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Ikea Antilop

43 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

We bought this high chair to keep at my parents' house. It's great, for the price you can't beat it. Easy to clean and sturdy enough. Legs can easily be removed for transport. Only negative would be that the harness is a bit tricky to do up but I've found that the seat is snug enough around bub that it doesn't really need to be done up anyway, there's no room for her to flick her legs up and attempt to climb out. 


My DD could reach the table with its help. I bought it on crazysales when it was on sale. Great delivery of that company and good quality of product. My DD is happy with having meals with me on the table.


We have 3 of these they are thst good. One for the kitchen, one on our deck and one that lives ar our holiday home. Under $30 at IKEA, easy to aassemble and easy to clean (whether that be a quick wipe or a hose down outside). No awkward crevices to clean and a simple design that would suit most homes.


I had a different high chair for the first 3 months my daughter was using it. 

Once I went to an Antilop Ikea high chair I haven't looked back.  

They are so easy to keep clean. They fit in to any spots in the house. And because it is so light we also didn't have a problem taking it along when we went camping. 

I now have 2, I look after another few kids during the week and I just love having the Ikea chairs around. 


I don't own this chair but use it weekly when we visit friends who do. Omg I wish I had bought it instead of spending $200 on the chair I do have. It is fantasticly easy to clean with no crevices for food to hide and it can easily be Taken apart and hosed off outside of transported easily. 

I find it easy to get bub in and out of the chair only negative is it has a very stiff back to certainly not for younger babies still learning to not slump to the side. 


I love this highchair, as does my toddler.  I don't think it would have been completely suitable for her when she had just started solids due to lack of cushioning and support but at the same time it is SO easy to clean it's a dream.  The colours are lovely and birght and it is is useable both with and without the tray.  We didn't bother with the add on cushion as when we tested it in store, we thought it was more hassle than help.

Price is excellent, in fact you normally see them at the baby markets for $15-$20 so in the end of the $30 (for the chair plus tray) you're likely to get a fair bit back if you want to.

Only niggles - the tray is difficult to get off again once it's on, and if you're moving it between a table you want the child to sit at and one at which they need the tray it's a pita, also it doesn't fold, at all, it needs to be deconstructed and the seat itself is something of a lump - plus running the risk of loosing some leg bits if you're anything like me ;)

All that said, we're about to go and get a second one for mr 8m  for our home and for Grandmas =D


We love the Antilop High Chair and the only downside is that I wish I had known of it with my first three kids!

No more crevices for food and other nasties, easy to clean with a wipe over or hose down, easy to assemble and disassemble, doesn't take up much room and is easily transportable!

For younger babies you have the option of buying the cloth insert, but I found this more of hindrence than a help.

There is a reason so many Cafes and restaurants provide these high chairs and I only wish I had have bought one sooner.

It might be budget in price, however it's not budget in functionality.

Love it!


This chair is fabulous when in use. It's easy to clean and baby can be lifted in and out quickly. However, I don't recommend taking it apart of storage because the clips on the legs fall out and can't be reinserted. Without the clips to hold the legs in place, the chair becomes dangerous to use. This happened to us and we had to go out and buy a new chair. 

I LOVE this high chair! We tried a few different chairs with my first daughter and I was never really happy. So not wanting to waste too much money when our second came along I decided to give this chair a try. I cannot believe how amazing it is! It's simple to put together, light to move around and SO easy to clean! I just pop the tray off ($10 extra for the tray) and wash it in the sink. I got the additional padded insert as bub is small, but I've also had a friends 2yo use it too, so it seems to be great for all sizes. I would recommend this chair to anyone. Bargain price and it does everything you need it to.
steel magnolia

I actually bought this as a backup item. I had a much fancier, very expensive chair at home, but this was purchased while away on holiday. I figured that for $15 bucks, as long as it served its purpose while we were away for two weeks, we would get our moneys worth. And its cheap enough to leave behind!

Well as it turned out, i didnt want to part with it. It was sooo much easier to clean! And it pulled apart easily to go in the car boot to travel back home. I also loved that it was the right height to pull up to the dining table, and the removable (optional extra) tray allowed our bub to really be incuded at the table :)

Its not fussy. It doesnt try to be anything more than it is: just a very basic and functional highchair. Easy to clean, compact and easy to store away, it does the job without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Well worth its price. Happy :)


After reading reviews on here I purchased this chair & am VERY happy with that decision.

it is so cheap & easy to clean & baby looks comfortable. It is easy on the eyes & doesn't take up a whole lot of space either!. There are also cushions with cleanable covers you can buy to make it comfier! 

Highly recommend this chair!


Be careful with these chairs, my 8 month old fell out of it even though she was tied in, think it needs straps over the shoulders as well.  This is my third child and we had a chair but decided to get this one as it is easy to clean.  Never thought our girl would climb out.  Probably better for older kids..


A nice easy to use and clean chair.  It saves time by being without all the extra luxury.  No padding to clean, no nooks and cranny's to hunt down.  And there is no need for the frills as bub isn't there to have a nap....let's get the eating done and move on with our day.


I love this high chair! I would highly recommend it.

