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Oricom Secure200

17 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments
We bought this monitor when our daughter was 3 months old (she's now 21 months), and it worked reasonably well... had to play with our wireless a little as we found the monitor would sometimes interfere with it, and the battery life out of the charging cradle is dismally short, but for what we needed and the price, it was a worthwhile purchase.

We purchased this monitor ahead of the birth of our first baby after using one while baby sitting our nephew.

The sounds quality is great, it is clear with no static and the monitor has many other handy functions. The temperature sensor is especially useful as bub arrived just as a cold snap started. It made me realise we needed to get a heater for the nursery as and helped me know when I need to turn the heater on.

The torch is handy at night as is the talk back function to try and settle bub without having to go into his room.

I also like being able to adjust the senstivity so you don't pick up every tiny noise and being able to adjust the volume on the parent unit. There is also a feed time function that I have not used yet.

The only down side would be the battery life if I don't have it on the charger during the night by morning it is beeping at me, so we just have the charger plugged in next to the bed.

We are very happy with this monitor, it is good value for money and we would recommend to anyone.


The most invaluable feature of this baby monitor has been the remote room temperature monitor. Living in a hot climate and my daughter being born during a heat wave, her room would sometimes get to 35 degrees + ! This monitor sets off an alarm on the handset if it gets too cold or too hot in the room so you can adjust the temperature without disturbing baby.

The monitor is crystal clear which makes it easy to hear exactly what is going on in the room, and I love how you can turn the monitor "silent" while watching a movie but still have the sound indicators on the front of the monitor so you know if baby is awake. 

We have taken this monitor with us interstate and over to peoples houses and love the portability of it. 

My only complaint is that the rechargable batteries died in the monitors handset a few months ago and as we had lost the receipt we had to pay $30 for replacements.  


I love this monitor. It doesnt pick up any static, has great volume control and Im using it now with my second baby with no problems.

The only negative would be the battery life when its out of the charger, but mainly we have it sitting in the charger next to our bed. If this was better it would easily get a 5 out of 5 from me.


We have had this monitor for 2 years now, have had 2 times when it switched itself off for no reason? It had been charging and then in the middle of the night it switched off.

Now at 2 years old the battery in the parent unit lasts for about 2 hours (at the start it was about 10 hours). So I have to move the charge around the house when my son goes to sleep. Otherwise the monitor is great, shows the temp in bubs room, and I can turn down the sensitivity so I dont hear every little peep :)


Just a note to say that you can change the warning alarms from the menu options on the monitor!

I found the constant beeping when the temperature changed very annoying before I found out I can turn all the alarm beeps off! 

giggle berry

I was lucky enough to be given this monitor and have been so happy with it that I am actually a little dependant on it! The clarity and sensitivity are fantastic and can be adjusted. I can be outside and still have great reception. I love that the settings can be adjusted remotely from the handset.

The only negative is that the battery on the handset last's long enough and the persistent warning beeps can get annoying.

Overall I am very happy with this monitor! 


I chose this monitor as I specifically didn't want a video or motion sensor monitor and I'm very happy with my choice.

The sound is very clear and I love the way that you can easily change the sensitivity and volume.

I also love the light on the monitor sensor as well as the torch on the monitor itself - very handy for night feeds when I try to not turn the lights on.

Overall I'm very happy with this product and highly recommend it. 

I am very happy with this monitor. The sound quality is very good. You can change the sensitivity which is great, as the monitor picks up the sound of the fan and air-con. The night light and lullabies are good. The only problem I have with the monitor is the temperature warning sound. If the temperature is changing it beeps, so if it is flicking between 26 and 27 degrees the monitor will beep. Sometimes it will beep every second because the temp is switching back and forth. It gets to the stage where I have to turn it off because it is so annoying. Other than that one issue it is a great monitor.
This monitor gives such a lovely clear sound with absolutely no static.  I love the night-light and lullaby features which you can turn on using the handset.  The torch on the handset is very useful for finding your way to baby's room in the middle of the night.  The green lights on the handset were a bit bright at night (DH is very light sensitive!) so we put a sock over it.  The temperature warning is very reassuring but a bit annoying when it beeps repeatedly.  We live on a large block and the reception is perfect everywhere so its nice to know we will hear bub wherever we are.

