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NitWits All-in-One Head Lice Solution

18 reviews
All-in-One Head Lice Solution

NitWits All-In-One delivers a quick and easy way to kill head lice AND their eggs without the need for rigorous combing.

The unique formula contains a key active ingredient called dimethicone which has shown great results in killing both head lice and their eggs quickly.

NitWits All-In-One is a sensitive formula that comes in an easy, no mess spray applicator.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Initially I had had reservations about this product. I was reluctant to try it due to a bad experience with what I thought was a similar product I had previously used. 

NitWits was so very different. With Nitwits, I had none of these unpleasant side effects.

Overall, the NitWits treatment was super-pleasant to use and is effective. I would recommend this product. 

  • Ease of use: EASY! Spray on. Wait. Wash off. Done.
  • Effectiveness: Very effective. I did two treatments a week apart. In between these, I used conditioner and a lice comb every other evening.
  • Ease of washout: Shampooed out easily with regular shampoo.
  • Fragrance: Extremely likeable!
  • Price: I have seen it on chemist shelves and it is pricier than other treatments.

I would definitely recommend this product.

It was easy to use, didn't have an unpleasant smell and actually worked.

It left the hair feeling nice afterwards.

My only criticism is that it was ultra oily but I am guessing this is why it works so well. 


This was super easy to use and I used it on all the family, including myself (I have bleached hair and am very fussy about the products I used) and it worked!

I put it on my toddler and let me play with his toys with it in his hair, it was a little bothersome but I sat him on a toy and it passed quickly. Very little screaming when we washed it out. 

Overall a great product for all the family that is quick and painless


I love Nitwits. It was so quick and easy to use. We have really struggled this year with headlice, my daughter is at preschool and seems like she's bringing them home every few weeks. She was so sick of having 'that stuff' in her hair each time and it was hours before you're supposed to wash it out.

Not with Nitwits, towel around her shoulders and it's very easy to apply with the spray bottle even to her very long hair. Better yet it's ready to wash out after just 1 episode of play school! 

Will be buying this again, no questions asked. 

Tennille Bright

a new record has been set, we are 8 days nit free and still going. This is the first product I have used that claims to kill eggs and actually does, also nits were all dead after the 20 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised at how far it has gone considering my daughter has thick long hair and I also treated myself and my teen son and I still have more. The down side, the comb provided is terrible (sorry) & it is hard to wash out due to how oily it is but we just shampooed a few times and our hair is so soft like it's had a treatment! Great product and after 14 years of nits I've used them all! Will buy again for sure.


I have found the product very easy to use, applying nit wits and it really working was a breeze. I didn't like other products I've used - as my daughter kept coming home with those nasty bugs/eggs. 

I've been really impressed, & would definitely recommend this. Amen for her not coming home anymore with these bugs/eggs!! 


Ah-mazing. It actually worked. I sprayed a lot on my hair and washed ot out as per instructions and woke up without itching my hair. Its been just over 2 weeks since I've used it and no lice has returned.

The only downfall would be that even after i washed it my hair was still quite oily. But after the next wash my hair wasnt oily

But if i had to choose between oily hair or nits i would choose oily hair! 


My son just started kindy this year and by second term had received a letter in his bag to say there had been a lice outbreak in his class. I checked his hair and to my horror found some! I headed to the chemist and purchased a mousse that had been reccomended by the chemist. The smell was awful and it was very hard to apply cleanly. I then opened an email from bubhub and saw they were looking for reviewers for Nitwits Less than a week later I received a bottle. I waited the 7 days between doing the other treatment, (with the mousse) and using Nitwits. I can definitely recommend the Nitwits. I loved the spray bottle it was easy to apply and had a pleasant smell that my son was happy to keep it on for the extra 10 minutes. When I used the comb that came with it I was able to easily remove the remaining eggs. It was easy to remove with the normal cup I use for hair washing. I had no complaints from my 4 year old. I am not sure how much it retails for. The mousse I purchased was $20 and I would be willing to pay that for it. I have done subsequent checks in my sons hair and found no more live life or nits so I think it has been effective. I would definitely recommend.

