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Oricom Secure500

3 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments
We bought this one as it was the only one our local baby shop had. 
I was not liking the idea of putting our three month old in his own room but
he would not sleep in our room waking every half hour. So we set up his room, installed the monitor and hopped into bed. 

The monitor itself is excellent! Very easy to use and can be turned up quite loud to make sure you don't miss anything. And with the option to use battery or wall socket you can take it anywhere! When we go on holidays it's packed into our suitcase! 


We bought a monitor that was analogue and it was awful. Can't remember hte name but we returned it.

Was replaced with this one. 

Our child is 2.5 and the monitor has been used every day.

Love the lullaby feature, we still put it on every day sleep and every bedtime.

The night light is also always on.

Improvements that would make it perfect would be if lullaby went longer (can restart it from parent remote but easier if I didnt have to), and if the night light was a bit brighter as it is quite dim.

Overall, we love the clarity , there is no interference being digital. We didn't want extra features like movement mat video etc as that wasn't soemthing we needed.

The torch on parent unit handy, but the button has broken (dropped too many times I think) and no longer in warranty.

It also came with a handy travel case which has also been ahdny for weekends away, going camping etc.  

Product works really well. My son goes to sleep listening to the nursery rhymes. He also has the light on, which is bright enough to light the room but not bright enough to keep him awake. The parent unit has a torch function which comes in really handy. And i also use the 'talk' function to reassure my son without going in his room. The unit doesn't pick up any outside noises such as the fan or airconditioner which is great. Overall the product is great, i would recommend it to others. 



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