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Angelcare Deluxe Digital Sound and Movement Monitor

4 reviews
Deluxe Digital Sound and Movement Monitor

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Easy to use, shows temperature of babys room and we use the night light. havent had any probs with alarms going off. brought the one with 2 handsets but only use the one. nice modern looking. sometimes a bit fiddly tunning parent unit off /touchy button. havent used any other ones but this one is on of the best on the market with a good reputation so i wanted it.


This baby monitor set does everything it promises to do!

The quality of the video, even at night when it is in black and white, is amazing.

The sound quality is also fantastic as is the sensor range.

I didn't get a chance to use the heartbeat detection pads which go under the cot mattress but I think they are a great idea.

The product itself was quite pricey but in my opinion you can't really expect a safety product like this to be cheap.

I would definitely recommend this to family and friends, and already have in fact! 


I bought this monitor to replace the analogue Angelcare sound and motion monitor, but my pack only had the single paren'ts receiver.

The reception on this is much better than the analogue version and the on screen room thermometer is super handy. I love the fact that the base recharges, it is great now we are in a bigger house that I can just clip the monitor to my clothes and I can hear her wherever I go. We have the base station in our bedroom so that we can charge it when we are listening to her overnight and have never had any trouble with batteries through the day. 

You need to be aware of the level of sensitivity that the monitor is set to. Sometimes this needs to be varied when you have fans on as vibrations can trick the motion sensor, all you have to do is check it while baby is out of the cot.

Other than that, great product for peace of mind, I have no idea how many times I would have gone in and potentially woken her if we didn't have it, and great reception on the sound monitor too!


we purchased this monitor before baby arrived, as my husband was somewhat....paranoid and felt the need to spend as much as is humanly possible prior to baby's arrival.

The sleep pads sound like a great idea, however it never came out of the box!  After speaking to friends they told me whilst it is a great idea, the amounf of times they went in to baby's room and picked him/her up before turning the sensor pads off before they started beeping was ridiculous.

We had baby in our room for the first 3 months and i heard every movement and breath he took, so never felt the need to install the sensor pads.

The actual sound monitors however are great. We chose the 2 monitors so i could have one in our room at night for when we moved baby in to his nursery and also one to keep upstairs in our loungeroom, that way I didn't have to remember to take the monitor with me wherever i went and can leave it on the charger.

The range is great,  often take it outside with me when my son is napping.

Overall, i found the prodict expensive at $300 and i never used the sensor pads.  However i have a friend who swears the sensor pads saved her daughter's life twice.  So it is a hard decision to make.  If i did it over, I would just purchase a monitor with 2 listening devices.

However I cannot fault the quality of the Angel Care monitors.



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