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Fisher Price Sounds N Light Monitor

7 reviews
Sounds N Light Monitor
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I haven't had a problem with this monitor, I love it. 

It does the job, I can hear perfectly through it and it is silent until one of the kids makes noise.

We took it to a hotel and it worked when other more expensive monitors failed. The elevator interferred with others but not with this one. Fantastic!

We picked up this monitor on sale for $59 and have been using it for about 4 months now.  We've had no issues with it, only static if the reciever is near a computer or mobile phone.  We can hear our daughter through the monitor on the opposite side of the house.  Recommended!
I had one for my first born that was great but the cord to the receiver didn't connect properly. Was great in our brick country house. Did pick up distant noises though. The second for my second had loads of static but we moved to a metal frame house so the receiver is no good outside and I have to place the receiver carefully... not too close to any other appliances. I do love the light on the base. Both kids used it as a night light. Not something I'd buy again but has done the job.
We only used this monitor for 2 days because there was so much static.  This is despite it having 2 channels to supposedly reduce the noise.  It was impossible to sleep with the noise and if we turned it down so we couldn't hear the static then we couldn't hear our baby cry.  Absolutely useless.

i got a lot of static on mine when the volume was high.  i also picked up a lot of noise from surrounding houses which was rather annoying.  changing the channel didn't help either. it was ok when we lived in a big house and had some distance between us and the neighbours but in our townhouse it was horrible. it also chewed through the batteries rather quickly.

the only plus was the light on the base station was very useful for checking on bubs during the night. 

~Lost In The Fifties~
We bought this monitor when our daughter was a newborn and we were living in a massive house. It does its job, is quite static-y, love the night light that stays in bubs room & the fact that the lights also light up on the parents monitor when baby is crying so if you have the tv/radio on & can't hear it you can still be notified that bub needs you. 
i got this second hand off ebay so for the price - i think i paid 20 dollars it isnt too bad. It does crackle alot and i never turned it up too much because of that. It doesnt seem to chew batteries too much which is good and i like the night light idea. Id probably buy another if the rooms were not close because i wouldnt trust over the crackling that i would pick everything up.



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