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i used babylove On my first born 7 yrs ago and they leaked everytime and i didnt buy them again until my 3rd born turned two and i bought them again, Walker size, and they are great, no complaints apart from the occasional leak around the leg but there are some poos no nappy in Australia would be able to contain!

I now have a fourth baby, a 3 month old and when she was about 7to8 wks old I was given a pack of Babylove newborn and I thought 'uh oh', but i gave them a crack and they didnt leak anymore than the other newborn ones id been using, I think it helped with her being that bit bigger than the 8lb 2oz when she was born cos they seemed to fit her quite well. what i also liked was they didnt leave any red marks like the others do. 

I say give them a go.

Angela Bode

I made the switch from another brand because these are cheaper, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. My bub would wake up completely soaked in urine all over his clothes! They are good for day time use but I think even cheaper nappies will do for that. I will use the rest of the packet and the change to another brand during the day and then the more expensive brand for at night.


Every nappy change I was scared. Never in all my ally changing have I had as many leaks as I did with these in my little guy.

My six month old is skinny (no chubby legs), so that can't even be the reason, but every poo, he leaked onto his clothes - and that was so frustrating.

I felt like they didn't go up high enough at the back either, always falling down, especially when he had shorts or pants on. Frustrating!

I got through the box of them, that I picked up on special and have gone back to my old faithfuls, Huggies.


Baby love are by far my favourite disposable nappy to use. They are soft against baby's skin and they even come with a new wetness indicator which I love as a visual aid.

I tried a number of different nappies before I settled on these but I was really happy with them. The newborn nappies come with a cord cut out which I thought was brilliant and this feature wasn't found in brands such as huggies. I find them ultra absorbant and our incidence of  "poo explosions" has decreased since switching to these nappies --- decreased but we have still had the odd poo explosion (which has happened in every nappy we've tried - including the cloth nappies).

Baby Love is the brand I will be sticking with for my disposable nappy purchases.


Best nappies on the market. 


I'd like to thank Baby Love for their great Service!

Although the product did not suit my baby girl, and we have struggled over the past few nights with lack of sleep and contunied crying from feeling wet, when we contacted the company to tell them of our issues they have been AMAZING!

They have gone above and beyond to help us out and even though I don't feel we will continue to use Baby Love Nappies, I would certianly recommend the Baby Love company to anyone who would like to give them a try.  If you are not satisfied with the product they bend over backward to look after you and they were a true pleaseure to deal with!


I've started using Babylove nappies as my night time nappies after no longer being satisfied with my other well known and expensive brand.

And I haven't looked back.

They're very absorbant, holding all my daughters overnight wee's and not leaking anywhere.

The only downside is that they are quite bulky when full. It feels as thought they expand a lot more than normal. But they don't leak, so I'm still taking it as a positive!


Hi, we use Homebrand nappies, they fit our 3 year old and our twins of 2 years. Never had a leak in 3 years. Woolworths had sold out this week, so bought the next cheapest one (woolworths $11.45 i think - baby love $14.90) so more expensive, and they leaked instantly on all 3 boys i was horrified. Its made of a gell absorber that is not designed properly as it fulls up like instantly and then leaks. I feels so bad for my kids im going back to woolies tonight and buy the home brand ones again. Never go wrong with them and theyre the cheapest. I called baby love, omg the lady on the answer phone sounded like she was dying or didnt want to be there, call and listen1800 224 332, left a message to complain but no response. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We use cloth during the day and disposables at night with our daughter. We recently changed to BabyLove after becoming dissatisfed with our usual, well known branded nappies. These nappies are a good fit for us - no leaks for our daughter and strong (we've never had tabs break on them). 


cheap and easy to use, no problems with leaks


I use these of a night time (I use cheaper nappies during the day) and find them great. They stay in place well, very absorbent and fit well.


These nappies are fantastic! My little one had no leaks, even throughout the night. Very absorbent and soft and gentle on her little tosh.

I think these are also great value for money. You get more in a pack/box than some other brands and they're easy to put on and the tabs have great sticking power! 

Only thing I think to be aware of if you're switching to this brand is I have found that their sizing are a little smaller than other brands. So for example my bub may be a crawler in one brand but she's a size up (toddler) in this brand. 


I have been using the baby love dri wave and I think they are fantastic. I haven't had any leaks which is good! Bought them on sale from woolies and we picked up another packet today! They are a bit big on DD (bought newborn because she is a month old) but I think we will be using these for a while! 


