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Mother's Choice Roundabout

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Parent Reviews and Comments

bought the chair for my grandaughter as i mind her while mum works it is the most dangerous inconvenient chair i have ever come across and i have owned a few as i have 4 children of my own. when my 8 monthn old grandchold wriggles the whole chair rocks to the point of tipping and the straps are way to big i wouldnt recommend to antone


I got this chair on a fantastic sale so it was as cheap as any of the basic ones, so price was not a factor in this case.

I do like the swivel as it means I can have bub facing the table, or myself, or whatever may be catching his attention at the time.  It wipes down very easily and I like that it has a small raised section between his legs to prevent him sliding forward - many other high chairs only have the strap (as does this) but bub still wriggles forward until the strap is digging into his nappy.  The swivel function was quite stiff at first but now moves a lot more easily.  The inner tray comes off the actual slide on tray which makes for even easier cleaning too.

The con is that the straps were very log to begin with but i tucked the back buckles into the slots on the back to shorten them for now.  The base is very wide which means that it can be difficult to manouver around through doorways.

Overall I really like this highchair, and it seems to be my bub's favourite as well as he fusses in some of the others I have tried.


I picked this highchair up a few months ago and have been using it since 6 months of age with my daughter.

Pros: 360 degree rotation on the chair is great, it means she can watch tv and feed or I can swivel her around to watch Daddy while I feed her.  Padding on the chair seems comfy and food just wipes off.  Tray is large and you can pull off the top tray part and stick in the dishwasher if you wanted to.

Cons: The chair has a very wide U-shaped base that seems to always be in the way.  You can't collapse the chair so be prepared to have it permanently take up space in your house. 

I purchased this high chair for my 5 month old, I really do not reccomend it for a younger baby.

The straps constantly came loose and fell down to his shoulders.
It is BIG, really big!
It cannot be folded so has to sit in the way all the time and I stubbed my toe on it nearly everyday.
The wide base was always in the way and I found with the chair turned around it was very unstable, we had it up against the table with the tray off and my son kicked his feet up onto the table, tipping the chair backwards!!!

So hard to clean, had to hose it down almost everyday which is no easy feat considering it weighs about 10 tonne.
The 360 degree turn seems like a great idea but just didn't get used in our house and it is really stiff to turn, having to push down quite hard to swivel it around.

What I did like about it was the cool green colour, the fact that it was a little bit different to the standard high chairs out there (I know better now) and the heigh adjustment.

Overall I do not think this is a good chair and have several friends who bought it and thought the same thing, we ended up selling it and buying a much simpler, cheaper and easier to clean chair.

Love the look it its trendy and easy to use. I really love the idea that someone has thought of the idea of having a highchair that rotates 360 degress.



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