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Dymples Nappies

15 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

love these nappies, fit well and no leakage, and great value. You'd be silly not to buy them.


i bought dymples newborn as cheap spare nappies if o ran out of my regular aldi nappies. The dymples ones are ill fitting and left fluff on my little guys privates. theyre okay if your desperate but for the same price the aldi ones are miles ahead in quality. 


I bought Dymples nappies as a cheaper option until the little man goes up a size. I read a ton of reviews and majority were bad so i was a bit iffy But so far bo issues. No leakage. No nappy rash. Little man doesnt seem to mind them. As long as there are no issues ill def consider buying them once hes to big for newborn nappies. They are bulkier then other nappies and it is harder to tell when nappy is wet.


Horrible nappy. They are so hard like having a plastic sheet in them. Haven't used at all after the look and feel of it, just imagine how damaging it could be for soft baby skin. 

Melissa Leeder

I am not impressed with dymples nappies having to change my daughter every 15mins because they do not hold enough wetness and when my daughter does a poo it goes everywhere and have to clean her up big time and once done I have to bath her and put clean clothes on her i will never be buying this brand again other brands are a lot better then dymples I don't have this problem with them


After years of issues with huggies, I decided to give these a go and haven't looked back. Fit well, no leaks. My kids have sensitive skin and have had no problems with nappy rash. I definitely recommend these and will buy them again without hesitiation.


I will buying the toddler size nappys for my daughter again after a week of useing the nappies and changeing offten they leak they have left my daughter in large red inflamed rash they actually looks like burns on her on her legs were it sits in the creases between her belly and pubic bone in her bum and in and around her lil vag I have never had a problem with nappy changes now she screams in pain I am not a happy mother 


Cheap affortable $16 box if 64 nappies leaves rashes I wouldn't buy again. Not worth it I am going back to other brands.


I've been searching for the 'right' nappy for my boy for nearly 6 months now. I was recommended these and was glad the price was so cheap but was quite disappointed in the result. He leaked quite often and the nappy itself looked gross when it was full. I didn't like the plastic outer layer.

I was given a whole heap of these in newborn size before i had my baby. I decided i may as well try them since i had them and can't really complain about them. I never had any problems with them leaking and they were quite a good fit

we bought a box of 4-9kg when DS was about 6kg and they were too big for him even though other brands in that size fit well. didnt like the tabs as they had heaps of extra 'material' and were really 'flappy'. they didnt seem to last as long during the day as other brands.we still have 2/3 of the box that we havnt used cause we dont like them at all

Worst nappy I have tried so far, they are cheap but in this instance you get what you pay for.

They are a terrible fit and would never last overnight, ugly design and its often hard to tell when they are full.
loved them but weren't avaliable locally - i used them on my little girl for a while before she was big enough to fit into her cloth nappies
Two Sweetpeas
We switched to Dymples after Woolworths put the price of their nappies up, and after we had our second baby (two in nappies!). I have no complaints about them really....the price is good, the fit is good for my kids, and no reactions, not much leaking (overnight occasionally, and when they start to outgrow them). Great for the price!
If you want value for money, then there nappies are for you. You can buy them at Big W and they are cheaper than ALDI branded nappies. These are all I use given the price. And they are good quality, definatly NOT NASTY!! I would reccomend these for parents on a budget or for anyone looking to same their money for things other than nappies!!!



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