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Fisher Price Booster Seat

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Booster Seat
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Parent Reviews and Comments

We bought this to transition from high chair to the table and has now been used through two children and put away for the next one too.  It attaches to any chair, we used a towel underneath it so that the chair underneath didn't get dirty from any dropped food.

It is great that there are variable heights for it, and includes harness to keep child secure.  Comes with two trays and a lid.

Can highly recommend.


We purchased this booster seat originally for when we went away on holidays however it has now become a firm favourite for at home and at the dining table for x 2 kids.

It came with a little activity play attachement which was great when the children were younger however as they grew we removed this option and just had the plain tray.

Then as they grew older still, we have taken the tray up and it is a great booster seat for them to be able to eat at the dining table with us.

It is easier to clean, has a secure harness and is very easy to fold down and take with us when going on holidays or out to dinner.

Very good value for money and even better when you get it on sale.

WIN WIN with this booster seat!!! 

This is great to help your toddler transition from a highchair to a normal dining chair at the table. It helps lift them up to correct height and secures them so they dont get up and down doing meal times! Its easy to wipe down with plastic that food wipes straight off. Its also really good to take to grandparents house as its small and there used to sitting in it. We got lots of use out of this and was well worth the money. Would recommend to anyone who has a child who has outgrown the highchair and isnt quite big enough for the chair alone yet.
~Lost In The Fifties~

This has to be one of the best things we ever bought.

DD started using it when she was around 11 months old and has not looked back (now 2 years!), i love this booster seat as it makes the child feel included in dinner time being able to sit at the table with other children and adults.

The booster seat is easy to clean, durable and compact.

This product has now been passed on to our ds who has been using since approx 8 months ( now 11 months).

Definately worth every cent we spent! 


Arbre de la vie

i recently bought one of these for my 15 month old. I've had a 'proper' highchair with all the bells and whistles since he started solids, but found it pretty useless when he wanted to spoon feed himself since the tray was too high.

this seat is fantastic! the tray is a great height for him to feed himself and i love how portable it is. he can eat at the dining table with us, or have his morning tea outside or watching Thomas. We can take it with us easily when we go visiting too. It will last him for years too as the tray is removable if you just need a booster seat for the table.

but my favourite aspect of this booster highchair is how easy it is to clean! my other highchair has a padded seat and its impossible to get all the crumbs and 'goo' out of all the stitching. the FP seat is just plastic so a simple wipe down is all it takes. and if the straps get dirty you can pop them out and give them a soak.


This is a great little seat for camping, taking to Grandma's, having in the car for when the local restaurant doesn't have a seat or they are all in use or for at home!

Very easy to clean, quick to pack up and very convenient when travelling. 


We bought one of these for our older child when she no longer needed to be in a highchair (and when her baby brother came along). It was very easy to install onto a dining chair (and easy to pack up too). We have since bought another cheaper booster chair for our son, which is useless compared to the Fisher-Price one. The FP one is much more sturdy and stays still on the chair much better so the child can get his/her self in and out. 

The tray part was handy for our younger child when he was needing to be fed, and when he was starting to learn to feed himself. It was at a very good height for learning to feed himself.

Does not recline back, but we bought it for an older toddler to use rather than a little bub. Very happy with this booster seat, would definintely buy it again.  


What can I say- amazing! You can take it anywhere, and it does not take much space. Small and lightwight, unlike most highchairs. Perfect to take to that trip to grandma's or a restaurant. Easy to clean which is good if you have extremly messy children like mine !!!!! Unfortunately the seat does not recline for younger children, which to me is it's only downside.

Big thumbs up


We love our booster seat. We use it at home and take it to the inlaws as well. Its compact, height adjustable, safe and portable. But most of all so very easy to clean.

Big thumbs up.


This chair is great. Good size, easy to use, totally adjustable - will suit a kid from 6mths up until they are ready to sit at the table. And portable! I got mine 2nd hand, it was used for years before my DS inherited it and it is still in great condition. Just put plastic on your chair before u attach it to a dining chair (if it is soilable).

Only complaint (which is not even a big deal) is it has grooves! If u are a high chair designer and u are reading this, grooves are bad - food gets stuck in them and they are pointless.



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