I give this monitor a big thumbs up! It is very clear and super sensitive. I can take it down the back yard and still have great reception. I love the night light and lullaby functions. The talk back option is also great when your hanging washing out and bubba wakes up or stirs i can just talk to her and settle her till i come back upstairs. I also like that it has a torch on the handset, it is a blue light so allows you to sneak a peak at bub but not wake her up.

I don't think the battery on the handset last's long enough and there was way too many warning beeps form my liking. Once i set all the function to the way we like it it was perfect.

Great monitor! Great price!


Looking at the good reviews on this product I think we may have lucked out!!! THe featrures that everyone mentions are great... BUT when the battery doesn't last and sometimes the blasted thing just turns itself off, you don't care about the good features.

Very unhappy.

Johnny Poppers

Highly recommend this monitor as we absolutely love it! This monitor has a Night light, Temperature display and warning, 5 x lullaby, clock, intercom, torch, different sensitivity level detection and 2 handsets (incl recharging docking stations).

This unit is very quiet with no static or interference. I am very pleased with the distance the unit covers as we are able to be out in the garden or at the workshop when needed and can be confident that we can hear bub.

The 2 handsets are a fantastic feature as one can be charging while the other is in use or you can have them in 2 different locations if needed. The intercom allows parents to speak to the baby or each other if required.

Temp control was very helpful during winter to ensure baby was kept at a comfortable level. However as the weather has warmed up I don’t like that you are unable to stop the warning beep function.

The torch was used often and a great addition for the middle of night feeds. The ability to alter the sensitivity levels and volume was handy when baby was happily talking to himself or just making small scuffling noises.

I had planned to use an analog monitor that was given to me but we were experiencing bad interferences, there were no lights indicators and I didn't feel like I could rely on the monitor. The Oricom monitor was a great investment. It is reliable, convenient to use and of great quality. We have no more interferences, I love the light alert system. The temperature sensor is extremely useful and the unit work on power or batteries so very versatile. The only negative points are: •there is no time display on the baby unit (would be very useful) •the temperature alert range is not very flexible •you have to remove the batteries when moving the baby unit around(when going to friends for example) as the unit turns on really easily and it then drains the batteries I highly recommend this monitor.

We originally had the Angelcare AC501 Movement and Sound Monitor but we never used the movement part and then it got crackly and a couple of times we realised no sound was coming out at all and ditched it.

We purchased another which we took home after one night because you could barely hear a thing and then we saw the Oricom 200 with 2 parent monitors for only $129!

This monitor is not only affordable but it is fantastic! You can hear your child the whole time depending on where you place the port... I put it under the cot and can hear her breathing for the most part but if you prefer to only pick up cries you can turn it down or place it farther away! It comes with lullabies but we have her own music playing. It's user friendly, has a nightlight and is just all round fantastic!

My only teensy complaint is that you can't turn off the sounds when you press the buttons so if you're trying to turn it off when you go into the room, partner might stir a little but that's no biggie!

Great monitor! 


I had never used monitors before, but we moved into a large house and thought I might need one with my second baby. I bought this during a sale, and so glad I did. 

* Very quiet, no interference or static.

* I LOVE the little torch on the monitors so you can find your way to baby's room in the middle of the night.

* Lullabies are good, but a little monotonous.

* Good that it has a volume control because sometimes my baby is just babbling to herself and you want to turn it down a bit! 

* Temp control is handy, but I don't like that it beeps with a warning when it gets too hot. I live in a hot climate, so it's beeping all the time!

* Recharge pods make sure it never runs out of battery.

* I love that there are two handsets... we have one in the living room and one in our bedroom, and if one starts to get low on battery (when it's off the charge pod) we can switch to the other.


After doing some researching on the net, I found this product to be the most reliable monitor. This monitor has all the functions you need - 5 lullabys, nightlight, heat sensor, clock, parent talk back function, etc. (but you might like to know that the lullaby sound is quite low, there was no option to increase the sound volume).

It comes with a rechargeble dock so no need for batteries and I was amazed with the distance it cover, try it from the back yard garden and still able to hear the little one.

Look out for specials on this, got this when it was on sale, you will save at least $50 off the retail price.



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