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Snuza Hero Motion Monitor

Unlike other movement monitors which are limited to use under a cot mattress, Snuza is mobile – use it at home, visiting, in a carrycot - wherever baby goes. No cords, wires, sensor pads or external power are required.

Snuza Hero offers both a vibration feature to rouse baby after 15 seconds of low/no movement + an audible alarm after 20 seconds. 

Parent Reviews and Comments

I worried extensively about my baby since she came out so small, and being a first time mother I worried even more about SIDS. I bought one after reading a lot of reviews online. I was quite surprised when it arrived, it was very small but of course, very proportionate to the size of my baby. Since it is so small and light, I could even clip it to my baby when she's asleep, and she wouldn't even notice it on her. It is also portable so I bring it out with me whenever I am shopping with my baby in tow. I read a review where she tested it on herself, and I did the same as well. It was loud! There are also lights that flashes so you know the device is working. You will also need to press two buttons simultaneously to turn the device off, so if your baby moves a lot in his/her sleep, you are assured that he/she will not turn the device off accidentally.


Wow... I can honestly say that i actually slept when my baby slept while using the Snuza instead or worrying and wondering if my baby was breathing.

I cannot reccomend this product highly enough.


Thank you for allowing me to review the Snuza Hero Motion Monitor.

The best thing about the Snuza Hero Motion Monitor is that it is completely portable so it can be connected to the baby's nappy if they are asleep in the cot, swing, pram etc. I also love that there are no wires or pads that have to be precisely placed in the cot so as to not cause false alarms. 

Clear instructions are provided and the monitor is very simple and easy to use immediately. My baby is now 10 months old and I wish I had this monitor when she was born. We will definitely be using the monitor for our next baby.

I didn't find any cons to the monitor.

I would recommend this monitor to all new parents or grandparents looking to make a valuable purchase for their new grandchild.


I really enjoyed trialling the Snuza Hero Motion Monitor. Before my baby was born we set up his crib in his own room with a monitor for motion, video and sound. However, since his birth I have come to realise that he rarely sleeps in his own room. During the day he will sleep in his swing or pram and during the night in his bassinet in our room. None of these places have monitors so I found the monitor great in that wherever bub was it was and I didnt have to constantly check on him just to make sure he was breathing. It also meant that I could sleep more soundly at night because I didn't have to worry that every little noise he made (or didn't make) meant that he was not okay. 


I think the concept behind the Snuza Hero is fantastic, to have the peace of mind due to being able to use it anywhere is priceless. And love not having to worry about long cords that can get pulled etc.

When I managed to get my daughter to leave it alone it worked brilliantly, however she's now at an a age where anything new is something to be removed and thrown! So I think if we'd used it from when she was really little she'd have been used to it and not worried about it at all. As it was when she removed it did its job and went off which brought me running so can't fault it there! It is also much more robust than I thought it would be! :)

It also fits better on disposable nappies than it does on cloth nappies.

I'm looking forward to using it with number 2 when they come along! :)



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