I was oretty happy with these diapers. They are a cute design and I havent had any issues with leaking. My husband is not a huge fan of them though, he does not like they way they go on and how bulky they can be. 

Our little girl does get red marks around her legs though if they are on for too long. 

For the price (they were on sale) i was really happy.


Oh dear is all I can say about these.  We had loads of free samples and to be honest I can see why they're giving them away.  There was poo everywhere.  Ok so my daughter does seem to have a particularly powerful bottom but still, I doubt it's much different than most...  They look and feel ok, and are easy to use (but then lets face it, I haven't found a sposie yet that wasn't), but they just didn't seem to fit her let alone contain her efforts.

As she's incredibly particular about having her nappy changed as soon as it starts to feel wet, I don't think there would be much of a saving either on some of the more expensive ones as we would simply go through more nappies.  With a child happier with a wet nappy they might be ok, although I would be wary of the possibility of nappy rash as bubby got a little with these dispite her crying for a change as soon as she was wet....


Sadly, I did love these nappies, until they changed them recently to the 'DRIwave' I find that the poo leaks out the side of the nappies instead of being trapped by the little poo trap they had in the previous type.

Yes, they are absorbent and fit better than other brands I have used, but after they changed the design I will no longer be using them.

I started using the Babylove brand when my son was first born and continued to use them up until the infant size. Both seemed to do the job, absorbant, cute designs, good fit. Also another plus was that they did not give my son severe nappy rash which he seemed to get from other brands. I was happy with these nappies until he got to the crawler size and he seemed to be leaking through them all the time (after about an hour or so). The crawler size never seemed to fit him very well so I ended up switching to Huggies.
We initially starting trying out Babylove Nappies when our DD was a new born. I found that through those first months that our daughter would have some nappy leakage. That was was the only down side in the earlier nappies, once we moved up to the Infant pack, the leakages stopped.

I find the nappies to be nice and thick. The new absorbancy strip in the Walker + nappies are a fantastic idea. It really does absorb the extra liquid and leave our daughter dry over night.

Over all they are a pleasant nappy with good strong grip tabs, nice waist and leg bands. I would advise going to the next size, if you have a tall baby. I do find the nappies to be shorter and not come up our daughters back as much as I would like. But as said above they are a nice nappy at a convenient cost.
I visited the website for a free sample of the new dry wave napped and haven't looked back since. They do hold a lot overnight like they claim but the best bit is the feel of them. They are soft and comfortable. The other popular brand I was using gave red marks around the legs and tummy. These dont leave marks at all!  

I am so disapointed that babylove have changed their nappies to this new "dry wave" feature. It has completely ruined a perfectly good nappy to the point where I refuse to buy them anymore. Not only did they start leaking with the new feature, but the tabs are no longer stretchy so feel like they would be very uncomfortable for my daughter.


I was given a box of Babylove nappies in newborn size for my baby shower so tried them out once my son was born. I didn't find them as good as Huggies which were alot more trim and comfy and also found that they didn't hold up very well overnight.

I recently decided to give them a go again now that my son is in toddler size nappies and purchased a box of Babylove with the driwave technology. I love them! They have been fantastic and we have not had one leak in the past month. The hold up so well overnight too! I have also tried the toddler size in 'nappy pants' and love them too as the waist in nice and soft and stretchy.


I use these for my son and have used them both day & night and have never had a leak apart from the odd pooplosion which is to be expected

I did notice that they are not overly stretchy so they can be a bit difficult to do the tabs up if you have a bub that is wriggling around

I started using these nappies when my son was a newborn, he got a rash so we stopped and switched to huggies. Ive tried them on his now her is older, I find they are ok for through the day, but he will fill them and leak if I put them on him of a nighttime.

I swore by Babylove nappies from day 1 with my daughter. I never had any issues what so ever with leaking, or rashes etc... Until about 8 months ago. All of a sudden she was leaking over night and even during the day, despite reqular nappy changes - she was soaking through.

I have since changed, and admittedly have not even bothered to try out the new 'dry weave?' that are on the market now as the brand i have switched to I have never had an issue with.

