leak since even with large messes.

They are more expensive however I have bought up big when they are on sale.

I love the convenience of them and the knowledge that every supermarket, corner store and service station sells them so if we were caught short when out one day (which has happened) we know the product that we are placing on our daughter will actually work.

I don’t like chemicals that close to her bottom, nor do I like the waste and the expense which is why we will use cloth during the day.


I got 2 bulk boxes of Huggies Newborn nappies before DS2 was born, and wish I had've only got a small pack to trial. They are really 'stiff' and thick, which mean't I couldn't get them to fit snuggly around his legs and they leaked runny newborn poo every time, which mean't countless clothes changes which was a real pain. They also gave him a really red bottom.

I swapped to a different brand (which also happened to be much cheaper), and the leaking problems and red bottom stopped immediately. Quite dsiappointed in the Huggies nappies, as they are at the expensive end of the price range and I would have thought they would be much better quality.


Out of all the nappy brands we've tried, Huggies are my fav. 

Although they are not the cheapest, they are fantastic quality and fit my baby perfectly. I have never had any problems with leaks and the tabs on them are nice, large and stetchy so they are so easy to work with!

They are super soft and always have very cute designs on them, even for Christmas!

They are super absorbent and gentle on my baby's skin. They stay firmly in place and don't come apart of slip around till I'm ready to change her. 

Worth paying a little more for and often on special and have great offers and competitions. 


I love huggies, but I've found a few little problems with them.

1. Buying them in bulk is great, but the nappies tend to be slightly warped and crumpled, requiring a little bit of re-organising before putting them on. Often I will have to 'fluff' out 'ruffles' on the nappies, so they don't leak the poosplosions.

2. I have found that I have to move my little one up in sizes a kilogram or so earlier before he hits the maximum weight for each size.

3. I find that I can't leave him in one nappy overnight, without it coming out very wet in the morning. It means having to change his nappy often during the night, which disrupts our sleep! :(

Overall though, they are great. I wouldn't use any of the other brands for day-time nappies.


Had no problem at all with huggies diapers!


I've tried a fair few brands so far, in the interests of trying to save money, but keep coming back to Huggies.

So far they are the only ones even remotely able to contain my daughters explosive efforts.  They are lovely and absorbent and so far haven't given her a rash at all (in 5 months).

I've found them easy to do up and to fit to her, as the tabs can be either stuck anywhere on the nappy or, in the larger sizes, the strip is wide enough to still be able to vary the leg holes etc.  The range of sizes is excellent as well as being widely available.  It's a shame that they've taken the additional 10% out of the boxes but it's still possible to get them on offer.

I do wish that they'd put the wetness indicator on all the sizes as that would be ace - the hardest thing for us to deal with when bubby moved from nb to infant sized nappies was the disappearance of that remarkably helpful strip - and it was a godsend in the early days when neither of us had a single clue!


I love these nappies!  I have never had any leaks or poosplosions with them.

They are super absorbent and do well in the overnight 8 hour stretch!  I have never had any nappy rashes or irritated skin from them. I just wish the wetness indicator was on all sizes not just the newborn... 

I only started using Huggies when my son reached the crawler size nappies. So far they have been absorbant and good fitting. My son also has had problems with severe nappy rash with the cheaper brand of nappies I have tried but has not had any problems with the Huggies nappies. They are a bit expensive but seem to be the best fit for my baby. The only issue I have had is with the tabs sometimes not sticking very well.
Not a fan of Huggies nappies, have used them in the Newborn and Infant sizes and have found the tabs tear off easily and the crystals form on bubs skin when the nappy is wet.  For the price I would have expected better quality.

We have tried all the other nappies but always come back to huggies for comfort, ease of use and absorbency. They are well priced and look good too. We prefer the nappy pants as we find these more comfortable than the normal nappies. They also always feel dry against my babys skin which is nice. I cant remember when we last ever had a leak from our huggies.

All we want out of a nappy is one that is comfortable and we can trust to not leak and Huggies tick both of those boxes for us.