It's so cheap!! Which means there is more money to spend elsewhere, yay!

Love how quick and easy this is to clean. It's white, so it's easy to see the mess that's been left behind, and there are very few crack and crevices so you don't have to work hard to clean it.
Even better is that if all else fails, take it outside and hose it down!

It is made of hard plastic, so probably not super comfortable, but you know, it's cheap and clean's easy and they only sit in it for 20 minutes at a time, so it can't be all bad.

Buy it. Save your hard earnt pennies for something better than a highchair.


I bought this from the reviews here and love how easy it is to clean the tray, the seat.  And for a great price too.  I noticed that they are $10 less than when I bought them a few months ago, so even better.

Bubs sit in it comfortably.  You can get a cushion insert for an extra $10, and if you were going to do that, get 2 so you can have one in the wash while the other is being used.  I find that it fills up the space so bubs as no room to manoeuvre and climb out of the chair.


This highchair is great value for money and so easy to clean. You can take the legs off for easy storage or travel. It is very basic, does have all the unnesessary fancy features highchairs come with, but it is really all you need.


I weOrlando bought a more expensive high chair with padding and wheels and it was so hard to clean and keep clean.

Friend recommended the ikea chair and it's the best.

You can hose all the food off, wipe it clean so easily.

No need to take the tray off either.

Best value

giggle berry

After battling to use a "fancier" highchair that we were given we recently bought this one. I wish I'd bought it months ago! A much better fit for my little man who was lost in his other one. We also got the padded insert cushion which keeps him snug and centre. So much less mess, easy to clean and he can actually see and reach the pieces of food that I place on the tray, which is bringing him so much joy! :) The icing on the cake is that this high chair is one of the cheapest I have seen!


We tried to use a regular highchair with the padding etc.  We found that there were too many crevices that food got trapped in.

We were given the Ikea Highchair and it's perfect!!!  So easy to wipe clean and move around.  We have no desire to get any of the fancy looking highchairs.  

We were also given the pillow that goes on the inside, but we find that it gets quite dirty with our little boy biting it or putting his dirty fingers all over it.

Although we didn't purchase it ourselves, it's such a bargain being under $50.

I wish that I had just bought this high chair at the beginning of feeding my DS solids instead of wasting so much time with cleaning.  I eventually said that I wanted a high chair like the ones that they have in restaurants, researched pictures on google and found that this was the exact highchair that I had been dreaming of.  It is excellent for easy cleaning, great to transport as the legs come out and great for an older child.  I wouldn't recommend it for a very small child though as it doesn't have a harness.  The only other downside is that it can be quite hard to get DS out of this chair if he is wearing shoes...but he does have very big feet for a toddler.
Love this highchair so much that i have bought a second one for when my twins get older!  Didn't bother with the tray as we BLW'ed our DD, so she sat at the table with us from the day she started to eat.  Love that she now shares every meal with the family - the highchair is so super easy to clean that BLW was a breeze.  A quick wipe down after each meal and we were done!  I even take the chairs to the coast as the legs are easily removed!

I recently purchased this chair for my daughter and it is great.  Food doesn't get stuck in any cracks in fabric and is very easy to clean.  I have purchased the fabric insert to fit her in it a little better as she is only 6 months old still.  She loves to sit at the table with the rest of the family at meal times!

This can be used with the tray or without when older.

The only bad thing is that my daughter is still a little wobbly and sometimes leans back and bangs her head on the back of the chair, not really a problem but if I had to find a fault, it would be great to purchase some kind of cushion to slip over the back of the chair.

Also comes in a few colours, love the blue!


I recently purchased this highchair for my 6 month old on the recommendation of a number of friends and family.

I can't recommend this highchair enough! It is sturdy, extremely easy to clean (everyone kept saying this but it didn't realise how important this factor was until my little one started solids) and best of all so cheap!

It has straps to keep your child in the highchair and you can also buy a cusion insert for comfort which can just be thrown in the wash when dirty.

Only downside of this highchair is that the height cannot be changed or it cannot be folded, though these concerns aren't an issue for me and for the cheap price you don't really expect the chair to be able to do so.

Overall I would give this highchair 10/10. Love it!


I originally had a timber high chair but found that it was hard to clean all the food out of the cracks and crevices.

I noticed this chair at a few cafes/pubs and really liked it, so I went to Ikea and got one.

The price first of all is awesome. I bought mine including the tray for $40.

Cleaning is soo easy, that are no crevices for food to hang around in and I just give it a spray of disinfectant and wipe over after each use. It still looks brand new (my timber one was losing varnish with every clean because I had to scrub it).

Choice of three colours, white, blue or red.

It is a nice sturdy chair which holds your baby in without having to use the straps (although it does have straps).

It is the only chair I would buy in the future. 

I don't know why anyone would bother even looking at another high chair!!

i love this highchair. the price obviously sold me, but the ongoing practicality has won me over time and time again.

the ease of cleaning, the abilty to remove the legs to make it nice and compact for travel, and the price are my favourite parts.

the only negative i can think of are that it is not a 5 point harness and my son can easily stand up in it despite the waist strap. So i dont feel comfortable walking away from him when he is in it. however he can also now slip a five point harness and stand up in his car seat sp so i dont feel that would offer me sufficient advantage!

why anyone would pay the prices for some of those pther high chira baffles me, never mind cleaning up the padded seats!!!


