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Steelcraft Milano Hi-Lo Highchair

4 reviews
Milano Hi-Lo Highchair
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I haven't used this chair with my daughter yet as she is too young but my friends 1yr old have it a good run on the weekend. I love the sturdiness of the chair and the fact that it is a high low one. The different layers of removable padding and great and the recline function too. I liked that it has a bar between the legs it adds a bit extra security.  The top of the tray removes which is super easy to then fit in the sink to clean.  however, mister 1 did find the try a little too high for him. It is a large chair but that wasn't a concern of mine. Overall I really love this chair and can't wait to be using it regularly with my daughter.


I purchased the Milano after seeing the Milano and Messina side by side. To me they both had the exact same features, however the Milano happened to be on sale as it was the last one they had in store. In my area they price around the $200 mark *usually*...... But I got mine for around the $150 price range. It is one of the more pricy chairs, but I think well worth the money if you are getting it for your first child where it will last for the rest of your family.

I wasn't planning on using it straight away as my little one is unable to sit up on her own yet, but I have found with a bub who is just dying, straining, and whinging to sit up, this chair is a life saver. The recline function lets me feed her, have her sit up and look around with out toppling over or sliding out. I love the bottom bar bit between the legs as it offers that bit more safety then just a strap holding her in.

The tray is easily removed for cleaning, the plastic seats are simple to wipe down after each feed, and the wheels make it super easy to manover around the house.

The size of the chair is pretty big, but I prefer to have it big as it is very sturdy and there is absolutely no chance my bub will ever be able to rock her self to tip it.

I love the fact that you can move the seat up and down, as I have put the seat down a few times and fed her while I have been sitting in the lounge, and also put the seat down occasionaly for my bub to watch some play school before her bed time as she loves sitting up and watching the bright colours.

I love this high chair and am so happy I bought it. I wasn't going to buy one at all, but am now so pleased I did. :)


I love our chair but it did have down sides. It's size is physically always in my way and I'm constantly moving it around and my boys liked to stand in it and the seat tilt dosn't hold anymore so it is now strapped in the upright position.

The seat tilts back for when they fall asleep during dinner and the whole thing can be lowered for feeding from a lounge chair. Great for him doing it while I do other things. The inserts I washed too much so left them off and the hard seat is still ok and easier to wipe clean. The tray removes and it can be pushed up to the table for family dinner. Just the perfect height.

We do love it, it is very stable and very multi use but can't wait to get my kitchen back it is just always in my way. Wish it folded up but it only disassembles.

Johnny Poppers
The Milano has the following features;

a head snuggler, reversible seat insert, shoulder pads to cover the straps, a removable double tray including a moulded cup holder, adjustable foot rest (3 position) and leg rest, 5 point safety harness, is height adjustable (6 positions), has a reclining seat (3 positions), large basket underneath for storage of bibs and wheel brakes.


The shoulder straps have 2 height adjustments and the tray is able to be stored on the rear legs when not in use.  

 I like the additional feature of the moulded crotch bar located underneath the tray.

I find it extremely stable, easy to move around the house and comfortable for my baby. It had simple instructions and was easy to put together. It is easy to change settings too.


The chair can fold away for easier storage, although it is still rather bulky in this position.


I found the tray height was too high for my child under 8 months so often left the tray off and pushed the chair into our dining table. This worked really well.  


The chair gets harder to clean as the child gets older and feeds themselves / makes more mess.

 I chose the chair purely because of the stability, safety and comfort it provided for my child.



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