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Chukles Hestia H100 Video Baby Monitor

13 reviews
Hestia H100 Video Baby Monitor
Parent Reviews and Comments
Sandra Wright

We bought this monitor because the girls in the shop recommended it highly. 

Well everything they said was true and even more, It was easy to setup and use there is no setup. You just charge it up and go. It lasts for hours and the night vision comes in handy.


After 2 years using the Hestia baby monitor and now adding a second camera, my feedback to other parents is this monitor is the one to buy.

I am big user of reviews when I have come to purchase anything for our little boy, and the reviews I found on the Hestia baby monitor are correct.

Excellent picture quality and great range. The option of additional cameras is awesome as I can now monitor our latest addition to the family and our 2 yr old boy.

This baby monitor has been very useful for our family.


The lense is faulty and doesn't display images on the screen. I have tried several times doing all the things it suggests in the hand book but to no avail (Screen starts off in normal fashion).

The sound is fine, seems to be ok.

Have tried to find the store online and in the packaging but I cant seem to find it anywhere.

For $200 you would expect a company email at least on the packaging or a number you can call for help.

If I wanted a piece of crap, I would have gone into the backyard and got some from the dog!


We needed to buy a baby monitor because our son struggled to sleep on his back due to colic.

I was always paranoid when we put him to bed because the only way he would settle was on his stomach.

The Hestia baby monitor provided such a clear picture on its screen of our baby day and night. I can always see every move he makes and it is so reassuring. The audio is also very clear and I liked the fact I can purchase a second camera to still monitor our 3 year old son from the one unit.

My husband and I found this monitor to be a great little unit & very userfriendly.


I am so angry about the level of customer service we received from Chukles after our monitor broke. It stopped charging and always had to be connected to a power source. We were told to send back the monitor as it broke within a month of buying it. Postage cost $15 and we were promised it would be returned to us within a matter of days.

I was then told they would not touch the monitor without a receipt, despite me having proof of purchase via my credit card statement. So my pricey monitor is now stranded in their service department and my family is without a monitor, meaning I have to stay very close to my son's bedroom while he naps.

I decided to spend a little more than we wanted to to get the Hestia monitor because the reviews said it was good. And we were happy with it. Until it broke and I had to speak to the exceptionally unhelpful and patronising people at Chukles.

Now we have no monitor and are back at square one. Save yourself the trouble and go with another brand.


We purchased our first baby monitor without really looking around....and that was a big mistake!

We wanted a baby monitor were you can add more then one camera so we can monitor both our boys. The first purchase we made claimed to offer this option, but it constantly dropped out and was split screen. This meant the image on the screen was so tiny we could barely see our little boy.

I then started to look around and we came across the Hestia H100, I wish I had found this monitor earlier. It offers the option to add 4 cameras on a FULL screen and the image at night is exceptional! 

The unit is so easy to use and the audio component is also very good. After our first experience, I think the Hestia baby monitor is the best unit available when you are looking for something with great night vision and the extra camera option.

Mary Anne Roberts

This monitor has been great! I found out about the Hestia monitor through mums in my local mothers group.

It has a good size colour screen to see our little bub clearly. Night and day vision are perfect. Great range between baby and parent unit, it worked anywhere in our two storey house with absolutely no static.

We found it very useful when our baby started sleeping in his own room, we used the monitor throughout the night and the battery life is excellent.

I Highly recommend especially if you decide to do sleep training. No second guessing if your baby is stirring or not. We were able to catch up on housework and some TV time without constantly going into the baby’s room to double check and risk waking him up.

We really couldn’t manage without this baby monitor.


One of the mums in my local mothers group recommended this baby monitor, and I am so happy I listned to her.

The picture quality is excellent especially at night when I need it most.

The audio is also very clear and the range is perfect throughout our entire house.

I use it every day for peace of mind!!


I shopped around for a while and found that the Hestia baby monitor had all that we needed!

It has a great LCD screen which gives us a very clear colour picture at anytime of the day or night. The sound is really clear and we can hear every sound our baby makes.

I really liked the look of it and the fact that is a portable unit so I can move around the house whilst still monitoring our little boy.

I would recommend this baby monitor to any parent.


I don’t usually write reviews on products, but as a first time mum I don’t know how I could of gone without a video baby monitor and this one in particular was exactly what I wanted!!!

We purchased the CHUKLES Hestia monitor from Glen Huntly baby carriages after seeing how it worked in their store with the display model they had.

The picture is super clear and I can see every movement my little boy Lucas makes. The audio is also excellent and I can take it around the house and into the backyard if i need to with absolutely no static.

The first night at home with Lucas after coming out of the hospital was probably the scariest for my husband and I. But the infra red/night vision was so good on this unit, that the picture quality at night was as clear as during the day.

The functionality was also really easy to use.

The Hestia baby monitor is the perfect baby monitor for first time mums.


We purchased this monitor from Baby Kingdom in Sydney after it was recommended to me by one of the mums in my local mother group.

It has everything I really was after, long range, great clear picture at night with infra red and volume control.

I was really impressed that I can add additional cameras to this baby monitor as our family grows. 

I am really happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to other parents looking for a reliable baby monitor.

Than-you to the staff at Baby Kingdom for informing me on this baby monitor.


This monitor was recommended to me by one of the mums at my local mothers group. I shopped around for a while for the right baby monitor and only got more confused. The Hestia baby monitor works extremely well, has clear picture and sound. We live in a big house and I can take this portable monitor any where and it never drops out. We also like the option of adding extra cameras if we wish. This is a great baby monitor that has all the features we wanted, 250m range and no interference.


Great baby monitor.

It has tempreture display, 2 way talk back, tempreture alerts, lullabies, night light, 350m distance, two parent units, and it was the only baby monitor that can operate with AC power or batteries.

Very well priced and great value. The digital audio is really clear and we loved the fact we can activate every function from the parent unit, so we dont have to walk into the nursery.

I highly recommend this baby monitor!



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