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Uniden UWS 1101 Digital Wireless Home Security Camera Baby Monitor Pack

7 reviews
UWS 1101 Digital Wireless Home Security Camera Baby Monitor Pack

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have been through 4 differnt brands of monitors but this one is by far favourite!! Great pic night vision works great and sound fantastic my only downfall to it is I can not by a case to protect the tv part but pretty sure u can not buy a case for any brand my last one was a breathing monitor brand and almost double the price of this model and the bw3002 beats it by far great price great product happy mother!!

I love this monitor, it does everything we need, night vision, zoom, volume adjustment. And you can even buy additional cameras to monitor more than one room if you have several children. Had this product for 6 months and never had any issues with it. It comes with attachments to fix to the wall. Picture quality on the monitor is really clear. Overall everything we wanted in a baby monitor. 
Stuart McColl
Well it 7 months on and yes I still think the product is great. As we have 2 complete systems I have one monitor my side of the bed to listen out for our toddler who sleeps down the other end of the house and my wife has a monitor her side of the bed to listen out for the baby which is in a room next to ours. We take a monitor and camera on holidays with us or when we are visiting friends so that we can put the young ones to sleep away from the noise but are still able to see and hear them. Despite Uniden playing games with the warranty of one of the monitors I am still extremely happy with the product. I actually tell people that my wife is addicted to the system. Would love to know if anyone else has bought the system and is happy with it, write a review if you have and share your experience with everyone. The points I love the most is the night vision, excellent sound pick up and not having any signal interference noise as we had with a cheaper monitor. The only negative thing is that the screen is always on so I have to either place a cloth over it at night time in the bedroom or put the screen up to a solid object to stop the monitor lighting up the room. You can turn the brightness down however to then see the monitor properly you have to find the setting in the dark to turn it up again. I find it easier to just leave the brightness setting where it is and just put it up against a solid object. Its only a little problem that is easily overcome. Still couldnt recomend the system highly enough. If anyone has any questions they are more than happy to contact me via my email address, (only for private messages and not for spam mailing lists). For info a lady told me that she had the movement and breathing monitor at home but has only used it twice as she found it a little toodifficult to use. Hope this helps the new parents out there.
Stuart McCOLL
Well here's the update on the warranty for our monitor with the broken antenna. I would like to say that it was a hassle free process however it wasn't. After emailing Uniden and being advised that the monitor needed to be sent back to NSW for warranty processing, I bought another system so that my wife still had a monitor. When the new system arrived I posted the broken monitor back to Uniden with a letter explaining the problem. Well on the 23/06 I recieved a letter from Uniden rejecting my warranty claim and stating that I would have to pay $88 for the monitor to be fixed. The letter then went on to say that if I didn't respond within 10 days the monitor would be sent back to me with a charge of $45 for inspecting it and delivering it back to me, all of which was never mentioned when I first emailed Uniden about the problem. Obviously I was extremely angry to receive the letter especially as there was no explanation as to why my warranty claim was rejected. The letter just seemed to be a non descript letter rejecting the warranty claim. Obviously I phoned up Uniden straight away. I told them that I was appauled to have been told my warranty claim had been rejecting especially as the antenna fell off within a week of ownership, I told them that I did not drop it and noone had pulled on the antenna to make it break. I then explained to Uniden that I was in the legal industry and would never claim a warranty that I didnt feel was justified. I further went on to tell them that if I phoned Consumer Affairs I was sure that they would back me 100%. The lady then stated that she would consult her supervisor and a few minutes later came back on the phone and stated that they would cover the warranty and send the item back to me without cost. I was happy about that however the point is that I should not have to state what I do for a living and threaten them with action from Consumer Affairs to have my warranty completed to my satisfaction. I have recently bought over $500 worth of Uniden products which I am extremely happy with, however Uniden needs to lift their standard when dealing with warranty claims. I suggest that if you buy the product locally and it breaks or you have a problem with it to take it back to where you bought it from as you have every right to without having to post it back to NSW. The warranty process has left me feeling very dissapointed with Uniden. I have gone from praising their products to everyone to now telling everyone how unprofessional they are when dealing with warranty claims. I would still recomend the system as it is fantastic, it's just the company that im not impressed with. And yes I have now received the monitor back.
Stuart McCOLL
Only had one slight problem with this unit. The high gain antenna fell off within a week. I have contacted Uniden however the product needs to be sent back to Sydney for warranty. When I told my wife this she said that she didn't know if she could go two weeks without it. I was going to buy an extra camera for $99 but decided to buy a whole new unit as you get the monitor and 2 x cameras for $199. Will send the faulty monitor back when the new system arrives. Wife is very happy now. We both love the unit and just cant get over how good the picture and sound is in the dark. The only thing I have done is put a black sticker over the small led lights on the indoor camera that show you that the unit is on. We found that it was a little distracting for the baby however the unit doesnt need those lights shining to work in the dark. With the second unit we can have all 4 cameras hooked up at the same time, you can split the screen to see all at the same time. Now we can set up the cameras wround the house and keep an eye on our little fella as he has just started to crawl everywhere. We have another on the way so its going to be great to keep an eye on them both, especially for my wife when im not home. So guys if you want to get in the good books I thoroughly recomend one of these units. Remember a happy wife equals a good life. Will let everyone know how the warranty goes, hopefully Uniden will do the right thing.
Stuart McCOLL
After reading the review put on here I bought the Uniden 1113 which is the same as this one except it came with a second camera. The unit is the absolute perfect baby monitor, the sound pickup is incredible. I love the big screen and with the second camera, I have put that in the lounge room so that we can watch the baby from the kitchen if we need to go and get something. Dont waste your money on a cheap baby monitor, I paid $199 off Ebay delivered to my door. I am definately in the good book with my wife. She used it for the first time last night while I was at work and found it fantastic to be able to see baby in the dark and know that if he made a sound he was fine. The great thing about the monitor is that you can switch between cameras or view both at the same time. You can also have up to 4 cameras on the unit. And even greater there is no buzzing like from the old monitor. If you are thinking baby monitors, please spend the little bit more and buy this one, I couldnt recomend it highly enough.

I think this product was designed for home surveilance but it was  packaged as a baby monitor. We bought this as a replacement for a broken one and we are so thankful that our old one broke! this monitor has perfect reception, no interferance (our old one we had to turn the sound off from too much static noise and the screen would flicker), huge 3.5 inch colour screen and it picks up  sound really well. Its also wireless so I can carry it outside to hang up washing when bub is asleep. the camera is also wireless so I can use it to watch the kids when they are playing in the backyard and I'm in the study getting work done.

Absolutely perfect! look around as prices vary. we bought it for $148 at Harvey Norman but its valued at $229. I would happily pay the full price for this.



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