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Brica Fold n Go Travel Booster

10 reviews
Fold n Go Travel Booster

This booster seat is small enough to fit in your overnight bag (or keep in the car boot). It opens and unfolds in mere seconds and provides a strong, sturdy, safe place for junior to sit at the table.

With the fold 'n go™ travel booster's 3-point harness adjustable straps you know your baby, no matter what size, will be safe and secure.  Super easy to clean.

Parent Reviews and Comments

The first thing I liked when I received the seat was how compact it was. Only a small and lightweight box. That was brilliant as it means it is easy to transport. It fits anywhere in the car, in the basket of the pram and also has a carry handle which is very convenient.

It is ideal not only for eating out but as the baby seat for normal meals at home. We took our usual highchair for a repair some weeks ago and have been using this one since then for every baby meal, and it has worked perfectly.

The set-up is simple and intuitive. It only takes seconds to fold or unfold just using the straps.

In regards to the design, it is neutral and fresh. It can be used by either a boy or a girl. Personally, I love the combination of charcoal and lime. It is, also, very easy to clean.

On the cons side, although it is firm and stable, we found the 3-point harness not 100% secure for our little man since he is a bit antsy. Once seated he starts balancing or pushing with his feet against the table, so we had to adjust the straps to the table as well as to the back of the chair to make it safer. And have an eye over him all the time!

Overall, I am very happy with the  Brica Fold'n Go travel booster. This is a really practical portable chair, suitable for kids who can sit upright without support, ideal for going out and also convenient for eating at home.


The travel booster seat has been a life saver this week - as we went away on a last minute trip and it was so easy to fit it into our luggage bags and to attach it to a chair at a friend's house.

We have used other portable highchairs - but they have been very bulky or you need to inflate/deflate them - and they aren't compact and easy to use.

The fold n go travel booster is very thin, very light and it takes seconds to put it up and clip it on to a chair.

My DS (nearly 2) tried to get out of the chair a few times, but the straps kept him in very well and he loved being able to sit at the table with the rest of the family at dinner time.

I highly recommend this product.


The 'Fold 'n Go' booster is fantastic! We've been using it with our 2 year old for both at home and when out. 

It folds up so small and is nice and light so if we're heading out, I just pack it in the nappy bag. It's also easy to unfold and clip around the chair - it's no hassle at all. 

I hated not knowing if there were going to be highchairs available or not when we were eating out.  With a large family, a highchair just takes up so much extra room when you're eating out and can be in the way.  Our 2 yo is at a point now where he likes to sit at the table with us, but is still too short to be able to reach the table properly, which is why we've been using this booster seat at home as well. It's much nicer having him sit at the table rather than standing so he can reach!

This definitely gets my vote and will get a lot more use in this house with another baby who will get to use it as well.


I wanted a booster that I could use both at home and while travelling. This booster seat fits the criteria brilliantly. It straps to most restaurant chairs with ample strap length, is sturdy and easily wipes clean.

I tried this seat with my 2.5 year old and with my 11 month old and it worked great for both of them. The seat belt wasn't really big enough or suitable for my 2.5 year old but then he didn't need it anyway. No problems at all with strapping in the bub.

Not sure how it would go with a baby that couldn't sit unaided as there isn't a lot of support for a small baby. Not sure how my little one would have done in it at 6 months because she wasn't very stable on her own.

Overall I found the booster fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to others.


I have enjoyed using the travel booster when visiting friends and family, as well as going out for planned dinners.

It folds into itself really flat, I was surprised at how sturdy it was for my toddler to sit on as I was worried it might collapse once she was on it, but it has been great!!

It is not something that you would carry on you all the time because it is a decent size, about 30cm length and width, but in saying that it's not so huge that you can't carry it while out and about and I will always have it in my car.

My daughter has attempted to get out of the seat to stand on the chair but only manages to pull up on it as she tried to stand. Unlike high chairs where she wriggles her way out!

I would definitely recommend this item.


The first time I used the Brica fold n go I found it quite easy to set up.  The design allows for it to be stored in the smallest of places which was great for us as we walk everywhere.

I fitted it to a range of different sized and shaped seats to test it's versatility and had no problems fitting it to square chairs but did need a bit of fiddling to fit to a rounded chair.