I love the huggies new born nappies, I have never experienced a leak or "poo explosion" with them and they fit well. Unfortunately I have had a few leaks with the infant size nappy, but I am hoping its just because my son is transitioning between the new born and infant size, as I really love how absorbent and comfortable these nappies are. 
Huggies are a wonderful nappy. They fit our daughter well. Nice high back with great elastic top to ensure no leaks up her back.

We haven't experienced a leak when using the nappies from the sides either. They provide a great cushioning and absorbancy that is great to have. Our daughter was left comfortable over night.

The cons I found where a few tabs ripped when doing the nappies up. However Huggies apologised for this and we were pleased with their responsiveness to the issue.

Huggies are now cutting their bulk packs down by 10%, to the previous size however leaving the cost the same.

We only choose not to purchase Huggies now due to the cost factor and we find a few other brands on par with Huggies with a better price tag.

We have now used Huggies for both our children. 

With our first child  we tried several different brands in the begining (first 3mths) we found other brands didnt keep the business in, but with huggies we never had a problem. 

Once number baby number 2 came along there was no question about what brand of nappies we were going with.

The only downside we have ever found with huggies is the price, they are certainly a highly priced product but you get what you pay for with this one.


Love Huggies nappies! I believe that they are the best quality disposable nappy available, although downfall is the price that goes with them.

Although I do use and love some other brands, I always know that I can trust Huggies for their great quality nappies and they definately hold up overnight preventing leaks!

The newborn nappies with the wetness indicator are my favourite and for a newborn these are the only disposable nappies I will use.

i was given these as a present, being a first time mum, i didnt know where to start, this was the second brand of nappy i used and was plesently surprised with  how good they were, my son was very tiny only 2.6kg so they are a little big for him but dont tend to leak much at all, and i love the band on the back which stops leaks from out the back, have had some trouble with leaks out the legs but i think this is more because my son is small not so much the nappy itself we have never had leaks of wee. overall im pretty happy but probably a little expensive.

I have four children so have tried many different nappies over the years.  I always come back to Huggies nappies, even if they are a little dearer than others they are worth it.  No leaks or nappy rashes. 

Highly recommend to everyone!

We have tried several different nappies and now use a mixture between cloths and disposables.  We have found when trying to be the most economical and environmentally friendly that Huggies nappies are the best as they last the longest without leaking. DS can go 12 hours overnight in the one nappy without leaking or getting a nappy rash and I haven't found that to be the case with any other brand.

We are so happy with huggies! They are the best disposables, rarely leak and are super absorbent!

100% worth the money! 

These are the best disposables we have used, never had a problem with them. We use them of a night time, the olny nappies my 2 yhear old has not leaked through. Fit snuggly and good value for money.

Huggies are great nappies, fit fantastic, dont leak, fun designs.

I really think they are a great and a user friendly product however i personally feel they are way too expensive. I bought them while on sale to give them a try but I just dont think they are worth the extra 10c a nappy.

I think it just comes down to trying a few different brands and deciding which ones you like and how much they cost. :) 


We've tried a few different nappies with our son over the last 18 months.  Every time we've come back to Huggies. 

They were supplied to us when DS was born so we'd gotten used to the product.  We especially loved the wetness indicator, being the confused first-time parents we were.  Also, being a small baby, it was quite easy to ensure the nappy fit him comfortably, and as he grew it was easy to adjust them.  Nappy changing was one of the scarier parts of parenting, but these nappies made it so much easier for us.

We've had some absorbency issues lately, however with more frequent changes we've managed to combat this so far.

We'll be using Huggies for our second child.  There are other nappies out there that are cheaper and still do a decent job, but we're comfortable paying a bit extra for something we're so familiar and happy with.


I started using Huggies because they're probably the most reliable nappies advertised on the market.

I love the newborn ones because it indicates whether the nappy is wet or not but other than that its nothing special.

It does its job quite well and yes does prevent nappy rash. Well it did on my DD so I was happy but the price is a little too expensive for my liking.


I've used huggies for all 3 of my babies now and would never choose otherwise.

Of course when having the little ones and surviving on only 1 income I looked for cheaper alternatives however I found many other brands leaked, caused nappy rash or just pain didn't stick.

Hence I always came back to huggies.

I find their boys and girls range both fantastic and recommend to an parent a long lasting, comfortable and practical nappy. 


