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Coles Comfy Bots Nappies

55 reviews
Comfy Bots Nappies
Parent Reviews and Comments
Christina Simpson
I used to love these nappies used to be the best and lately I've had to throw out every second nappy because the tabs are stuck to the inside of the nappy and doesn't do up.. Hope someone starts checking before packing them coz seriously throwing away half a packet of nappies without even using them is getting bs.

Still worth a 4 star rating though for the quality. No leaks and perfect fit..

Just wish I knew the difference in sizes for My 2 kids.

These nappies used to be great. Their new design is an inferior one. My children ended up soaked instead of the nappy. Get the woolworths branded one. Same price. Better quality. 


These nappies where wonderful quality and sizing but in 2017 they were replaced by small tight, leaking thin nappies. You no longer save money because you have to use twice as many nappies. If you have taller, larger or handicap children who require bigger size nappies they are no longer available. Unacceptable, cheap (imports?). I am so tired of paying money for crap. You go anywhere in europe, USA, canada and nappies, cotton clothes, merino wool garments, cars, shoes are highly affordable and so much better quality. This is once again poor quality imports but even though its cheaper, you end up buying more because the tabs break, nappies leak more, they do not fit around the upper thigh so the tabs scratch your childs legs and the tabs should be positioned around the tummy not the upper leg where the child bends its legsfrequently and unsecures the nappy and wets him/herself. Huge disaapointment yet again. They got rid of the gum nut nappies which where cheap but good quality and now they changed suppliers to what you see today, Bring back the old good nappies. Please.


After going through most brands including all the expensive types and less expensive. We found Coles comfy bots nappies were by far the best, quality and price. they were soft of our little girls bottom and held both poop and wee exceptionally well. 

That is untill the new and improved version came out. They feel cheap and nasty and just does perform well anymore.

Very disappointed in the new and improved product and we have had to switch to the Woolworths brand currently. 


the "new & improved" nappies are terrible!!! Much smaller and thinner.  I have always loved these nappies and it seems I just purchased my last packet of nappies from you.


the new nappies you have gone and changed from the green lining to the white are rubbish, they leak, they sag down now after a short period, the tabs don't stick as well as the old ones and they look cheap and nasty. Very disappointing for a brand of nappies I really liked and worked really well for us. Why fix something when it was working really well? 


They have changed the Comfy Bot nappies now to a new and improved nappy, unfortantly this is not the case.

They are not as asorbant as before, no elastic at the back of the nappy and the sides seem more harsh.

I have now changed brands, such a shame as I've used them for my son since birth.

Please bring back the original nappies! 


Comfy bots nappies has changed. They brought in a new and so called improved one. Its thinner , less absorbant,  needs to be changed more frequently, and does not trap smell of urine in.

I was very happy with the previous one. I wint be buying this one again. Wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this. Might as well just stick a disposable pad to baby!

Amy Johnstone

I did love these nappies and wouldn't buy anything else up until they changed the design recently with so called "improvements". They are thinner, hold less and are of far less quality. I'm not happy. I will not be buying them anymore.

Jessica Smits

Just wondering why the sudden change in the make of the comfy bots they are horrible! I finally foumd a nappie my son didnt wet through or get a rash from and you have changed them WHY!!?? They are thinner, the fit is horrible there is no give or stretch or padding im absoulty devastated! Being a single mum who only works 3 days the price and quality were amazing i cant say that anymore.. god i hope you change them back!


I moved from huggies to comfy bots 5 months ago and i would have never gone back. & now it seems i have to, i bought a pack today with the new and improved stamp.. the nappies are so much thinner the packaging is half the size... it doesnt hold as much in as they used to and id now say they are below average. I have recommended all my friends to comfy bots and they have been loving them until now. They were always cheap nappies but now they are CHEAP nappies. Huggies here i come. 

Natasha Pink

These nappies are good for my daughter who is 18 months, never had an issue. so when i had my second daughter who is now 2 weeks old i thought i would use these for her aswell. unfortunately she has come up with a horrible rash everywhere the nappies cover.. wont be using these anymore


When I tried these nappies they leaked lots and had  strong urine smell about them all the time when wet. 