By far the best highchair around.

Easy to clean, can be taken apart for travel, sturdy well built, removable tray and insert for smaller babies.

Ticks all the boxes in my book.


This is the BEST highchair I have come across. It's simple and plastic, which basically means easy to use and easy to clean. It's very easy to assemble - the four legs basically click in and away you go. I will often unclick the legs and pop the highchair in the boot when visiting friends, as it's so easy to assemble upon arrival and it doesn't take up much room. The antilop is also very reasonably priced, much cheaper than most highchairs on the market. Highly recommend!


Doesn't look pretty but this is the best highchair i've come across!

Comfy for bub from an early age, and the middle support (btween their legs) makes it easy to sit them in there.

Easily adjustable straps.

Best of all, it's super easy to clean and doesn't seem to absorb smells like my other chair does.

Downside is that it doesn't have wheels, but it's so light that really doesn't matter.

this high chair is so easy to clean for a messy baby. its our favourite baby purchase so far. highly reccomend
my grandfather bought this for my bub while i was preg - it is the easiest chair i have seen that can be cleaned - can even be pulled apart and the chair part be put through the dishwasher. adjustable and the insert cushion can go through the washing machine. love it loads
Great chair.  Doesn't recline or do anything fancy, but it is so easy to clean.  No nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in.  Height is adjustable, packs down to nothing so you can take it with you on long holidays etc and is a great chair that is cheap to boot!

i love this highchair.  all 3 of my kids have used it over 5 years and i have been amazed at how well it has lasted compared to the 3 i had in my daughters first year before i found the ikea antilop. 

its so easy to clean, easy to transport - as the legs can be removed it fits in the car easily and we have taken it on holidays with us and to relatives places for meals when needed. 

its the perfect height to fit under our table so that my toddler can sit at the table like the other children but at a height that is right for him. and the legs don't stick out at funny angles like some chairs.

for a highchair that is so cheap it really lasts.   the infant insert is agreat idea and easy to wash.  was good for my bub who wanted to sit up and watch me cook.  

it would be nice if it had a over the shoulder harness too just for a little more support for the younger child and those who have a little houdini.

and if the tray was available in red or blue like the chair bases instead of just white. 


Absolutely love this highcair. It's stylish, so easy to clean and cheap! You can buy an infant insert to use from about 4 months old, and even if your little one isn't ready for solids yet, they can have a sit and play with some toys on the tray table.

Even though the height is not adjustable, I've never found this to be a problem. My 2 year old still wants to sit in her chair, especially now she sees the baby use it ;) 

Another great thing is that the legs are easily removable. So the highchair is easily transportable, we take it to friends houses or on holidays for example. It is lightweight and takes up little space in the car. Highly recommended!


This highchair is great,  It's so easy to clean. Light and a great price.

I had one of those padded, reclinable highchairs first.  It was impossible to clean and I hated it so went and bought one of these ikea ones and I absolutely love it.


This highchair is so easy to keep clean, lightweight and very easy to move around the house. It's great for indoor and outdoor use and for the price, I can't fault it!


I LOVE this highchair. We replaced the one I had for my son with one of these. 

It is so easy to clean, which is important when doing baby led weaning. If it gets really messy, it can just be hosed down and dried off. 

Added bonus is that just about every restaurant/cafe has these high chairs, so bub is used to sitting in it when you go out. 

At less than $30 you'd be mad to buy anything else!


We had a fancy, padded high chair which was a nightmare to clean.  That has now been sold and replaced by an Ikea Antilop.

So far I haven't found anything about it that I don't like - it's light, extremely easy to clean, and positions bub in a much better feeding position than our previous high chair.

I would highly recommend this.  We even bought one for my mum's house. 


After numerous highchairs, from 'elite' to this Ikea one... the ikea altilop is my FAV by far!

Soooo easy to clean (which is a HUGE thing with babies!)

love love love love! 


This is a great (and safe!) highchair. Can't be folded up to put away, but is very light and easy to move around the house which is a plus.

No gimmicks, nice and simple... what a high chair should be!

Cheap too!


I love this chair,

It is simple easy to use and easy to clean.

The highchair I had previously had all the bells and whistles but took 1/2 an hour to clean every time my daughter had a meal and I never seemed to get it clean. This chair is clean in no time.

The chair is a great height and has been fine for all the tables I have used it at so far. It could probably do with a foot rest but then it would start to make it complicated to take apart and put together. 

The price is great too. Starting at $29.99, then you can add padding and a table to it if you prefer. 

Great chair love it.

Easy, simple, no fuss.  The simple design also gave me confidence that no little fingers were going to get trapped anywhere.  It's so easy to clean too.  The only thing that was missing was a foot rest but my Dad made up something that we attached to use as a foot rest. 
Easy to clean, easy to store between babies, totally safe in my experience, this model is all you need!



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