I have been using huggies since day dot with my DS and I love them :)

New born size is fantastic it has a wetness indicator that is brilliant for first time mums and dads, DS did wet through these a couple of times however I believe that was because of operator error rather than a fault with the nappy.

Infant size: brilliant also and this is the stage where you start going into boys and girls nappies, DS did we through a couple of times again over night but again I think it was operator error, oh and yep DH didn't make sure DS was facing south Lol

Crawler size: now we have the hang of the nappies, no leakages etc, the only issue with this size is you can only buy them in boxes (I think it's this size) they don't come in smaller packets etc

Toddler: we are still in them :) still road testing but they are holding up well :), DS puts them through their paces and hasn't hurt his bottom yet when falling on it so they have enough padding but are still quite thin.

The nappies don't seem to be bulky and the only time DS has had nappy rash was when he was teething and not because of the nappies. I love the Huggins website too, there are some great compitions and give a ways. 


After much research we decided to go with the huggies brand of nappies and we haven't looked back. We have found them to be very absorbant and a great fit for our baby girl.

The wetness indicator on the newborn nappy was a good benefit for us being first time parents and kept our baby dry. She also hasnt experienced any nappy rash by using this barnd of nappy. We found it to be great value for money especially the bulk boxes you can buy from baby store like baby kingdom.


After testing many other brands, we found Huggies to be the best nappies for our baby. They keep him dry and comfortable day and night. 

We also alternate with Aldi's ones (which are very good too) during the day. Nevertheless, to have peace of mind at night, we are not in doubt about using Huggies.

Even though they are a bit more expensive than other brands (not too much if you buy them when on special), this way we are saving in nappy rash creams and in discomfort for our baby, which is priceless.

A not too positive side for us is the fact they don't fit superbly, but it depends on the baby, I think. 

One last thing, they have a very good customer service. 


As these seemed to be the nappy recommended by most mums, these are what we stocked up on for our newborn. They are a little more expensive than other brands but I think like with most things you get what you pay for!

I love the cute Pooh Bear & Friends designs. 

They hold a lot of liquid with no leaks (and seem to last through the night). Have also contained lots of runny newborn poos with no leaks. 

They fit well and are easy to use. 


huggies nappies are the best out there. We were given alot of different brands when we had our baby, but they all leaked, or they weren't good for night sleeps.

The newborn huggies nappies are great, as they have the wetness indicator, so you know when your bub is wet or dry.

Johnny Poppers

Have found these to be perfect.

They fit well, are easy to use, can hold a massive amount of fluid and contain the worst of the explosions.

We can confidently put bub to bed at night and know that he will wake up dry in the morning.

They can be more expensive than other brands but I purchase the boxes when they are on sale.


We have tried other brands but none of them were as good as Huggies, DH is a heavy wetter and overnight sleeper and Huggies are the only ones that contain him, even when teething number 3's are no problem, he has never had nappy rash either , the designs are super cute, the streachy waist ensures a snug fit,great range of sizes and they fit the weight they say they will, and now that they are that bit cheaper in store they are well worth the money

the only bad thing i have to say is that you cannot get the infant size in the boxes in supermarkets, I have only found them in baby stores in the jumbo boxes

We also found that they didnt have a funky smell like some of the other brands

Once DS grew out of the new born nappies, we've only had him in these since!
They last the night well and fit him much better than other brands. 
They aren't as thin as some but still seem comfortable for him. Hasn't ever had a rash from them and I think we have had 2 nappies in hundreds that leaked, CERTAINLY CAN'T COMPLAIN BOUT THAT!

Loving that the price has been reduced at a lot of places too, has left a bit extra to put towards other things for bub :D

Our go to nappy of choice.

Always fits well, absorbant and lasts all night. Never causes a rash.

A little bulky, but not as bad as some others.

Love that Coles and Woolies have brought the price down so we can buy these all the time.

I use these nappies as they were recommended to me by other mums and now I can't imagine trying anything else.  They rarely leak, only when I had the wrong size for DS.  I do find that it is a bit bulky around his bottom due to the way the side parts to prevent leakages flair out.  Very easy to use and I loved the wetness indicator on the newborns - I wish they did it for all of the sizes.  It's a shame that they are probably the most expensive of the disposables however it's a price I'm willing to pay.