Mths waistband isn't very stretchy and the tabs don't stick well.


They just need a poo catcher on the back!

Lovely, soft, hold alot of liquid.

poo spills in the inner crotch area but i suppose thats where it gets squished around the most ( there are large enough barriers there)

Really do love them but, so cheap, just dont tip bub backwards after number 2!


I tried every brand of nappy since my son was born 18 months ago, i used huggies nappies until about 1 year ago when someone recommended I try Comfy Bots.  Best nappies ever!  Have been using them since, one third of the price of huggies and no leaks to date.  Even use them overnight with no issues, they are a great fit for my son and very comfortable.  I have saved so much money with this product.  Well done Coles!  :))

Elizabeth Newling

I used these nappies 5 years ago as a single parent you want the best but at what cost. .comfy bots are fantastic they fit great and hold alot of wee.

I now use them for my 3 month old son and their still fantastic and cheaper again.  One very happy mum if I had the money to waste on huggies id still buy these. 

sarah hubbard

I have been very happy with these nappys. I find they fit my son better than other brands . And such a great price!!


I tried Coles Comfy Bots on my 5 week old bub due to nappy rash, formally using huggies I found the Coles Comfy Bots fit much better around the legs and have a full bum coverage. Havent had any leaks since using them day and night when not in cloth nappies. Just need to introduce bulk packets!


I've been using comfy bots for 2 years now. never have issue with them. I use it mainly during the day, at night my eldest son still needs the other brand because he drinks a lot a lot of water before he sleeps. For my second baby, when she was newbirn, i tried all the other brand thinking they are better, but turns out only B brand and comfy bots are the best. No poo leaking everywhere and holds everything in very well. Since then I returned all the other nappies and stick on to comfy bots for my second baby. But I do hope that comfy bots will at least have different colour for different sizes or maybe print a size on the nappy somewhere so I don't need to struggle to find out what size my leftover nappy is. 


I started buying Comfy bots when my daughter was around 5 months old. Found them to be great value for money, and able to contain most baby explosions. She is now 3.5 yrs

So when I had my son in March I went straight for the Comfy Bots.

They would not contain (to quote another company) runny bowel movements) . So I switched to another brand. After introducing solids to my little boys diet I changed back to Comfy Bots. They aren't made for boys or girls and I found that my son is always soaking wet around his waist band especially in the morning. This means changing clothes and bedding and washing almost every day.

I have also found over the last maybe 5 pks I have purchased at least 3-4 nappies the tab will rip right off the nappy when you pull it to open it.

Value for money goes out the window when you are washing every day and throwing out new nappies because the tabs have ripped right off.

Sara Newling

I was always buying another brand nappies as they were the nappy everybody raved on about. Eventually the cost of brand name nappies got too much and I had to find an alternative. At $11 Comfy Bots was too good to not try and boy was I surprised at the product. They are slightly larger than other brands, they may not have the fancydesigns boys and girls with extra this and added that but Comfy Bots work better. No more poo explosions! No more weeing through after a short time. No tabs breaking off. No crazy expensive price. Amazing product. Amazing quality. Amazing efficiency 


I always used another brand nappy for my children, I always think the expensive the better, when I saw comfy bot, not sure if I trust them, I look at the reviews and decide to give it a go, after all it's only $12 if I'm not happy, I was surprised, it absorbs well, fits well on my son, good value, as good as the other brand, wish tried it earlier, would save me lots.

Kristie Ramsay

Love these nappies. Would love to see the nappy pants in the bulk packets.


At first they were great but no they dont hold anything

They would have to be the worst nappies around they dont sook up baby pee they cause nappie rash will not use them again 

Cheap nappies but also the worst I have tried 

Alison Matheson

Extremly impressed ..Value for price and amount in packet.

Yes its worth the swicth from the hight priced and advertised nappies..Just as good in my opinion and honestly why pay more...

