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Target Dri Bots

4 reviews
Dri Bots

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used these for a few weeks while waiting for my baby to grow into the cloth nappies that I had.

I found the nappies OK but not that great, I found Huggies or Aldi nappies were more absorbent.  I had no leaks and the nappies were a trim snug fit on my newborn.

The best thing about these are the price, if you can pick them up on special they can be very cheap indeed.

Bought these because they were on super special and have been pleasantly surprised. We now keep these as a day-time option (for baby sitters etc.) as we generally use MCN. They don't have quite the absorbency of a Huggies or Baby Love but for day-time use, even naps they work really well. The only time they have leaked was when we tried them on at night.

I was given a newborn size pack of these by a family member who bought them on special at Target. While I did end up using them all eventually (I hate to waste nappies), I used my Huggies nappies at night and only used these during the day at home as they leaked quite badly around the legs. I think these nappies fall under the "you get what you pay for" category.


  • Cheap
  • Might be OK if you change baby frequently
  • Good grip tabs, easy to put on


  • Leaky
  • Not very absorbent
  • Not good for overnighters

With our first child in 2008 we tried a box of Dribots nappies because they were on a great sale. They were awful, too short in the rise and 4 of the 7 I used on her leaked.

This year Target re-released their Dribots and re-designed them. With a new bub I tried a sample pack of 2 nappies and I was glad that I did because now I know that they still aren't good (although they are better than they were0, atleast i won't be left wondering.



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