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Black & Gold Disposable Baby Nappies

5 reviews
Disposable Baby Nappies

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Linda Timms

Absolutely awful nappies! Cheap and nasty. So, so thin to the point that the "absorbent" core breaks apart when on baby. I know they are cheap, but never, ever again will I waste my money on Black & Gold nappies. I will spend the $12 a pack on Woolworths Little Wishes or Coles Comfy Bots. 

Black & Gold are going straight in the bin. So very disappointed in this brand.



Bought a bag of black&gold nappies at emergency, used 3 and have to put the rest in the bin as keep having accident not absorbing at all and leaks and both side elastic not even. THE WORST NAPPIES I have ever used. 


I bought these nappies because I was short of money and only needed a small packet. They were under $7 at my local IGA for a pack of about 20. A couple of the tabs broke but overall the nappies are quite absorbant and fitted well on my bub.


I use to buy these disposable  nappies from foodlands for my son for occasional use. These are ok types nappies which are gentle on the skin but they use to leak sometimes at night and the tabs did not stick properly sometimes so i was not a fan of these nappies.

These are efficient to hold urine at night if they don't leak.

Price was alright according to the quality...

we tend to grab these at our local IGA as we always forget to buy the bigger packs at Woolworths.  They are fine - they fit well, last through the night (on a toddler) but we have had the odd tab breakage.  Pretty good for a convenience nappy.



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