I found it sits the child at an excellent height to the table and the harness keeps them quite secure and in a seated position (great for anytime with a full on toddler).

All in all a great product that I will be recommending to friends.  Thank you for the opportunity to review it.


We have a 17mth old little girl who is very independent and likes to think she is one of the grown ups. This has been an excellent product to review for her. 

I was really impressed with the booster seat, trialling it at dinner time in the house and taking to a friend's for coffee. My daughter fitted well in the seat and was secured safely. It propped her at a great height to eat at the dining table.  

I got a little teary-eyed as she looks so grown up now sitting at the table like a big girl! She is very pleased with herself too. 

Perfect to take on weekends away, visits to a friends house or cafe, or to use at an airport and pack for travel away. 

Easy to use and attach to chairs, easy and practical to pack, to take on the go with you and a modern, attractive design. 


The best thing about the Brica fold'n go travel booster is that is so compact and light, making it ideal for travelling or dining out. The whole system folds up into a slim, easy-to-carry case roughly the size of a laptop, but far lighter.

The booster unfolds easily with one hand so it is convenient to set up with junior on your hip, although you do need two hands to anchor the booster safely around the back of a chair. A built-in, 3-point harness system ensures child safety, with the front locks hidden in front of a soft safety pouch to avoid nasty tummy pinches.

The booster is recommended for 6mths+, but your child must be able to sit up unaided because there is little side support. While it is not likely that a child would fall out out of the booster when strapped in, there is still the risk of a child banging their head or causing themselves a fright if they were to veer sidewards. So do ensure that your child can sit up unassisted before using this product.

The colours are pleasingly neutral and stylish and the product is very easy to clean with a damp, soapy cloth. The item is not suitable for the washing machine.

Our 7 month-old was delighted to trial this product, and simply beamed with delight when he realised he could sit up at the dinner table with the rest of the family. We tend to eat out quite regularly, and travel often so the Brica fold'n go travel booster is absolutely ideal for us. For convenience alone, I would definitely recommend this product.


What a great product! I'm actually amazed at how compact these seats are and they are great to keep in the car so if you are out somewhere (restaurants, visiting people) you always have it with you without it taking up any room.

Since getting the seat I have used it at home (to try it out before taking it out anywhere), my mums and at a restuarant (which had dodgy high chairs with broken clips!). I found that the booster sits better on chairs that have padding on the seat as you can clip it down quite tightly and the booster is fairly secure and doesn't move all over the place. My mum has wooden chairs, and although it was pretty secure on her chairs, I found it didn't feel as stable as it was on the padded chair.

The user manual says to use from 6 months plus, but I would say that if you are using this as a booster for bubs to sit at a table with everyone else, you will find that they sit pretty low and can't really see over the table so its probably better for a bub that is a little older/taller (my son is 8 months) - but if it's just for having somewhere to pop them while feeding them, then it gets 2 thumbs up from me.

It's very easy to fold/unfold and the straps that you use to clip it to the seat are quite long so you should be able to use it on most types of chairs. I can also fit it into my nappy bag which is a bonus! The material feels very durable and is easy to clean if food gets spilt on it (who am I kidding!? - when food gets spilt on it).

We are flying interstate for a holiday in a few weeks so this will be great to chuck in with our luggage without having to worry about going over our luggage weight allowance as it's so light!

All in all, its a great seat and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying one.


I received my Travel Booster seat and I love it. My daughter couldn't wait for me to unfold it and clip it to the chair. She was straight in it to eat her dinner.

It is a good height for the dining room table. My daughter is 2.5 years and 16 kg. It is a very sturdy seat and the adjustable straps are nice and long so it was not tight around her tummy.

It folds flat so it takes up no room if you were travelling. I think I will be putting this in my suitcase when we travel this year.  My daughter had no complaints and I can't fault it. What a great travel product!

If you are light on storage room in your house, as you do end up with a collection of baby items over the years of raising a young family, this product would be a great alternative to the moulded seats which take up more storage room.

Thank you for allowing me to trial this great product. It will be used everyday in our house. so if I think of anything I can add to this reveiw down the track I will.



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