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Wild Child Quit Nits Head Lice Treatment

8 reviews
Quit Nits Head Lice Treatment

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Bought this in an emergency headlice situation at 9pm the other night. Not the usual brand i would buy but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I bought 2 boxes as my daughter has long hair. Followed the instructions...still some live ones post treatment AND combing AND washing out. By this stage it is 11:30pm and we have school and work the next morning so i send her to bed.

Comb through in the morning more live ones so i do the treatment AND comb AND wash AND recomb again. Still live lice. Still!!!

So it has cost me close to $40 for a headlice/nit treatment that doesnt actually work.

Back to my usual brand. 

Mom 3

Unfortunately my children used to go to a school that had a bad lice problem, so I really know what I'm talking about when it comes to lice products. This stuff is awesome!! It smells nice, is non toxic and very low maintenance. You wear the product for 3 hours under a shower cap. Or you could sleep in it and wash it out the next day. My kids could watch tv and relax and THERE WAS NO MESSY COMBING!  Most lice treatments you have to comb out all the eggs because if you don't, they'll hatch later. Quit Nits kills the eggs too so you can skip that step. Hallelujah!

Marian Pantic

Needed several goes of this product and in the end finished the whole bottle. I have long, thick hair, and also had trouble with the flimsy little comb. It's not cheap and doesn't list the ingredients. Natural products, which is good, but I wouldn't buy it a second time.


My kids go to a school where headlice are always a problem, so i've tried a lot of products. This product worked wonders! It was a little bit messy to comb out but not a bit deal! I used a metal comb and it managed to remove all the nits (which are actually the eggs) and all the dead headlice. Being a creamy formula the kids didnt whinge nearly as much as in the past when i've used chemical filled products which have dried out their hair and made it impossible to comb without tears. The smell is pleasant enough the product did leave my daughter hair slightly greasy but once she washed it a second time it was fine.

cathie Macleod

i am a preschool teacher and this is where i picked up head lice:( I have not had them in years.  however bough a bottle of Quit Nits by Wild Child

Pleasant smell and at first i thought wow. i left it in for 10mins washed all bedding etc etc. combed hair to find one dead nit. and  few littles dead.  Hair felt clean and i was happy. Next day itchy as so combed my hair to find more nits. after using this product 3 times over the few days ive still got nits. not happy when the cost of it is $17 plus all the washing etc. i dont recommend this product.


I got headlice from my hair dresser so I am really not amused. I then wasted nearly $18 on this product. I kept the concoction (which has no ingredients listed on either bottle or packaging) on for over 12 hours on both occasions and on the second I used the remainder of the bottle so that my head was a wet plastered mess. NO difference - just made them angry that's all. Not only that the flimsy comb made of inferior plastic included in the box, broke the first time I ran it through my hair. Don't be fooled by the cute little 'wild child' logo - you might has well douse yourself with thickenedla cream.


I had to use this a few weeks ago as I discovered I had head lice (such a pleasant moment) and I needed one that was safe for pregnant women... The range is not good in that regard! I bought quit nits as its suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers and is free of all those horrible chemicals! It didn't have that horrible chemical smell and didn't burn! After two treatments head lice... GONE! 

I would highly recommend this product especially for expecting and nursing mothers and young kids! 



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