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Fisher Price Private Connections Dual Monitor

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Private Connections Dual Monitor

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have this monitor, but with one receiver. It works well. The base unit has an orange night light which is perfect for the night feeds and quiet to turn on and off without disturbing bub.

I find a bit of a crackle in the receiver when turned up really high, but this could also be because the babies room is right beside ours so there is not much distance between them. I find it picks up every little movement.

I can hear my little one rolling over as well as when she cries. If you dont want to her every little noise they make it, has a volume control slide so you can turn it down enough so you just hear them cry out when it's feed time etc.

Receiver has a handy clip on it so you can carry it on you as you go about your day and lights on it that light up when baby cries.

Overall it has been great and worth it. I would recommend it for piece of mind. I bought mine from Target on special for about $50.



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