We only used to buy these nappies when Huggies or BabyLove weren't on special, till we realized how great quality they are. We never had a problem with leaks, even after 12 hour stretches overnight. They were soft and seemed comfortable, unlike some of the other cheaper nappies that seemed scratchy and paper thin.

I am using Coles comfy bots nappies for 15 month old son, a friend recommended them & I was very happy with them. However, the "new & improved" packs are not very good. The main problem I'm finding is that the tabs are not streechy any more & therefore the nappy doesn't fit as well. There is elastic in the waist band but the actual tabs just don't stretch like they used to. I just wonder if anyone else has noticed this? 


Have been using the Comfy Bot Crawlers for 9 months now with no issues, then we purchased the New Improved and boy are they wrong. The nappies are much smaller for their rated size and they are supposed to have improved absorption, it seems the absorption has been improved by letting the mattress do the work. Time to find a new nappy

joanne jenkins

Hi I use these nappies on my one year old, i love them, they dont leak at night, I changed from using a more expensive brand to these.

Oh So Ready!

I have switched to these nappies some time ago and am 100% happy! Not only are they excellent value for money, but they really work well, we use them only for sleeps during the day and night and not once have we had any leaks. My son is two and so he does large wee's and it really keeps it all in there.

Well done to coles for offering such an excellent product so cheaply!!


I think the comfy bots are great nappies.  My 9 week old daughter sleeps for 12 hours a night and these nappies have not leaked at all. 

I think they are a bigger size than some of the other ones i have tried

I will be purchasing these nappies from now on :)


I have only ever used Huggies nappies as all others I have tried leak, even throughout the day and cause nappy rash.

After trying Coles nappies I was quite happy, great value for money much cheaper, however we did still have a few accidents during the night. Over a week of using my son leaked about 4 times when using then overnight. However he does drink ALOT.

I will continue to use Coles nappies just for daytime use.


I used these nappies for my 11 week old and found they have been great.

Although we have had a few leaks overnight due to very full nappies, that is the only con I have about them. I will continue to use these as she grows, they are a great fit around her waist and legs because she is small this is something I find wonderful.

Also I have found they don't have an awful smell some do when full.

I would definitely recommend these nappies to anyone :)


I've been using the 5-11kg sized nappies on my almost 10kg daughter and have found that while the nappies are very trim, they are a small fit and are not long enough in the crotch for a good fit here.  I recommend if your child is in the higher end of the weight scale for each nappy range to size up for a much better fit.

Pros: Nice trim nappies, cute prints that entertain bub while changing nappy, great value for money, 

Cons: Don't fit taller children who are within the weight limit (so size up), wide tabs on front of nappy don't 'stick' as well as other nappies I have tried.


I originally got the infant size (4kg - 8kg) for my 7.25kg baby but they were a very tight fit and leaked so got the next size up.

The crawlers were a better fit and worked well throughout the day.  The design is nice and they are quite slimline when on.  They are easy to put on, the tabs stick well.

The only problem I had was at night as they leaked, but my daughter is quite a heavy wetter.  Despite that I would still recommend these as a daytime nappy due to the price.

The price is great, they are very good value for money but just be cautious if you have a heavy wetter at night as they may leak.


After buying nappies for the last 5.5 years, I've tried just about every nappy on the market.

I found these nappies not the greatest fit for my 2.5 year old and my 9 month old. In comparasion to other other brands, I found them to be quite small in size, but did still fit in conjuction with the weight range. 

We did have a few leaks overnight, but I have extremely heavy wetters overnight and have had this problem before with other brands.

As a day nappy, they are excellent. A nice, time, cute design which offer a good 4 hours of absorbency. I also found the tabs to hold the nappy in place to be excellent. Never moved about.

This nappy is a great day nappy option for those on a budget. 


I have tried the Coles Comfy Bots nappies for 3 days now and am very impressed. My son is 9 weeks old and they are a perfect fit and design. They hold a lot of urine/poo with no leakage and has worn them overnight. There are a few things that I wasn't happy with...