Apart from the very low price of Babylove - I cant see any other positives now to them at all. (again, things could have changed - but as they say.... why fix something that isnt broken)

By far the worst nappy I have ever used. Apart from the low price, I don't really have anything more positive to add. The nappy didn't fit my son at all, it was way to snug around his legs which would cause him to get a rash. I found the straps would easily snap, they weren't very strong and they would constantly come away from the nappy. The absorbency was horrible, It would sag really bad which would then allow any other wee or poo to come out the sides, I couldn't have my son in this nappy overnight because he would wet straight through it. Not a nappy I would recommend in a hurry.
I found Baby love newborn Nappies were the only ones that fit both my son and daughter as newborns. They were both small bubs and had very skinny legs and little bottoms. I found other brands just didn't fit as snuggly so often resulted in poo leaks and endless soaking of clothes. I also loved that they have the pop pouch design which meant those dreaded poo explosions stayed in the nappy. I always recommend baby love to other parents I know that have small bubs and can't find a nappy that fits properly.
The new Dri-Wave nappies seem to work quite well for our 5 month old son.  They seem to be quite absorbent and only leak after a long nights sleep

These nappies were awful for us.

She leaked constantly in them! One wee and thats it, I had to change her or we would have a pooplosion on our hands.

They are a nice slimmer fit - but my DD's waist must have been too narrow as she leaked over the top often.

Would not recommend these to anyone if asked. 

giggle berry

These nappy's seem to suit my son best. 

Positives - never had a leak day or night/ poo or wee, the shape fits him best, easy use, don't get the same odour as others, great value for money. They now have a new dri weave version which are fantastic! He's now 20weeks, wears one all night and the surface of nappy is still dry in morning even though it's extremely heavy.

Negatives - bulkier than other brands, not a concern for us though.

I can honestly say that I havent had a good experience with these nappies. I got them as a gift for my baby shower and I couldnt finish the pack. They just kept leaking and wasnt absorbing too well. Maybe it was just that pack but I wont go back to them again. There are other nappies that I could be using with better value for my DD.

I love the new baby love nappies, they have been great and I can say I have never had a single leak in them, poo or wee!! We recently did a holiday with lots of driving and was worried because one day we drove 6 hours straight with my daughter sitting on her nappy and still no accidents!!


We were given a pack of the Babylove Newborn nappies as part of a baby shower present. So far I am not impressed which is a shame as they are good value for money.

These nappies do not seem to fit my son as well as Huggies (especially around the waist) and I don't like how the tabs sit quite low.

They also feel a lot thinner and don't seem to be as absorbent. Their 'poo fence' did not contain a poo explosion either. 

I wasn't keen on trying any other nappies than my usual brand but when a 2 for 1 deal came up for these I thought I'd give them a go.  They performed a lot better than I thought they would.  They do seem a bit bulkier than others but that helps when a messy nappy comes along.  It also doesn't get that bad smell to it that other nappies can get once they are wet.  The sizing is also a little larger than others, I compared one to my other nappies and the size different is noticeable despite them both being for the same weight range.  Definitely glad to have tried these as they are quite good value for money.
Purple Lily
We bought these nappies to see if they fit DS better and had heard that they used to be a really good product but so far we arent impressed.  We will definitley be swapping back to Huggie nappies.  DS is constantly leaking during the day as well as the night, i dont like the feel of them either (they feel too light like theyre made of tissue paper) and the day we started using them DS got a rash which in the 3 months since he was born has never happened and we have used 2 different types of nappies.  All in all they were only a few dollars cheaper than what we usually get so its not really worth buying them.  The only positive was that they are a good fit.
I don't like these nappies for my son, they don't fit him well and I find he leaks out of the side way to often.

Not a big fan of the wiggles design and they have a really odd smell about them!
Not much cheaper then more reliable brands so not worth it for us.
I love these nappies but am buying aldi nappies purely for the cost. If I can get these nappies on special then I do. They are great nappies.
ive always loved this nappy and the cute wiggles design. they never seem to leak and they fit so well
Fantastic product! The newborn nappies arent as great. But when you have passed the newborn and getting into the bigger sizes babylove nappies are fantastic! They are affordable and have cute wiggles design for the little wiggle fans out there.
Have been using these nappies for a few months as a backup when we can't go to Aldi to get our favourite Mamia nappies and they work great.  Sometimes it is hard to know whether bub is wet as the nappies get quite sweating due to the breathable cover (especially when holding bub).  Last overnight (8-9 hours) no problems.
Gemma Reeve
Excellent product, great value for money and easier to get on a toddler when they want to run around and not lie down for nappy change. Highly recommend them.
I was given a bunch of BabyLove Newborn nappies with the poo-poo pouch. They are brilliant and I'd recommend them for anyone with a newborn and especially for night time or in the car. Rarely had any leaks and good size fit.