I normally use MCNs but started tiny bubby and disposables, and now keep a pack of the new Huggies crawlers as a stand by for rainy days!

The newborn nappies were fabulous, they had a wetness indicator which was helpful. They were also very absorbent, and I could change my bubby's nappies every 2 feeds without any nappy rash problems, which was great.

The new crawler nappies are a great in-between size for my bubby, who's now 7kgs. Though I really do wish they had a wetness indicator too, so I'd now how wet they were! They are indeed so absorbent, you can never really tell when it's a good time to change them (trying to save some money here instead of changing them too frequently!) All in all, a great nappy, great designs! Great for nighttime use too.

On a downside, they are rather expensive, though I found the newborn ones at a GREAT discount ($0.20 each!), but had to buy some at full price. Worth every penny though.


I used this for my daughter when she was a newborn, I love these nappies. The newborn ones have a wetness indicator which was a so good for me as a new mum. They absorb well and my bub has never had a nappy rash while using these nappies.

However, they are expensive. I usually stock up on the big boxes when they are on sale and i have never paid more than 33 dollars for a box. 

I found that not many nappies fit newborns very well. I found that huggies fit newborns even for extended night feeding and sleeps without leaking. As my kids have grown I could use other brands even cheaper brands without too many leaks. Although some cheaper ones left piddle filled gel balls behind that had to be rinsed off. Will definately stick to huggies for my next newborn.

I've used Huggies for almost 2 years from the day my daughter was born. Being a new mum, the wetness markers were a greay help. They are the only nappy that fits her perfectly, handles poo explosions and 12 hour nights without leaking. She rarely has nappy rash which i put down to absorbency. I have had the rare box be not up to standard with the tabs not seperating properly but the Customer Service Department are fantastic so I can't complain. I don't mind paying the extra $$ compared to other brands as i know i can trust and rely on them.

I am due with my 2nd and will continue to use Huggies.

I've been using Huggies for 18 years, and they have consistantly been the best. Have tried other nappies on the market, they didn't have the absorbancy each child needed, so I have always gone back to huggies!

Best nappies we've tried but also the most expensive ones. We usually stock up on boxes when they're on special.

Huggies nappies are available for girl or boy, whereas other brands often only have unisex nappies. Also like the cute winnie the pooh designs.

Great protection against leaks, especially around the legs. We've had a few poo explosions and leaks though, but mainly over the top of the nappy.

Very absorbent, and even after a 12-hour night sleep, we've had no leaks, just a full and heavy nappy ;)


From the day my son was born we have used Huggies nappies, he is now 6 months old and we havent had a single leak or poo explosion, needless to say I have not even thought about trying other brands of nappies, I used to work in childare and the centre I was in went through a few different brand before returning to Huggies, they are well priced and super absorbant and last 13hrs over night for my son.

The only thing I would like to see is less variance in the size, the toddler sizing is huge on my son but the crawler is just to small.

I always knew we were going to use huggies when we fell pregnant with my son. They have great absorbency, even through the night and fit him perfectly and have never had a leak.
Good brand, great nappies in terms of absorbency, trimness etc. Have used these with all of my 3 children and have had no issues. However have only bought them when they are super cheap or have been given them as gifts. The roles royce of nappies but like the car, comes at a cost!!! In my opinion, the aldi branded nappies are just as good.
I have been using Huggies nappies for the last 21 months for both boy and a girl and have had no issues whatsoever. Even though its on the more expensive side, we have never had a leak or any other issues. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
I've tried a few brands but I keep going back to Huggies. They fit well, absorb well and are very convenient to use. Their wide availability is definitely a plus as well. The newborn nappies were a bit big for my baby but now she is using the infant girl nappies and they fit really well.
I love Huggies.  I've just had my third baby and I don't even have to consider what brand of disposable nappy I will be using.  They are even better value for money now with the reduced prices on bulk boxes in the leading supermarkets.

I've been using Huggies for about 14 months since my first child was born. The only time we stopped using was when she was in the "Infant" size and this does not come in a bulk box. Tried alternatives during this time and nothing stacked up to the quality and there were definitely no leaks when using Huggies.

