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Angelcare Sound & Movement Monitor

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Sound & Movement Monitor
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Parent Reviews and Comments

The Angelcare sound and movement monitor was bought for me as a gift when I had my first child.  I loved it, it was just a bit of reassurance for night times when baby breathed so shallow that it was hard to hear. 

We did not end up using the sounds monitor as bub's room was close to ours, but the few times I did use it I couldn't work out how to stop the static on the parent's monitor when turning the main monitor off (to turn the monitor off to take the baby out of the cot).

We used it again 2 years later for our second child, and again it was great, and is still going strong.

Great value for money for those of us that worry too much.

This gave me peace of mind and let me go back to sleeping in my own bed after camping out on dd's floor for the first few nights of her going into her own room. The reception is really clear, although we can't have any other power points in use nearby or it lets out a loud and annoying hum. The option to have backup batteries is great because it will automatically switch over if there is a black out. The alarm has gone off twice in over a year, both times dd had made her way right up to the top of the cot and was out of the range of.the motion pad. Although it scared me when the alarm sounded, it was a great reassurance knowing that it works. I would definitely buy this again.

works well, easy to use, gives me a little bit more peace of mind, but there is alot of satic


I was gifted this monitor from my sister who used it for both of her children. She used the movement monitor as well, but I could never get mine to work right (and she only had one of the pads when she gave it to me). There are pros and cons with this monitor.

Pro: It's very loud, which is great for picking up every noise. This is also a con, because it picks up EVERY noise. I hear a car going past in the monitor before I hear it out my window. I live on a train line, and it amplifies the noise of the train

Con: Static. I'm not sure if it's just my placement, or if I have too many electrical items, but the static is quite loud at night and usually keeps me awake. 

Con: The light is quite bright as well. I've had to put a piece of tape over the light so I can sleep, otherwise it hurts my eyes.

Con: Chews through batteries! after the first night I had to plug mine in..

It IS a good monitor, it seems I've pointed out too many cons over pros. But it works, and that's the main thing. 


My parents bought this monitor for us when our little girl was born. I found that the motion sensor was great for piece of mind and really helped us get a good nights sleep as worried first parents.

However, the monitor itself had really sketchy reception. At any level of volume the parent's unit just emitted a low hum of static and I found it was impossible to use as a sound monitor. This may have been due to my previous house being painted with lead (we got very poor mobile reception in there too), but we ended up exchanging it for a the digital (AC#401) version which has a thermometer in it and a digital display, which has crystal clear reception and a portable, rechargeable parents unit. 


I purchased this monitor second hand, and can't figure out how to use the movement sensor.  However, the sound sensor is very clear and the volume control is very handy, amplifying the baby so you can hear most noises. 

The parent unit chews through batteries quite quickly.

I would choose to buy a video monitor next time though for sure, it would be so much easier to be able to view the baby through the monitor, rather than sneaking in and waking her up by creaking the floor boards!

I found after a few weeks i didnt use this anymore, and with the baby in the same room as me it wasnt really needed. The monitor set off warning too often when there were no issues. The sound was great though and it picked up the tiniest grumble which was nice to know that id hear him no matter what. I only used this for my first son and sold it in between children. I didnt bother purchasing it again for second baby. It definetely is peace of mind with such a sensitive sound one even without the movement monitor. It had no static which i suffer with my fisher price monitor which is frustrating. Clear signal is definetely one of this products high points.

This product is great value for money. It works well on batteries and just plug it in the wall the rest of the time. The signal has interference if you have double brick walls, but it is still clear. The base sensor unit alarms if the is no movement/ breathing.

I have used it for the last 9 months for my 1st child.

It has been great for peace of mind with the high risk of SIDS and having a baby that would roll over onto her tummy. Allowing me to rest as well.

The chords are long enough so I can have the base sitting on my daughters draws. 

For the price compared to other units I can not complain.



As a first time mum, this product has been fantastic to give hubby and I peace of mind when bub is sleeping. The clarity of sound is excellent. We sleep down one end of the house and bub down the other but the sound quality makes it seem like she's right next to us. You can also adjust the volume so all her little squeaks and grunts don't keep you up and you only hear it when she is crying.


The alarm is a bit inconsistent. For example, sometimes we have forgotten to turn it off before taking her out of her cot and the alarm goes off immediately yet other times it won't go off until after about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is a bit concerning however you can adjust the sensitivity to prevent this.

Although more expensive than other monitors it is worth it and if you shop around you can get a good deal.


Pros: We have a 5 month old and although my husband had to talk me into buying this monitor because of the price, it has definately been worth it. I sleep soundly knowing bub is breathing well and I can easily hear when she is moving around. We take it with us when we go to people's houses and I go outside and hang washing etc with the monitor hooked onto my shirt without having to check on her. It also displays the room temperature.

It has gone off twice in 5 months. Once I found bub was quite warm and hard to wake.The other time she seemed fine. It scared us both to hear the alarm.

Cons: The first beep for not breathing goes off about 10 seconds after you take her out of bed if you forget to turn it off. : ) I see that as a pro though.


We used this for the first few months with our daughter when she was newborn.  I found it good, but the alarm was too sensitive so kept going off unnecessarily. 

It was great as a sound-only monitor though!

I would say this is defintiely worth the investment if you are a worry-wart like me - I was paranoid about SIDS, so this did help ease my mind a little.

Also has an excellent, interference free range and clarity.


we used this when my daughter was a new born as i could not sleep with her in our beedroom any longer.

the sound is so clear and even when the volume is on low.

we done use it at night any longer but still used during naps.

recommend to everyone.


I love this monitor :)

My Son had some really bad reflux and would choke quiet bad when crying. This monitor is so sensitive it picks up the slightest grunt lol.

I have heard of some people having issues with the breathing alarm going off for no reason, my son is now nearly 8 months old and we have only had three occations where it has sounded its initial warning beep.

This monitor has given me so much peace of mind being a first time mum and so paranoid about SIDS, I would recomend this monitor to anyone, my only wish now is that it had a video monitor attached as well because DS is now moving around his cot and sometimes backs himself into a corner lol.

Two Sweetpeas

We went out and bought this monitor after our first child refused to sleep any way but on his stomach at 5 weeks old. I think I got way more sleep than I would have otherwise not feeling like I had to sit up to make sure he was ok...being scared of SIDS with him being so young. We never had any false alarms until he moved to his cot and started moving around, but even then it was rare.

Now we are using it with our newborn daughter who has some health problems, and it really is just piece of mind.


My sister passed her Angelcare monitor onto me as she no longer needed it, as our second child's room is a little further away from our bedroom in our new house. I never really needed one for our first child due to her sleeping closer to us. I have never used the movement monitor, just the sound. It has been great, as I would often not hear the baby until he was really screaming (I would often think I was dreaming). I have it on a very quiet setting next to my bed and it works fantastic. It did pick up a bit of static at times, strangely it was mostly when my parents were staying over in the room upstairs (particularly when a mobile phone charger or something was plugged in up there). But it wasn't really that much of an issue, and it may have been more to do with the house wiring. Not sure!

The monitor is around 4 years old now and still works great. It has been dropped on the floor many a time, and never stopped working which is always good with young kids!

Some of the other monitors with the video screens and other bells and whistles look great, but personally I wouldn't bother as my Angelcare has done the job perfectly. Sometimes the more bells and whilstles things have, the more likely they are to break! Not so with my Angelcare.

Also, the handle on the top is really great if u like to move or carry the monitor around the house with u.  



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