Jamie's mum

Really easy to use, and very effective. The nits that came out were actually dead. Is hard to wash out though, and hair has greasy residue even after shampooing.


My two year old has been battling headlice and giving it to her sisters for weeks. I tried other products and also manual removal of the lice but I must have missed some eggs cause they kept coming back.

The NitWits solution is easy to apply (sprays onto dry hair) although it seems quite oily (so follow instructions and pop a towel over the shoulders). It takes 20 minutes which I found very long with a 2 year old (my other product was 15 minutes) but worth it. We haven't had headlice since!


We have tried so many different products and not been entirely happy with any of them. I absolutely loved this product. It smelt nice and was so easy to apply and distribute tthrough my childrens hair. Plus it actually worked! This will definitely be our go to product from now on.


DD (4 1/2) has had nits 3 or 4 times so far this year, from daycare.  We have tried a few products and they have all been foul smelling and "sore" according to DD.

The nitwits one actually smells pleasant (!!) and didn't cause any reaction with DD.  I used some on myself too, as it is safe for bubs from 6m and so I figured it was ok while bf my 13mo... which many of the others aren't.

The product itself is an oil - which I wasn't expecting and comes in a triggered spray bottle.  It is easy to apply but does feel greasy and gets all over your hands etc.  It was also quite hard to completely wash out, unlike the shampoo versions. DD and I both have very fine hair and it left it feeling great, but very very limp - but nevertheless nit free!

One warning I would give... make sure the top of the bottle is screwed on tightly.  While using it, it can become loose and as it's oil if the bottle is tipped over it can go *everywhere* very fast...  personal experience there =/

All in all I'd definitely recommend this product =D


Unfortunately I have ended up with nit issues in my girls hair. They have been a super resilient bunch of bugs! I've tried and trialled. It's a frustrating time. 

Nit Wits impressed us because of the scent! After awhile tea tree oil and other medications can be overpowering and synonymous with nits. So the girls aren't keen on another dose and walking around with potent heads!

Nitwits had us all breathing in freshly and delicately. No dripping hair. Do drape a towel over shoulders though. I did comb through while waiting the twenty minutes. The comb came with. Big tip. Without combing treatments are pointless. Those bugs need to come out. Eggs to be dislodged from strands and swept away. Nit wits was pleasant to use. It was instant results. The cycle stopped. Most impressed.

[Editor's Note:  Combing is optional with this product. NitWits All-In-One kills lice and their eggs meaning the eggs will not hatch and therefore don’t need to be combed out. Traditionally the reason to comb out eggs is because they hatch around a week later causing another infestation. Combing isn’t necessary for NitWits All-In-One to be effective.]


DD gets nits ALL the time.  There is obviously someone at school that doesnt treat because it is just constant ... she gets rid of them and 2 or 3 weeks later she has them back again.

We have tried many of the products on the market.  In general I would rank Nitwits up with the best of them ... it smells ok, it is easy to use  (I like the spray rather than a shampoo like product), it works, it doesnt sting. 

Nothing is going to take away the annoyingness of having to treat yet again ... but at least with Nitwits it isnt as painful a process as with some of the foul smelling products that sting and make her refuse to have it done.   With Nitwits it is easier and less stress on all - and it seems to work pretty well.

5 stars from me


I found this product to be fantastic! It is very easy to use and smells quite nice. My daughter who is 6 has had head lice 4 times this year already and this is the only product that has killed the lice and eggs all at once. I will definitely use Nit Wits again. 


I found the NitWits product very effective on the treatment of lice and the eggs.  The spray bottle was easy to use however would have liked a set of gloves to prevent your hands getting very oily from the solution.  You do have to leave the product on for longer than most other products on the market however I found this not to be a problem as my daughter (6) commented how this one smelt good and didn't hurt her head like the other have.  

All-in-all I would use this product again and would reccomend it to other parents.



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