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Sorbies Disposable Nappies

8 reviews
Disposable Nappies
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have never used a worse nappy.

Every single one I used leaked. They really were awful and I will never use again even if given to me free.

Any savings I made were eaten up in the many amounts of washing I had to do for all the leaking!


I recently found some of these on clearance in a local shop so thought I would give them a go.

I have to say, I was very impressed. They have a cute design and love the fact that they have day & night nappies included in the same packet which are very clearly marked which is which so you can't get them mixed up.

I found both the day and night nappies to be very absorbent and havent experienced any leaks during the day or night.

They are a great fit as well

I will be buying these nappies again :)

I only discovered these when my little one was a year and a half, was given a sample, and likes them, so brought them, I loved how they come in the bulk sizes, and were at the time quite often on special, I never had a problem with the day time nappy, it fitted fine and didn't leak (my little one was a skinny wee thing) and the night time nappy, I never had a problem with either, fitted snuggly, and didn't leak. I would use these nappies again if I have another baby

We bought two big boxes of these on sale.  What a mistake.

They're quite small for weight, as in DD is 9kg and the size supposedly goes to 11kg, but they are quite small on her.

Tabs tear off easily.

Not very absorbent - the night time ones don't last more than 3-4 hours for us. Wee leaks here when we've tried them at night!

Generally not a great feel to the nappies. They don't feel secure when on, due to breaking tabs and don't fit well around the leg. they are bulky and not very absorbent for their size.

Not pleased.

i found these nappies were quite small in sizes for my growing baby. and that the nappies seemed to be smaller in size than what they should be for that kg weighting. due to this they leaked, top, bottom and sides :(
i find the nappies fantastic. They keep my son very dry fit perfect. just have a hard time getting hold of boxes of them theses days
We switched to this brand when we wanted the infant size in bulk as we couldn't find it anywhere. The night time nappies are brilliant and the main reason besides price that we keep buying them, although we always have lots of night time nappies leftover when we need to buy another box. They leak occasionally but we found that with most brands and it's never so much that it's a great problem.

I found them terrible. Yes they keep babies bum dry but it instead gets sucked to the outside of the nappy, making the outside and clothing, bed etc wet.

I would not buy them again, even at the low price



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