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Oricom Secure100

8 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

When talking to friends about their baby monitors, I am amazed at the number of times I hear them complaining about the static on their monitors. This Oricom has been our only monitor experience and we have been delighted with it's performance. We have never had any problems with static or overlapping reception.

I turn the volume down so that I can hear bubs calling out, but I don't wake to all her little sleeping snuffles. The nightlight gives enough light to feed her and change her nappy without disturbing her.

This may be the most basic model, but it does everything we expect it to and is super easy to use. I have lost count of how many times I've dropped it, but it keeps soldiering on!


I absolutely LOVED this monitor! We were picking up someone else's baby monitor with our old one, and it's static was waking me up when I was already on broken sleep from DS.

Reception was crystal clear, being able to turn the lullabies on without entering the room and having an intercom system to be able to talk to bub without going in either was FANTASTIC! Portable parent unit that just sat on the charging dock through the night in our bedroom and clipped to my belt during the day had brilliant range and meant that I could do things like hang out the washing when he was having a sleep because it was extremely sensitive and I could even hear when he was doing his "I'm about to wake up" snuffling.

This unit is worth FAR more than it's weight in gold. At least it was, until in my sleep deprived and exhaustion raddled brain, I put the parent unit in the microwave instead of the bottle that I was holding in my other hand :/

Only giving it a 9 because the one thing that could possibly make it any better is if it had a camera and a screen on the parent unit (as I believe the 700secure model has).

Crystal clear reception! bought when our other monitor wasnt working out so well. Love the little stars that light up at night and the lights on the parents end too they move up and down with noise and that also helped me realise my DD needed me!! great brand, picked up from Harvey norman.... would recommend this product to anyone! been such a great product! well worth it, and didnt break the bank!
We wanted a simple monitor which is reliable and has a good range.  This product delivered.  The sound is always clear, even at long distances, and it is very user friendly. 

I bought a cheap monitor from target when bub was first born but it had heaps of static which made it virtually impossibly to use if you wanted to watch tv.

After a fair amount of research, I decided on oricom. I love this monitor, it's cost effective, the sound is clear and it's reliable. The parent unit lights up so you can turn the sound down low while watching tv but still be aware if bub is calling you.

I have since bought the video monitor from oricom and also highly recommend it. 

We had a Tomy monitor with bub 1 which I wasn't happy with - too much static...decided for bub 2 to get a new one....after a bit of looking around, decided on the Oricom, especially since it was less than half price at Toys r Us!  I'm really happy with this monitor, very clear, no static and no need to change channels, does it itself. As bub 2 sleeps in her cot in our room, we are using the Oricom for my toddler son (his room is at the other end of the house).  The parent unit is in our room and we're using the Tomy baby unit in our room for bub 2 with the parent unit in the media room - so if either child wakes, we can hear both in the media room (the baby unit on the Tomy picks up sound from the Oricom receiver) - there is no problem at all using both monitors together.  There even seems to be less static with the Tomy now we have the Oricom on as well!!  I spoke to the sales rep at a Toys r Us baby day and he said you can use multiple Oricom monitors in the house....the only downside is that the parent monitor only lasts 8 hours off the charging unit (sometimes a little longer would be handy) and the little silver prong thingies on the parent unit for charging aren't all that strong (have to be careful when my toddler is around as he has already pulled one out which we were able to put back in and it still works).  Other than that, love this monitor and would buy again :)

I brought this product for my second child and have found it to be really reliable. No static and a good level of volume .

It also has a good distance range so we can hear the baby outside.


We were looking for a basic, good-quality monitor and this one retails for $90.  It has done the job for us - sensitive to baby's noises but no static.  In the first few weeks my husband and I used it to communicate across the house.

The only thing that frustrates me about baby monitors is having to recharge them - but it is not really that much of a hassle.



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