1. The material on the inside of the nappy is like netting and I find it sticks to my bubs genitals when wet and leaves a red mark on his body (an imprint of the netting).

2. Some of the absorbent crystals have broken through the material.

Overall though one of the best cheaper alternative nappies I have tried.


I was very surprised to discover how great these nappies are. I've used other cheaper brands and been very disappointed.

I love the stretchy tabs, the elastic back waistband and the animal pattern was great for my little boy.

They are not really thin (so do take up a little more room) but aren't too bulky either. Since using them I've only had one wet leak (I'd left the nappy on way too long) and one dirty leak (trust me, no nappy could keep that one in!).  Other nappies often leak up the top on the side, but these have been great. I had no issues with night-time leakage (11hrs). I have no negatives.

I'm using the crawler size which is 56 for $12 - so that's only about 21c per nappy - so a pretty good price too.


I was pleasantly surprised with the Comfy Bots Crawler nappies.  The nappies aren't bulky and don't look large but they fit my almost 7 month old snugly. At just over 9kg, however, I'm not sure he'll still fit in them when he gets to 10kg even though these go up to 11kg. 

Importantly, the tabs are nice and strong and secure nicely however I recommend just running your finger around the legs to make sure you have a nice secure fit.

The nappies are stylish - love the design - a nice change from the muted tones of other nappies.

I tried these nappies day and night and there were no leaks during the day, even when we were out-and-about and stretching out the nappy changes.  Unfortunately we had a leakage at night so I'm reluctant to try them again overnight but will definitely be continuing to use them during the day.  I'll even be looking into the Walker size for DS1 and I'll be buying the next size up for DS2.

Overall, excellent value, a good snug fit and very cute.  Highly recommend and I'll continue to use Comfy Bots for both my boys.


I have tried all the ranges of  nappies out there and apart from Huggies, which are very expensive, I am a Aldi nappie devotee for all three of my children. I tried these Coles nappies with a little scepticism thinking they cant be as good but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Bubs tried the 5 - 11kg range and didn't have any leaks during day or night. They fit her very well considering she is 10kg and is quite comfortable in them still.

They are slim line so not overly bulky. Pretty designs, easy to hassles at all!

They are very well priced (.21c per nappy) and I would be more then happy to continue to use the Comfy Bots nappies.

I highly recommend these nappies to anyone looking for a good quality nappy for a cheap price.


Great for price, and slim fit, generous size. Easily fit my newborn at 4.5 kilos. They were comfortable on her skin as she is sensitive.

My daughter will urine a lot so I found these nappies weren't as absorbent as others and she leaked every night in them to the point of her waking up completely soaked through every layer and all over her sheet. The sides and back have good look proof for poo explosions about 80% of the time. 


I must say I was a little sceptical at first, these nappies do seem quite thin, but manage to keep everything my 5 month old can throw at them overnight.

They come in nice bright colours and cute designs which is rare for a 'store brand' nappy, quite a good fit, generous sizing, and easy enough to use.

The elastic strap on the backside work well for preventing blowouts, and also makes it quite easy to figure out which way the nappy goes on (sounds like such a simple thing, but i have got it wrong at 4am after very little sleep!)

All in all very happy with these nappies, and for the price you can't really go wrong!


Having used Huggies most of the time and then becoming rather disappointed with them and switching to Babylove, I was keen to try something new. I have been eyeing off the Coles Comfybots wondering what they were like but being a little scared to buy them in case I didn't like them and ended up wasting my money.

When testing them I looked at: Quality, Absorbency, Fit, Night time use, Poo holding ability(!)

Quality: These nappies feel nice to the touch, they aren't too bulky and have that paper type feel like Huggies, Snugglers and Babylove.

Absorbency: I found that these nappies didn't leak and could handle quite a big wee without any problems.

Fit: My daughter is 8.5kg so I was testing the 5-11kg size.  I found that they were quite snug, bordering on the "maybe too small" but this might be just because my daughter has quite a tubby little tummy and a long body and she could probably do with the next size up.

