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The First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair

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miSwivel Feeding Chair

A great space saving feeding chair which attaches to your existing dining chairs by 2 straps with buckles.

It has 5 recline options, can swivel 180 degrees and has 2 height adjustment positions.

Parent Reviews and Comments

We started off using a bulky Steelcraft highchair for our 6 month old baby and was really unhappy with it. My sister had a Fisher Price Space saver chair which clips onto your dining room chairs so I was looking for one of those however couldn't find one and discovered the First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair which I now think is better!

It is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. We paid $99 from Babies R Us however have since seen it online for around $79 from deals direct and Big W. It comes in a couple of different patterns as well which I think is great.

It has 5 recline options and is suitable from newborn to approx 18 months old and then can be turned into a booster seat for at the table. The chair can swivel 180 degrees so baby can either face the table or can be swiveled to face you. It also has 2 height settings and a 5 point safety harness.

The chair is really easy to clean, the padding can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine for a proper clean or can simply be wiped down with a sponge. We tested this out the othe day with Avocado being mushed in and it wiped straight off! There are different settings to clip the tray on to depending on how big your baby is and plenty of leg room. It is also dishwasher safe and has an insert which clips inside the main tray.

It can be taken anywhere if you're going on holidays, to a restaurant, or a friends... simply unclip and put in the back of your car. I am going to start taking it to mothers group so I can feed him there. It has 2 straps one underneath and one round the back of the chair you are attaching it to and the each have an easy to use buckle/clip.

My bub is quite happy to sit in it while you are getting his food ready whereas before he would squirm and get very cranky so you had to have his food ready before you put him in it and it would then be cold by the time you gave it to him.

Overall I LOVE this chair and would highly recommend it to anyone. Hopefully we will be using it for years to come!!



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