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Stokke Tripp Trapp

6 reviews
Tripp Trapp
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Parent Reviews and Comments

This chair is one of the most expensive of the market. It is perfect though and we love every piece of it.

Because there is no tray, it means that our little one can sit at the table and eat on the same table as us.

Also the chair is growing with our baby. He will soon turn 2yo and can now hope on the chair by himself, it is very stable.

I love that he has both his feet on a flat surface while eating and not dangling in the air.

Last but not least it is very easy to clean. Simple design means that no food gets stuck in impossible spot to reach.

As with all the Bjorn products, this has a great resale value so worth investing in my opinion.


My mother bought the Tripp Trapp when I was a baby and her chairs are still going strong and are in daily use in her adult household. So when I was looking for a high chair, I tried out a few others but I knew Stokke was worth the money. While the style has remained the same, the new version is smaller but has added safety features like the harness and stability bits on the back of the chair. 

They are frequently on sale and we got the tray for free, however the tray is pointless as we all sit at the table together. I think this is the perfect chair for people who believe in connecting as a family over food, because the baby is part of the group and not segregated off with their own tray. 

It is so easy to clean and as we chose walnut, it matches our existing dining table. I hate using other high chairs as they are so hard to clean and awkward to get the baby in and out off. The Tripp Trapp is such a good, classic design and is totally worth the money (especially as we hope to get 30 years out of it). 


The reviews so far have been spot on.

-Easy to clean

-Use it for years (my 5 year old still uses it)

-Kids sit at the table at our level

-The style doesn't get old or date etc.

I'd like to add that kids can be independant and climb up themselves. They are always upright so falls are less dangerous and if you or your kids are creative, these chairs can be decorated, painted, put the childs name on the back... Overall, a brilliant chair!

I love this chair! Although some people might find it a bit expensive I've found that it's well worth the money you spend on it. Not only is it stylish, comfortable and a space saver but it also grows with your child so will be used for years and years. It also allows little ones to sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family which can't always be possible when using other brands of high chairs. It's easy to clean and interchangable cushions come in a wide variety of colors and design so you can easily suit it to your decor or tastes. I would highly recommend the Tripp Trapp!

I loved this highchair and the thought that it could grow with my daughter.

However, my daughter complained alot that the seat was too hard and didn't want to stay in it (and this was after I bought the seat cushion and back rest cushion) . 

I thought it was a great idea that she could use the table the same as us but she seemed to prefer to have a tray table all to herself.

She is three now so we have taken the front bar of and made a big deal about it being her big girl chair and she seems to be a bit more responsive but still on occasion prefers her good old everyday highchair (that was actually her Dad's when he was a kid so a really old style one).

It has great points but in the end I found that she preferred the old style chair.

Luckily I located this second hand and I know it will still get use so I haven't lost out on the deal

I am not surprised that all of the reviews for this highchair are so positive!  I bought the Tripp Trapp for my son after we found that the Stokke cot and change table were so versatile and good looking.  I agree that it is a little expensive, but if you are patient and keep your eye on auction sites, then you should be able to get one for a cheaper price.  The chair is so easy to clean and hard wearing that even a second hand one is fantastic!  I just bought a new 'baby set' and cushion and it was as good as new.  I agree with the other reviewers that one of the main advantages is that you can seat your child at the table with the rest of the family.  We will be packing the Tripp Trapp to the inlaw's house for Christmas lunch this year as I believe that children should be included during mealtimes...and being so wonderful, the chair packs down to almost nothing.  I highly recommend this highchair...and anything else from Stokke too.



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