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Childcare Cube Highchair

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Cube Highchair

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Katie Van Berkel
Our son is a slim baby and he seemed lost in all the other highchairs we sat him in. This one is perfect for him. Funnily enough all the bigger highchairs were 5 times the price of this one! We were happy to pay more but it seemed the more exp the chair, the more frills. He fits nicely in this one and there's room for him to grow. Its padded but doesn't have lots of padding that is difficult to wash. The tray takes a bit of force to remove but once you're used to it its easy. The tray cleans super easily. Its lightweight so I can lift it easily and I can dismantle it easily - even more of a miracle. This is a good no-frills, no-fuss highchair.

I bought this highchair out of desperation!  I have another highchair that cost a bomb but my daughter screamed everytime I put her in it.  I found the exy one was just too big for her being a small baby.

So I bought the Cube Highchair and it is my saviour!  The harness is a flexi one as it isnt attached to the back of the chair the straps wrap over her shoulders and back and is attached to the base of the chair. This stops her feeling restrained as she can move forward but also stops her falling out.  She sits over the tray which encourages her to grab her food and feed herself.  It is easy to clean and easy to put together and pull apart and small enough that we could take it away with us if needed.  Long term I do not know yet but as an interim chair it is great.

Down side is the tray can be a pain to take off, but once you learn how its not as bad.

This chair cost me $40 new on sale!!  My baby now is happy at dinner time which means I am happy! 



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