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Bumbo Highchair

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I think the concept of the Bumbo is fantastic, and for $30 for a second hand one, barely used I think it's awesome.

The seat itself is made of a moulded foamy plastic material which is much softer than I expected.  It has a fairly high back to support bubs as they learn to sit, and the leg holes fit around their legs.

The leg holes are the only thing I have a slight problem with.  My little girl is 4 months old and not a particulary chubby one, although she is long.  When I try to get her out of the bumbo, her legs stick and if I'm not careful it comes up with her...!

That said, it's a great little seat for her and the optional addition of the tray makes it even more useful.  It's wipe clean and can even be used in the shower (very useful when they've outgrown the baby bath and you only have a shower...)

It comes in a variety of colours, and the best thing is that there are so many of them around it's easy to find a second hand one in really good nick :)


I LOVE my bumbo.

My daughter is 19 months old and still fits in her Bumbo. We use it every feed time as it is more convenient then a highchair. It is sooooo easy to clean and also portable. I picked mine up on sale with a tray for $50 and have used it since my daughter was 3 months old. I have found this one of the most useful baby products that I have and have just bought one for my friend for her daughter.


I was given one of these and found that it was a waste of time.  He could not fit in it very easily (was too big) and he would lean back and flip it over.  This was before there was a tray for it.

I then had another baby and this baby is a lot smaller and different personality.  she loves it, likes to sit in it and watch what is going on instead of lying on the floor or in her bouncer.  I have the tray this time as well and have used it a couple of times.  I find the tray is very hard to get on the Bumbo but once on it is great to put her toys on there and can see it being used when feeding until she can sit up by herself at the table.

I like this and my son is just starting to get enough head control to use so i can only imagine how much use ill get out of it in a few more weeks. Its great when im playing on the floor with toddler to put baby in there so he can watch us. He likes it and its helping him gain more head control which is good. Its a little pricey for what it is at $75 rrp and certainly there are other products like a highchair that could hold a baby longer and you would get more use out of but if you have a spare $75 or but it on your baby wish list :P its a nice product to have!
This was a big waste of money for us, I bought the bumbo and play tray when my son was 3 months old and he never liked it, would try to fling himself out and he barely fit in it with the play tray attatched.

Used it only a handful of times, I know a lot of people who love it though and if you don't end up using it much the plus side is it has a high resell value.


I was given a bumbo when i was PG with #1 and it was the most used gift that i recieved

its a great chair that can be used as a highchair, play chair and even used as a bath seat when on holiday

I hihly recommend getting the tray aswell as without it, bubs can eventually get out lol


My son loved his bumbo and would still sit in it now if he could!  It was great for everything - you could use it as a highchair with the tray, he could sit in it as a chair, it's soft and comfy and gives great support to little spines and gave him a "special chair" that was just his.

Very easy to clean and also good for playing.  I could put him in it with some blocks or toys on the tray and have a shower while he said in the bathroom playing.  

Very useful and cute seat! 


I love this chair! I bought one and got the "play tray" as well which I have been using when feeding my bub. She loves the bumbo anyway so she is quite comfortable sitting in it with or without the tray. I am not using it as a highchair, just a feeding chair (the bumbo sits are floor level or up on the couch next to me so I can make sure it doesn't fall). I have not got the highchair / stand attachment.

Plastic coated foam is soft and comfortable and easy to clean. The chair is small and light weight so it doesn't take up much room and is easy to move around or throw in the car and take with you. The tray is plastic and fis the chair well.

The possible down side to using this chair as a feeding chair is that it appears quite small and I am not sure how long a child could comfortably (or safely) sit in it for... They are also a little on the expensive side.



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