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Pampers Disposable Nappies

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Disposable Nappies

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Daydream Believer

This review is specifically for the newborn sizes (swaddlers, I think?)

I am normally a huggies person, but I think these ones outdo huggies 10 times over in the newborn stakes.

They are so soft, and gentle feeling, they are heaps more "trim", and the legs are perfectly shaped for their little legs. I find huggies pushes their legs apart so far!

They are perfectly absorbent, no poosplosions.

I find they aren't as good at "odour control" but that's more an issue with toddlers.

Even though they are quite expensive, I would never use any other sposie on my newborns :)


These are THE best nappies. 

Much better than Huggies and absorbing moisture, lightweight and have a great design.

The stretchy band around the stomach allows the baby to move around without becoming uncomfortable or the nappy too tight when sitting.

I, along with my sisters, we raised on these, and now I see why!

i would have to say i love these nappies, my son was very tiny 2.6kg so most new born nappies were to big, i used these and found they were great, very absorbant and not bulky, but the only down fall was that they had no leakage protection on the back at the top which is where we had leakage problems when he had large breast feeding poos, and i find that they are a little expensive especially when you go through a lot but overall very happy!

I had a premmie baby so finding nappies small enough was a challenge.

Pampers Swaddlers come in 2 sizes, N and 1.  N was the perfect size for my 2kg premmie and he lasted in them up until 4kg.  He was then in the 1 and these will take him up until he's about 6kg.

They aren't bulky so fit well under clothes, the sticky tabs are good for "fixes" as they are multiple sticks and have cute baby sesame street characters on them as well.  They kept bubs well dry and even explosions didn't escape the sides.

Highly recommend these, especially for premmie babies.  The only downside I found was that they weren't available in all stores, but I shop at coles 99% of the time so it didn't bother me too much.

giggle berry

We tried these among many brands when we first brought our son home.

Overall they didn't work for us.

Positives - soft feel, nice fragrance (like marshmallows), cute designs

Negatives - not sure if we just had a faulty pack but the nappy was often stick to itself and so in opening up for use you would have to tear it, also had many leakages with these. 


We got these on a website for an amazing price.

Fantastic for during the day we have no issues they are less bulky and look great under clothes. Cute designs also.

Only con is that they tend to leak during the evening so we use a different brand for nightime use.

After trying a few different ones, I stumbled across these at coles. Seeings as they didn't have the brand I usually got, this is what I took.
I AM GLAD I DID!! They are by far the most absorbant of the new born size, and I didn't get 1 leak the whole time he was in them!
When I first saw how thin they were I didn't think they would hold much but they are deceptive lol.
Perfect for him to feel comfortable and for me to be happy knowing there wouldn't be anymore pee on his clothes and sheets :D

Love these nappies. First used them when they were on sale at Cheap and Chips and continue to buy them from Coles when on sale.

Stretchy tabs, not too thick so DD doesn't have a huge bum in them.  Have never had a leak or explosion.

They even last all night on the rare occasion she sleeps through.

They do feel "plasticky" when you first use them, but the part touching bub is really soft and has never cause a rash here.

Worth a try, for sure!

Purple Lily
I loved using pampers on DS.  My mum bought a few packs for me before the baby was born so we used them and absolutley loved them.  They were a really good fit, even though DS was a bigger baby and they absorbed everything, we never had a poo explosion problem either.  Unfortunatley i couldnt keep buying pampers because they dont have a good enough range of sizes so we switched to Huggies but i really cant recommend pampers enough!
I love pampers nappies. They are so absorbent, slim, no leaks and they have a better range of sizes. I cant reccommend them enough- they are usually on special too so they arent expensive. These are far superior to the other nappies on the market.  I wish I'd known about them when my daughter was a baby

I started using Pampers disposable nappies when they became available in my local Coles, when DD was about 14 months old. I'd read a lot of reviews before then, and when they were finally available to buy I jumped at the chance to try some. Since then i have never looked back! They are so much slimmer and more absorbent than any other disposables I've tried, and when they are full they don't go all hard and bulky in between the legs. My DD's clothes used to be damp in the morning after wearing other disposables at night, but not with Pampers! I've since started using them from birth with my DS, and the newborn Swaddlers are also fantastic. it's great that u can buy 1 size up from newborn too, so u don't have that huge jump to the next size when they grow out of the newborn size. I have never paid full price for Pampers, and I like that they have the convenience sizes on special for a great price too, instead of just the boxes. I can fit loads more of them in my nappy bag too, because they are so thin. 

Probably the only con is that they don't sell the nappy-pants or training pants in-store. However they can be purchased online from a couple of different sites. They are also great! 


Pampers seem to be just as good as Huggies but I still use Huggies more because Pampers aren't as widely available and do not have the good specials.

The best thing about Pampers is the slim fit. It is hard to believe they can be so absorbant when they are so thin. 


Pampers (cruisers) are great - they dont leak and are lighter than huggies which ive found reduces the chances of nappy rash. They are currently on sale at big W 100 nappies for $30 which is a great price. Ive tried huggies and baby love as well but theyre just not as good as the pampers cruisers!


After three kids and a very wide variety of nappies. I use cloth at home during the day and disposables at night and when away from home. I have never had the erge to try another brand since Pampers came into our lives.

They are very slim and hold better than huggies in my opinion. They have great characters on them, not over the top and suited to both genders. They do have a scent but I don't mind it you can only smell it when you first put them on.

I think they have the best fit with an extra long tab on the front side. My boy is in size 3 and he is two, (10 kg). Great value!!! Never had a leak or even a near leak.

I used Pampers for my son when we lived in the UK 2004/5 and was devastated when we moved back here and found out they were not available.  I tried all the others but none of them measured up to the pampers.  I have just had another baby and am over the moon that Pampers are available here now. They are even better now.  The swaddlers are soft and very absorbant.  I tried the sample huggies nappies from the bounty bag and was disappointed, both leaked and left a residue on my daughters bottom!  You can get Pampers online, at Coles and also at Costco for those of you in Metropolitan Melbourne.

I have used these nappies after Babylove kept leaking at night. have also used Huggies, Snugglers and Woolworths Select.

I would say these nappies are the european huggies. They fit the same, absorb the same, possibly better. Definately cheaper!

Will definately be using these exclusively once my current huggies stock runs out.

Only nusiance is they are currently only sold by coles so they have a price monopoly. hoping more shops will stock them soon so there is a bit of competition.



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