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Angelcare Digital Sound & Movement Rechargeable Monitor

13 reviews
Digital Sound & Movement Rechargeable Monitor
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this as I loved the idea of the movement sensors to help me stop stressing about baby stopping breathing during the night. The alarm never went off (unless I forgot to turn it off when picking baby up) when not necessary.

The only bad thing about this monitor is the amount of static through the monitor, no matter where i put it in the room the static was always present and was quite irritating at night.


When I initially bought this product I was unsure as it was our first baby but it looked sound and reliable and it has been nothing but. The sound is really clear and the monitor does not need to be close to the cradle for sounds to be heard. There is a little bit of static on ours but I barely notice it during the day with all the other everday noises in the house.

All in all a great product!

Diane Clark
I purchased the top of the range angelcare for my daughter, worked ok until about 15 months then wouldn't recharge, had to take out batteries and charge on separate charger, very inconvenient.  Bought a second angelcare and after 14 months the same thing happened, this time to both the parent and main units.  Eventually, the main unit just stopped working in the middle of the night, not very good when you have a sick child, no sleep means a cranky nanny!  Bit the bullet and bought a third unit, this time an oricom 510,  works well and has far more features than the angelcare for a fraction of the cost!  I will never buy angelcare again, nor recommend them.

I have yet to use this monitor as my bub is still in tum, but found that set up with this monitor was fairly simple. Pretty much plug it in, charge it, turn it on, and you can use it like that! Of course it took me about 20 minuites to suss out all the functions, but I am so pleased about how straight forward it was.

Already the peace of mind I know I will have is one of the biggest advantages, but there is nothing better than having something so easy to use, without too many fancy bells and whistles that just arent necessary.

We live in what some would call an "electrical" area, with powerlines at the back of our property, so I was worried about interferance, but so far with testing it for a few days, there have been no issues at all, no fuzzyness, no interference, nothing. Just perfect!

I highly recommend this monitor for those who want peace of mind, and ease of use.


brillant monitor, espeically if you have a newborn and you worry all the time. The sensor pads are great!

Only con is no manual doesn't tell you have to turn off the sensor pads so you can take the monitor away on holidays etc with you. You have to research online how to do it.


great product, i dont have a bad word to say. gives me peice of mind great distance, i use to live on the 3rd floor and with out this i would never getbthe washing hungout.

love it


I absolutely love this product.  It gives me some peace of mind when bub is in bed so that I'm not constantly checking on him.  It also allows me to wander outside, have a shower, do laundry, etc without straining to see if I can hear if bub has woken up - I just take the monitor with me.  I do wish that the base station was also rechargeable as I've left the monitor on standby, taken bub out of his bassinette and unplugged the base station.  The batteries then died...  I occasionally get feedback or interferance too although I haven't tried to fix this either.

I find the settings very easy to use and adjust and love that it has the option to activate or deactivate the different warnings and volumes.

Highly recommend this product!  I could sleep soundly knowing that if anything was wrong, the alarm would go off (which it did twice!). 

We used this every day/night till my son's 2nd birthday when unfortunately the charger cord stopped working, but angel care were fantastic and quickly responded letting me know I can buy replacement parts direct from them (and was a lot cheaper than I thought too), so we will have it all set up ready for our next bubs due next year :)

I highly recommend this monitor and am so glad we chose it!

I love the peace of mind having the sensor pads to detect my sons breathing. It gives total peace of mind when i put him to bed without having to constantly go and check on him.'

We have had the alarm go off a few times and i don't know whether they were false alarms or if he actually stoppped breathing for a short amount of time but it is good to know the alarm works!

We have a 2 storey house and the reception is fantastic and super clear. I can hear every little sound he makes.. we can even hear his little baby snores though it

It was a bit expensive but you can't put a price on a childs life so we were happy to pay the price for it 


We bought our first AC401 2 years ago, and recently added a second one for our new baby. Still use my first monitor for my now 2-year old until she will move to her toddler bed.

These monitors are fantastic and allow me to sleep without worrying about baby's breathing. My little girl had a cold and stuffy nose when she was only 1 week old, but having the movement/breathing detectors in place, I knew an alarm would go off if something went wrong with her breathing.

Things we like:

* it has 2 sensor pads, so less risk of a false alarm. We've had 2 false alarms over 2 years, and my baby was lying on her side at the very end of the bed. Also the sensitivity is adjustable to minimise the possibility of a false alarm.

* rechargeable parents unit, so no need to worry about (cost of constantly replacing) batteries

* Various options available, such as a 'tic' sound, out of range indicator, movement or sound only monitor, etc.

* Temperature is clearly displayed, makes it easy for me to see which grobag to use.

* Has a soft blue night light which I use for night feedings

* Never had any static of interference which can be a problem with some monitors

Overall, we are very happy with our angelcare monitors, and I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly without them. Highly recommended for peace of mind when your little one is sleeping :-)

We purchased the AC401 two years ago for our first born and just loved the peace of mind it gave us, knowing that the alarm would sound if there was no movement, allowed me to sleep a little more soundly.  We still use it today and with number 2 soon to be born, we have just purchased a second unit for baby AC402. Yes they are a little on the expensive side, but I shopped around on-line for the best price and found that my local retailer was more than happy to match the price.  This truely is a wonderful system.

Yes as the title says...I bought a second one.  The first ADSMRM we had was for my daughter who is now almost three.  She is still using it, and it gives me such peace of mind.  We purchased the same monitor for my second Daughter who is almost one.  The monitors don't interfeer with each other, nor do we have problems with computer or phones due to interfeerence. 

It is important to get the sensor right, or the alarm will go off simply because bub is not close enough due to the sensitivity of the pads.  

We recently went away for a week and I made my husband take both monitors...sorry like I said it just is such a peace of mind.   

I know if I have a third child I will probably have to give my eldest Daughter's monitor to a new baby. 


We absolutely loved the Angelcare sensor pad monitor. It was the best purchase we ever made. It gave us peace of mind that bubs was ok so we weren't always running in to check on him and were able to get a restful nights sleep.

Our little bubs was very sick at 8 days old and the aponea alarm went off so helped us to make the decision to take him to the hospital. He ended up in intensive care for 3 days a very sick little bubs. We are so grateful for the monitor as we wonder what may have happened if we did not have it. The alarm has only ever gone off when he was sick, when he has rolled off the sensor pad and when we have picked him up and forgotten to turn the monitor off. 

Do not regret a single cent spent on this and would highly recommend it for all mums and dads.



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