Night time use: Overall, these nappies were pretty good overnight, my daughter goes 10-12 hours between nappy changes overnight so I was particularly interested to see if these nappies would hold up to that. Over the three nights I tested them, she only had one leak out of one leg, so all up I was pretty impressed.

Poo Holding Ability: Because my daughter tends to save up all her poo for one massive poo per day I was very interested to see how they held up. I did not have one that leaked out the sides up up the back, so I was very happy about that. One poo took 7 wipes to clean up if that gives you an idea about how well they handle the poo :D

Will I buy them in the future?? Yes, I think these nappies are great, I love that they are very affordable, hold up to big poos and night time use and as an added bonus they have cute pictures. However, I will most likely try the next size up simply because my daughter is a chubba bubba :)


Since trialing these new nappies for the past few days these are quickly becoming one of my favourite brand of nappies. Firstly, the value for money you get in a pack is fantastic, probably the best that I've seen and I love that they're uni-sex because I originally got sent a pack that are too small for my daughter so I've decided to put them away for next bub, and who knows what he or she will be! :D

They fit bubs bum perfectly and the nappy itself was nice and soft and gentle on her skin. She didn't have any bad reaction to it at all. These nappies are super absorbent and I haven't had any leaks at all, even with the nappy on all throughout the night! I really like the design of the super stretchy tabs as well because they are easily adjusted around the waist which I really like. 

Overall a great value for money nappy that does the job and to top it off has really cute jungle animals on them too! :)


I used the disposable nappy on my baby (9kg) full time during the day and throughout the night.

The first time I put it on my boy, I noticed that the stretchy edge wraps around his thigh very nicely and it is soft and looks comfortable to wear.

I have kept it on my boy for 4 hours straight when we went out and it got a bit heavy and wet and didn't absorb the moisture very well.
My bub's skin did felt a bit moist to the touch at nappy change. I also noticed that the fibre on the inside kinda clumped together a bit.
However, it did not wet through so, it is still acceptable.
Just not for too heavy wetter otherwise, will have to change more frequently.

Bub did 2 poos in his sleep with the nappy on and the nappy did capture the poo well. No leakage but I am not sure if it will be the case for newborn with soft poos. My bub's skin did get a bit red at nappy change. Perhaps the air circulation for the nappy wasn't that good because with some other brands that I have used,
my bub's skin stayed dry and didn't look irritated after wearing the nappy throughout the night

Judging on the 5 features on the product's packaging ( 1 - 5 stars)

- Absorbent Core (probably 3 stars)
- Dispersion Layer (probably 3 stars)
- Refastenable stretchy Grip Tabs (It serves its purpose so 5 stars I would say)
- Stretchy Waistband ( 5 stars as it feels comfy to the touch and not too stretchy or tight)
- Soft, Gentle Eleasticised Gather (4 stars, it does feels comfortable)

Oh and bub loves the animals design. He knows all the animals so I throw him a clean nappy to play with while I change him.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the nappy and have no major complaints.

For the price, I would probably buy it but just not for overnight wears or if I know I can't get to a toilet in time to change him regularly.
I want his butt to feels dry and would imagine him uncomfortable in a wet nappy for long. Although said, this probably applies to all other nappies too


Stats: my daughter is 7 months old;  weight 6.5-7kg

She leaks overnight and have tried numerous nappies. 

she is breastfeed and on 3 solid meals a day and has one nappy overnight 7-7. 

I regularly use Snuggler nappies and have been very impressed with them but after trialling the Comfy Bots Coles Infant 4-8kg nappies, I am now going to use them overnight.

Pros: no leaks over two nights and full nappies for both nights. Great absorbency:- no nappy rash even with a full nappy. They fit quite well although with a 7kg baby I would probably buy the next size up for a more  comfortable fit. That in mind the infant size was fine as there were no leaks. The price is a great 24c a nappy.

Cons: the tabs don't feel very strong as others, and the nappies feel very thin but that in mind they hold alot of fluid well. 

: I would definitely reccommend the Coles Comfy Bots nappies to friends and will contInue to use use them, but in the larger size. 