Since swapping from Huggies to Babylove I have been more than happy, I have never had a leak and dd is more than comfy in them. They dont end up with the wet nappy look and when they are first put on it is actually hard to really tell she is wearing anything at all. I have tried a few different brand, but will be sticking with Babyove as they are by far the best value for money.


We initially bought boxes of Huggies for DS, but found they leaked all the time.

DH picked up a packet of BabyLove disposables on his way home and we've never looked back.

They don't have that plastic feeling that cheaper nappies have and have never leaked with DS. He's also remained free of nappy rash.

This quality, coupled with a VERY reasonable price make BabyLove my number one choice. 


While I prefer Huggies nappies, I used Babylove when my baby was too big for newborn Huggies and too small for crawlers (because the boy infant Huggies are next to impossible to find and don't come in bulk packs).

I found these to be quite good nappies and they are really soft and comfy looking. 

Not sure if the 'poopoo pouch' actually helps. I don't remember much difference in poo explosions! They would happen in any nappy...


We use Babylove nappies because they are the best. We have tried Huggies, Aldi and other supermarket brands and still believe Babylove are the best. I believe these nappies are the best because:

-they are the perfect shape for my baby. Huggies are more 'trim' but do not seem to be as absorbent.  Babylove might not be as trim, but they are very soft to touch. Huggies also feel scratchier and harder. 

-they do not have an off putting chemical odour as bad as other disposables.

-they are the best overnight absorbency nappies I have used  

- they are always the most affordable 

Pui Yee Wong
My son is 2yrs 5mths old. I started using Huggies first and it went very wrong .. leak every where. So I used babylove after 3mths until now. It's been 2 yrs already. It fits him very well and my son loves the picture on the box too(Wiggles). Another thing is they are always on sale... Number two is on the way, I will keep using it...  
As a first time mum and new to everything baby. I tried alot of nappies to find the right ones for both my baby and my pocket. Baby love prooved a winner in both. They contained everything through the night where as with Huggies nappies they would wet through and I'd be changing sheets in the middle of the night. My daughter is now 6 months old and still in this brand and has not suffered from nappy rash wearing them. They are not bulky and now that my daughter is on solids I know what the poo pouch is all about and works well. Thanks for a great product. Toys R Us have deals every now and again on jumbo packs of 90 Babylove nappies at half price around $16.50. Works out to about .18c each.That's when it's great to stock up. The sale is on now as I seen it in their latest catologue.

I have only used about 5 of these nappies, out of the whole pack due to them not containing anything! I don't think that they are worth the time, effort or money. My son was only 6 months old and obviously didn't wet in huge amount, but these nappies still couldn't contain it.

Never again!

These are the worst nappies ever!!  My baby broke out into a nasty nappy rash - red and blistering!! Put my bub back to Huggies and rash cleared up straight away.   They seemed quite thin and had a cheap feel to them.  Worth paying the extra and going for Huggies.  Quite expensive for the low quality of the nappy. 

DS is 6wks old and we have been through a couple of brands of nappies now and I have found Babylove to be the best out of them all.

Huggies leaked almost every night but were a great fit.

Mamia (Aldi brand) were also quit good, but also leaked at night. The newborn size were way too big for my little boy.

Babylove newborns have been fantastic! The only time it has leaked is when he did a very, very big poo after his 6wk needles. He had alot of dirty nappies but only 1 leaked, impressive!

The fit are fabulous! When I bought them I thought they would be way too small, but they fit him perfectly although the next pack I get I will have to go up to Infant.

Tabs on these nappies are also really good, they are a little thicker in width compared to most and only have the velcro like tabs. Holds nappy in place really well.

I highly recommend these nappies.


I bought these nappies after seeing the ads - apparently they contain 'poo explosions'.

I had two times that leaked up the back of the nappy - exactly what they claim will not happen. Given that I use them rarely and this is the only two times my DS has pooed in them, it is not a great track record.

I also find that whilst they absorb plenty of urine overnight, they start to feel a bit damp on the outside - they apparently have a breathable cover so perhaps they are a bit too breathable??

I'm also not that fussed on the fit - after a couple of hours of wear the front rolls down and cuts in a bit.

I won't be buying these again.



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