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Oricom SC700 Premium Digital Video Baby Monitor

11 reviews
SC700 Premium Digital Video Baby Monitor
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Parent Reviews and Comments

We are now on our third device after the camera failed and then receiver failed. Also get interference a lot. Our old model from a different supplier (without camera) is much more useful and reliable.



I have been using this monitor for the last 22 months, and i love it!!

It has music you can play through it, and an intercom so you can talk to your baby through the monitor. 

Its really easy to use, and gives quite a good picture at night time. It has a light system so you can see how loudly your baby is crying, and it has a menu where you can adjust the brightness etc.

The downside is that the handset does not have the greatest range, and you can quite easily accidentally press the button on the side that then plays music in your babies room. 


This monitor doesnt work in a normal house at all. It beeps randomly in the middle of the night saying it is out of range for no reason. It does not work at all in the range that has been quoted by this company and we would not recommend anyone bother buying it. We dont have wifi or a 2 storey house or anything that would interfere with the unit and we were not happy with the "service" we received when we complained about it.  We were just told its to do with our house (which they dont even know why it doesnt work) and even though we have a warranty for 3 years with them, they will not replace it again even though it doesnt work as they claim it does.  Do yourself a favour, get a different brand, these are hopeless!!!!


When we were shopping around for a baby monitor I was leaning towards a sound only monitor as most people hinted that a video monitor was a bit of an overkill, but  I am  so glad I stuck to my first instinct. The video monitor is just so practical!  As new parents this monitor gave us peace of mind that our baby was safe when we werent able to be in the same room as her. Also our baby would wake up and not cry so if we only had a sound monitor we wouldnt have known our baby was awake.

Now our baby is a bit older its also so handy to see what she is up to in her cot when she is supposed to be sleeping!

For the most part this monitor is pretty much perfect. I love the voice activation setting which is great at night so the monitor only comes on when sound is detected.

I rarely have problems with the battery. It charges overnight, and lasts most of the day while I need it on.

Good value for a video monitor.


DD's room is down the other end of the house so the video feature on this monitor is perfect for me. The picture is clear and picks up on any sound no worries. You can speak back to bub also or play lullabys from the main control which also shows the temperature. I love my oricom sc700!

Was tossing up between the Motorola mpb36. Due to the cost, I went with this one. I found the infra red of the monitor is not that bright, and the cameras peripherals aren't wide enough. If I put it further from the cot, I can't really see or have to somehow hang it, but leaving it on a chair outside the cot means I could only point it to a certain part of the cot. So when Bub moves from that spot, makes it hard to see her.. The value for money for this product is great though.. A shame it can't be extended to have more cameras come back to the same monitor though.. Given the motorola monitor is double the price, I'm pretty happy with this monitor overall.

I raced out and bought a video monitor when my baby started standing up in his cot as I was worried he might start getting up to mischief. I thought my husband would be furious at such a waste of money but we were both instantly sold on it and would never be without one nowadays.

The advantages of a video monitor over a sound monitor are endless - being able to see if he is lying down or standing up when he makes noise (as to whether we go in or leave him to settle) probably being the most important to us. Also getting that instant feedback that he is sleeping safely & the monitor is working (i always worry with sound only ones that the monitor is not working properly and that is why it is all quiet).

The downsides of this monitor is that you must have video and sound constantly on - the light is very bright in your room at night. I have made a cover out of black out material so we can keep it on all night but not have the bright light illuminating our bedroom which has solved this problem.

The battery life is poor after a little while of us but we paid $25ish for a new battery from battery world and if we have to do that once a year then that is fine by us

We had a problem where the camera stopped working and oricom's customer service was fantastic. No questions asked speedy replacement of the camera with minimal fuss. I trust them implicitly to honour their warranty.

My only other complaint would be that the range is not fantastic, in our single story 4 bedroom house it just makes it to the lounge room.

Overall love this monitor but there are a few things which could be improved on!


I specifically wanted a baby monitor with video feature so that I wasn't running in to check on the baby every time he made a sound.

I had heard and read good things about this monitor from friends, and although I'd read the other reviews here about battery life, it's very easy to just pop it back on the base to charge when you're not using it.

At night time my baby sleeps in our room so we don't need it then, and for his day time naps he doesn't sleep 3-4 hours (which is the battery life most people report) so I've never had it run out of battery.

I also leave it on the base in the lounge room most of the time if I'm watching tv, folding laundry etc where I can watch it - and if I do move throughout the house it's usually briefly and I take the unit with me.

Pros: Great video quality, colour, portable with belt clip, great night vision

Cons: Would have liked to be able to have two units for it, but it's working great for our set up. 


Honestly I could not live without this monitor. I use to never sleep, even when I should as I was constantly worried about bub No.1, I had no monitor. 

When bub No.2 came along I used the BabySenseII breathing monitor when he was in the same room. Which was great. But since my bub would be sleeping not only in a different room but on a different level I needed an awesome monitor and with the ORICOM SC700 I found it.

In the day the screen is colour and at night it has night vision. It has a volume button that you can control. If you are hearing impaired the top lights up as well with sound.You can also communicate with bub by pressing a button. I have used this to soothe him sometimes while walking down the stairs. Also this monitor is able to play different tunes that are already in the monitor.

All my friends love my monitor. It has the wow factor. I plan to use it when he is a teenager as well. In the kitchen then lol. 

This would be my essential item for bub number 3. I totally recommend it and think its worth the money.To me its priceless 


We love this monitor and tell anyone who will listen :)  It has saved us from peeking into our daughter's room to check on her when we can see her so clearly, we can even see whether her eyes are open or closed so I have an excellent idea of how much sleep she has had.

Great piece of mind knowing what she is up to and I love watching her sleep :)  We have had no problems with range, I take it out the front while I garden and it's been fine (her room is at the back of the house).  So easy to set up, we take it with us when we stay at other people's houses, it's very portable just plug in the camera (we use blutack to secure it to the portacot) and it's good to go!

We have found the temperature to be 2 degrees off, our monitor will say 24 degrees but the groegg in her room says 22.

It also has lullabys and an intercom.  The battery life is great. I leave it on charge overnight on my bedside and take it off charge in the morning and use it off charge for her 2 x 2 hour naps and then from 6.30pm until we go to bed around 11 and it doesn't need charging until I go to bed.  A word of warning though - we used to keep it on charge continuously and burned the battery (Toys R Us replaced the whole monitor though!) so it's best to leave it off charge while you use it in the day.

Would highly recommend this monitor, the sound quality is excellent too. 

Great monitor with very good picture quality and sound. Only problem has been that in our long house there are places where it drops out. Love the temperature monitor. Very easy to use.



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