Being a first time mum, it gets expensive using the trial & error method. But look no further because Coles Comfy Bots nappies are great & are reasonably priced too.

I haven't had any issues with these, although I have had a couple of "explosions" but I'm sure you can't prevent that! No leaking, which is great. They are great for overnight too. Now I'm not sure if I had a couple of dodgy nappies in my pack, but the first nappy (& a couple more after that) had left little gel balls on dd's bum. I was a bit concerned at first but they seem to have little or no affect.

They have a great design on them (may mean nothing to some) but I found that they smelt a bit funny after dd had wee'd.

They fit well & the reusable grip tabs are actually reusable! Not as soft as other brands but they are still pretty good! My sil swears by Coles comfy bots! I was very pleased with these nappies that I have now changed supermarkets for my weekly grocery shopping!


The slim nappies fit beneath clothing comfortably, but don't provide much cushioning for bums that connect with the ground frequently when bub is learning to sit up or walk. The sizing is generous, the fit is comfortable, and the nappies come in simple, neutral, genderless colours. They are suitable for both boys or girls, so one pack can be shared among siblings of the same age, or saved for younger children to grow into. While we have not experienced any leakage with these nappies, the absorbent gel crystals do immediately form with the first trickles of wee. After a long nap, the nappies are full of these crystals which are sticky and difficult to clean up, which I found to be a nuisance: unsightly and time-consuming. However, if you can live with this inconvenience, these nappies are not bad value for money. 


On paper these nappies are great.

They are trim yet generously sized. 

They have good absorbency and fit well.

They are good value for money and cute too.

BUT.. unfortunately they gave my son a terrible nappy rash. :(


I tested the infant size of these nappies on my daughter. They were ok - very slim fitting though.  The rise was a little high for my liking as well - it seems to be quite an oddly shaped nappy.

It did, however, manage to contain 3/5 poopsplosions it was faced with. For the fit of the nappy I was surprised it performed so well. No leaks overnight either. The tabs are fairly stiff so I found it occasionally hard to use the nappy when baby was kicking like mad.


When I first opened up these nappies, my first thought was “cheap” and I was ready for more poo explosions in the morning. I have already experienced morning poo explosions with 4 other brands of nappies (I even tried the size up in other branded nappies).

Well I was pleasantly surprised when there were no poo explosion the first morning and even more surprised the following 3 mornings. Clean legs and singlet, finally!

I only had one morning where wee leaked up his back, but he was wearing the nappy for a lot longer in the night as he fell asleep early and slept in, so I think that was the reason.

They also fit really well around the waist.

I am very happy with these nappies and am glad to have had a chance to try them as I never would have thought they would stop the morning poo explosions because other well known brands couldn’t!

After trying many different brands of nappies and had issues with leaking and nappy rash. I was pleased to find the comfy bots have not leaked (even through the night) and are great fitting! They are very generous with the sizing, as with most nappies I have had to move up a size way before reccomended. (my son was in 10-15kg size from 8.5kg) They are a good fit and I will be changing over to these nappies as they are cheap, good fitting and most importantly don't leak.

I found these diapers good value for money. 

They are slim and not bulky under clothing, cute designs and a great price. 

Overall the fit was good but I found the top part poked out the top of my toddlers pants. We didnt experience any leakage and they performed well overnight 


I use these nappies for my 5 month old son & love them! I have never had a leak and I find that they fit him really well.

They have a unisex animal design on them and are so much cheaper than huggies and work just as well in my opinion

Great nappies for a fraction of the cost of huggies etc. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheaper nappy that fits well & doesnt leak


I bought these to give them a try as i saw them in coles and the price was very reasonable ( i wanted to save money as well ) and found the design quite atractive.
it's quite soft feel nappy and the jungle print outside could make it a cute nappy for little ones .The stretchy tabs ensure they would also fit chubbier toddlers.

Overall i found these nappies to be good for the price, holds large amount of wee, no leaks at all and good for night use also .

i have not found them in new born size.

Its good according to the price and absorbs well.



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