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Uniden BS2101 Babywatch Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor

4 reviews
BS2101 Babywatch Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this unit a few month ago and I find it to a great help. I purchased additional cameras for it and it was so easy to use and setup. I heard the new product range from Uniden is even better with a skype app allowing my husband to log into the cameras from his work and see our son. Strongly recommend the Uniden units. 


It's okay, but if you're looking to record it's not good. The problem is that it records for 30 seconds onto an SD card and then makes a segment for the next 30 seconds and so on. So, for 5 minutes of video, you'd have 10 30 second clips. The quality is low res, but at least if it was one continuous recording I'd be happy since it's only $100.

I just have the basic one camera that came with it, but it supports 4.

Otherwise seems good. Battery life on the wireless monitor was about 3 hours. Longer on the camera, since there is no large display to be powered.

I would recommend it to those who don't care about the video recording aspect. 


A good unit with great wireless rangevideo excellent picture quality BUT.....We got our unit home and it had a few faults. VOX function would alarm for everything except our baby's crying. Microphone gain for intercom was set too low and as a result we could be talking directly to the sender unit but you could nearly be heard at the receiver, even with volume at maximum.

So, our machine was built by the work experience kid - OK. What's not Ok is that Uniden doesn't have a number to call, only an email service. They have not responded to my email.

Retailer did me a solid and gave a full refund. Got the impression that that happens a bit for Uniden gear.

My first impressions of the Uniden Babywatch monitor was that it was a simple, good looking design. It was easy to set up and easy to use. I liked the easy to understand instructions and the simple menu set up. 

The video image is really clear and I liked the larger screen size (3.5inc). It was such a comfort to have I liked being able to see whether my son was actually awake or just crying in his sleep. There were a few things I didnt like about the monitor though, the first being that the power cables on both the baby unit and parent unit were too short, id estimate them to be about 1.2M. I had to put the parent unit on the ground next to my bedside table. The sound also wasnt very loud during the day with the TV on and my eldest son being loud. Even on the loudest sensitivity setting (of three) i still wouldnt hear it over the monitor until i could hear him down the hall, but as i had the video i could see he was awake so he wasnt left crying in his cot, but during the night i would hear him clearly. It picked up the sound really well, without any white noise.

Being wireless its great that i could go outside and hang the washing up and still be able to see and hear if the baby woke up. The battery life of the Parent unit when not plugged in to the power was quite good, what id expect to get out of a video monitor, it lasted about 8hrs. I could also use the monitor after the kids dont need it by setting it up under the house to see what my kids get up to. It can be linked to four different cameras (in case you have twins or more than one child) and you can use an SD card to record up to 64g of video, roughly 138hrs, and as its Voice activated record it doesnt record hours when your baby isnt even in the room.
Overall i really liked the unit and would recommend it to people looking for a video monitor from a reliable brand. 



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