Now that the supermarkets have decided to price war on nappies, we are the winners as the price has dropped everywhere and are now very price competitive which is awesome for a budget conscious family when everything else seems to be going up in cost. We are going to continue to use Huggies until toilet training guaranteed, it's just not worth wasting our money on something else that won't work as well.


I've tried a few nappies on my newborn now and found Huggies to be the most reliable. The wetness indicator is handy when you're a new Mum too! The nappies can hold over night wees without leaking, grip tabs don't undo themselves and they fit nicely on smaller babies (I could fold the top down to fit on my premmie bub, no other nappies seemed to fit as well as Huggies). Larger babies might grow out of the Newborn size quickly as they are quite small, but Crawler size follows on perfectly


  • Fit premmie bubs better than other nappies
  • Don't leak - great for overnighters
  • Cute patterns
  • Available in bulk packs at reasonable prices (when on special at places like Target)
  • Wetness indicator works well
  • Absorbent


  • Sometimes the grip tabs can be a bit crunched up from packing and can be a bit hard to unfold and do up

Great Nappy! Best of them all. You get what you pay for and more. Tried most others but really cant compare.

Also love their swim nappies.


I've used these nappies with my first child and thought they were really good. Also very cute with the little boy and little girl patterns. I've since switched to using mostly Pampers, but I do still rate Huggies very highly. They have also become a lot more cost effective of late, getting cheaper in sales and also have a few more nappies in each box/package.

I do use the training pants with my DD, and I have to say they have definitely improved the fit! They used to ride up and end up all bunched up to the side, but the newest lot has been a lot better and stays in place. They are often on special too! 


Bought two boxes for DS, they leaked everywhere, all the time. I still have a box left and have been using Baby Love since then. 


My initial opinion on Huggies when my son was born is that they weren't as amazing as everyone raved on about. He still had leaks, he still had little blobs of jelly on his bottom if the nappy got quite wet, and they are just so expensive that I wasn't impressed with their performance for the price. On the other hand, they are very cute and makes me feel like I am buying something really nice for my son. More recently, I actually chose to buy them just for night times because I thought they would be a bit more reliable and we might have less leaks but after trialling this for awhile, I have just ended up going back to the good old Aldi nappies that are ALWAYS cheap and, in my experience, have performed just as well as the Huggies ones.

In the end, I think they are a safe bet if you are happy to spend the money but there are other brands out there that are just as good for a MUCH cheaper price. They might not be as cute but I'm more worried about saving money than cuteness that is hidden under clothes anyway. 

All round i think theses are a great product and by far superior to any other brand i have ever used!!
Jennifer Fearn

I have always used Huggies nappies with both my children. On the occasions that I have been handed other brands of nappies by childcare or friends I have always been disappointed with them.

There are some events  that only a Huggies nappy will contain. I call these, thank goodness for Huggies moments. 

Jae Nelson

huggies are the best nappies. With my 1st boy i tried several differnet brands of nappies and he used to wee through and get nappy rash all of them except huggies and they are the only one he didn't get nappy rash from.

so when i has no 2 i just started with huggies and i haven't had any problems with them

Love Huggies, they are really absorbent and fit my bub perfectly.  As my bub has sensitive skin I've found they are the only nappy where she doesn't break out in a nappy rash.  Worth paying the extra :)

Although they can be expensive, Huggies are en excellent reliable disposable nappy. We have tried several brands over the last few years and Huggies are our nappy of choice.


I use these occasionally as DS is in modern cloth mostly. They are pretty good - haven't had an problems with nappy rash or anything like that.

I found that the newborn size stopped fitting properly before my son was out of the weight range. The newborn nappies were quite narrow and he was having problems with leaking poo out the side (despite the leak guards). This has been non existent since we went up to the infant size.

I'm not too fussed on the price, everywhere seems to have them on special, and we really don't use enough to worry about trying a cheaper brand.

I've used Huggies for my first and second children and will use again for my third (due in May) They are the only ones that don't leak overnight and they fit really well and look comfy and not bulky.  Pity they cost a bit extra though.



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